Starseed Heritage – Lyran – Archangel Metatron

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Starseed HeritageLyra is the central grid gateway to other universes and it is here you will find many different Starseed races.


Lyran beings are the voyagers, the explorer race, working on a very high vibration, their purpose is to aid and assist in the development of high advanced civilisations.  Lyra is often referred to as the womb of humans, for it is from the Lyra race that most of the universes races originate or can trace their lineage back to.

As earth advances technologically, the greater the Earth’s connection will be to Lyra. Lyran beings are very adaptable, they are the gypsy’s of the universe and they tend not to become attached to places or belongings. Freedom to the Lyran  Starseeds is very important.

Within Lyra you will discover beings who love to be the architects of life. Knowledge and learning are very important to Lyrans. Passing on of ancient information, craft-skills and developing technology is highly revered.  Lyran’s have a great thirst for knowledge and growth, you will find philosophers, scientists, explorers, architects, technicians are favourite pursuits.

Whilst being technologically inclined, they have mastered the merging of spiritual and science, to evolve in to highly spiritual loving beings.  When Lyran Starseed beings incarnate into human form, they usually come to help people find the bridge between scientific and spiritual sciences.  Others come to help further develop highly advanced technology that will benefit mankind in their evolution process.

It is within this star system you will find the following races:-

  • Paschet – Often referred to as cat people – very delicate beings with much strength. Think of a sphinx cat, and this will give you an idea of their fine facial features and skin. In human form many have allergies to the ultra-violet lights.  Highly artistic, must have freedom of expression.
  • Lyrans  –  (Celtic) Red Haired and Fair Skinned
  • Lyrans – Light skinned, fair hairs and light blue/amber eyes with a very dark limbal ring
  • Lyrans – Olive skin and brown haired, brown eyes
  • Bird-People    – Features that resemble birds, multi-coloured hair strand
  • Vegans – Originate from Vega and usually have dark hair and dark eyes

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