Solar Eclipse This Week Heralds Great Spiritual Change.

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On 9th and 10th May, in certain parts of Australia and the Southern Pacific Ocean, a ring-shaped solar eclipse, known as an annular eclipse will occur. This is a powerful celestial event where the sun in the daytime becomes a cosmic ring of fire. Studies show that during and after solar eclipses, there can be a higher chance of volcanic activity.

Solar eclipses herald great spiritual change. They mark a change in cycles, they shift energies which in turn affect our emotions and our sub-conscious mind. During a solar eclipse, many people find new beginnings and also endings take place. If you’re sensitive to environmental energies, Thursday and Friday could see you feeling on edge, uncomfortable and irritable. Sleeping patterns could also be strongly affected.

Solar eclipses herald a change of energies which on a spiritual level help to move us into a new chapter in our lives. However it is said that if a solar eclipse happens on your birthday you are in for some might big changes. There will be no middle of the ground for the coming year, you will find everything will swing from really great, to really awful.

Spiritually, if you are affected by the energies, pay attention to everything with greater details. If you dismiss something as being inconsequential, you could regret it.  If you have mediumship abilities, a solar eclipse is said to offer you the opportunity to be able to make easier contact with our dearly departed.

It is also quite common for weird wacky weather and accidents, probably caused by the fluctuating energies. A solar eclipse heralds a time when you can’t turn back the clock, neither can you return to the way you once were.

So, if you have problems right now in your relationship, it would be in your interest to wait until ‘After’ the eclipse, before you raise it with your other half, unless of course, you did want that divorce! The ancients used to say that if you act under an eclipse, you will live to rue the day.

This may all sound like doom and gloom, but…. it is just precautionary guidance to ask you, not be too quick to react on Thursday and Friday, allow everything to run its course. Glenn often has a saying, when one door closes, another one opens of either equivalent, or greater value. So consider it a sign from the Heavens that another chapter in human evolution is taking place.

Sometimes we cannot fight the changes that occur in our lifetime, but we can choose ‘how’ to react to them. So this week folks, make your motto… be prepared, be patient!


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