Angel Inspiration – Being Guided By Angels.

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One of the easiest ways to receive angelic guidance is to use angel cards. Over the years the number of angel cards and oracle decks have increased significantly and their popularity is still on the increase but how do angel cards work and what can they do for you?

When we feel stuck with personal problems, it is very easy to over analyse or allow our emotions to stand in the way of being able to make a clear conscious decision. Angel cards offer us an opportunity to look at these issues from a higher perspective.  Because we are all energy, when we hold angel cards and focus upon the area we need help with, the angels who are connected to us through the universal life force energy use the cards to help you connect with their energies and empower you through the message or symbols contained within the cards.

Sometimes the messages may focus upon a need to change our thoughts, beliefs or attitudes to the situation. Sometimes, they may point you in another direction that you had previously discounted or not thought of at all.  Each picture on a card holds vital clues and symbols, which if you tune into, you can discover answers and solutions to the problems surrounding you.

Angel cards can also bring you healing, because we have reached out and asked for help, when you connect with the imagery of your chosen card(s) they create a vibrational energy you can connect with and by holding your card(s) over your heart chakra, it may be possible for you to feel the energy resonating through your body, uplifting, enlightening and healing you.

Every card holds layers upon layers of meaning and information. Learning to ascertain more accurate guidance using sacred geometry, colours and vibration along with the information and wisdom given is relatively simple, if you know what to look for and you are aware of your psychic skills.

To begin using your angel cards correctly it is good idea to hold the right intention. If you are seeking answers that you only want to hear, then angel cards won’t serve you very well. The method of using the right intention is to hold your cards and ask for divine wisdom, light and love to illuminate the messages you receive. Call your angels close to you, give them permission to give you the angelic guidance you need and when you feel ready shuffle your cards.

It is important when using angel cards to focus upon how you phrase your questions. For instance, it is no good asking something like “Should I leave my job?”.  As soon as you ask a question with ‘Should’, your angels cannot guide you because their answer will take away your free will. I would also recommend that you try not to ask questions that just require a yes or no response, such as “Should I take this job”.  A better way would be to do a three card reading, use the first card to help you understand the positive aspects of accepting a job, the second card to look at negative influences you need to consider and thirdly what the angels feel is for your own highest good.  By asking in-depth questions you will find you receive information to help you look at your situation from different angles.

I am often asked if a card jumps or falls out whilst shuffling, if this has a significant meaning. In my opinion, I would ask you to make a note of the card which jumps out, pop it back into the pack and continue to shuffle again. If it reappears the angels definitely wanted you to see this card.  If it doesn’t appear in your reading, after you have looked at the cards you chose, you can always refer back to the card which fell out if you still feel a little unclear in guidance or direction.

Another question I get asked is about reverse cards, I much prefer to feel whether a card is negative or positive, and there are no hard and fast rules, so do what feels right for you.

When you’ve shuffled your cards and asked a question, if you feel drawn to cut the deck do so, otherwise you can just deal them out, or spread them and allow yourself to go where you feel guided.

To help you become confident in being guided by your angels, I’d recommend you regularly make a point of doing a one card reading for yourself. Here’s a few things you may want to ask for…

  1. Clarity on the best way to manifest abundance today.
  2. If it is in your best interests to ***** today.
  3. Will the angels support you today if ………
  4. If there are any influences you were not aware of, which may hinder your soul’s growth today.
  5. What is the best way for me to find/achieve/experience **** today.

 Angel Card Spreads

When you get comfortable you can then move onto another simple angel card spread which helps you get an overall picture of your situation. Shuffle your cards and ask for guidance that will help you quickly overcome your predicament. When you’re ready choose or deal yourself four cards.

Card One – Should highlight influences that have caused you to experience this current situation.
Card Two – This will show you how you are being affected or what is stopping you from dealing with the situation.
Card Three  – Will guide you to opportunities to overcome your situation and move on.
Card Four – Will advise on the next step or action you can take, to ensure a positive or most beneficial outcome.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take a journey of positive transformation that can help empower you and help your angels help you discover your authentic self. Your angels only desire is to help you fulfil your highest potential.