Energy Shifts for Spiritual Light Workers – Archangel Metatron

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Blessings one and all.

The universal energies, at this time, are working toward influencing all humans to become deeply connected to their spirituality, and discover the spiritual life-lesson of compassion. For many humans, this will be felt on a collective level. For those who are light-workers, they will be affected by these energy shifts, through a desire to create a greater impact in, or be of greater service to, society.  Many of you can utilise these current energies to attain heightened awareness. It will be natural to feel drawn to becoming creative, particularly in music and art. This will offer you all a great opportunity to explore the nature of reality and humanity.

If you would like to make the most of these energies, which will last until the 31st May; if you feel the need to redefine your life, your spirituality, or values and beliefs, then listen to the soul and follow its urgings. For some of you, you will have recently, or are, in the midst of experiencing situations of special unhappiness; or where you have to make sacrifices. During this stage of your life, you may feel it is difficult to attain that which you desire, but please remember, your life as a light-worker, is that you serve the cosmic spiritual realm first, and therefore, when you are called to service, you will feel the need to withdraw completely from society. This is because we need you to go within, and commune with us through meditation for healing, protection and guidance.

It is a time to focus upon life-goals that bring you inner-fulfilment and not physical fulfilment. As the veils of illusion are lifted, you will find it difficult to see the meaning in the practicalities of life, the repetitive tasks which are done mindlessly.  You will notice the withdrawing of people into a numb state, surrounded by gadgets which control their every living moment.

It is important to remember that change always stirs up anxiety and fear of the unknown.  As light-workers, you will experience a lot of society looking to blame all of life’s difficulties and struggles, on others. You must help others to realise that the first step towards freedom, is to abandon blame, and begin to see that responsibility and accountability are essential keys of empowerment.  You will be called upon to help other souls find the spiritual nourishment, that the physical world of materialism lacks.

Tonight, polar geo-magnetic storms will create energy changes on a worldly level. The energies will impact the next six months, which will bring changes within the oil and chemical industries. You will see your governments turn their focus toward welfare programmes, to try and appease the growing unrest of humanity. There will be a re-orientation in society that challenges and undermines Christianity. At the same time, the galactic angelic realms will be working toward awakening others, to undermine new concepts which undermine the stability and structure of society. These concepts are debase. If accepted by humanity, they will create an even worse perverse and corrupt society, as future generations become confused over what constitutes the foundations of relationship and family structure.

Spend time in meditation, healing and working upon personal and spiritual development. Seek to see the truth in all things by ‘being’ the truth. Be discerning about what you hear, and are shown, through the use of media. Seek to re-establish morals and respect through example. Become the embodiment of what you want to see in the world.

Lord Sananda once said, “The lamp of the body is the mind.” This means that as long as what is within you, is kept in order, you will find enlightenment. The light (your soul) resides in your heart. The light is truth, honesty, purity, love, compassion and peace. Whenever you hold darkness, lies, deceit, shame, guilt, hatred, lewdness, anger, doubt, in your heart, then your lamp will not work, it won’t light the way forward.

Be of the light beloved ones.

Archangel Metatron

Glenn: Society is about to bring in new concepts, to undermine the stability and structure of society, which the angelic ream feel are debase, and will use mass consciousness to undermine them.

You may have read, or heard in the news about recent polls to find out why thousands of people have stopped voting for the UK Government Conservative Party, and many politicians have resigned from the Party, and people are switching to the UK Independent Party. My guess, is that the news, the top reason in the  polls, is one of those new concepts. I’ll leave you to do the research on that one.

3 weeks ago, the UK conservative Party lost 335 council seats while the UK Independence Party surged.

Another, in my opinion, is the reduction in homework being given to children from school. We have experienced this now with 4 schools, whose attitude has changed towards homework. Our boys hardly get any, and the little they do get, is allowed to be done in school time. How stupid is that? Don’t get me wrong, if all children were A* students, they wouldn’t need homework, but what about those who are not, or cannot keep concentration in class, or get distracted, or miss school due to illness?  I became a Governor in one school to try and address this, and threw the towel in after 9 months of being ‘stone-walled’. Our teenagers are without doubt, less wise, in general, are ruder, and have less respect for their elders and each other.

Some of these concepts are creating separatism for our teenagers. They are living lives behind a screen, not socialising face-to-face, and general self-esteem is low.

And then there is the concept of allowing school children to listen to music on their smart phones and ipods in lesson time, under the guise that it allows them to concentrate better. WHAT????

And then there is the concept of fluoridating water. Fluoride is dumbing people down and affecting the pineal gland in the brain, which just happens to be your connection to spirit (which gets blocked). Check out if your water is fluoridated. Most of the USA is, and much of the UK is. You can search the net for your water company and it will be stated on the website under the water specification. if it is, buy bottled water. You can only eliminate it with a reverse-osmosis water filter.

And… we are just starting to clone humans!!!!!

The word debase, means reduce (something) in quality or value; degrade, lower the moral character of (someone)… war debases people.

Other words to describe debase are: demean, humiliate and deteriorate.

Watch out for these new concepts. We will keep you updated as they emerge

Creating an Angel Sanctuary

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In the hectic day-to-day lives we lead, it is very hard to sometimes make time for spirituality and just as importantly to find a place where we can access peace and harmony.   In the old days, many people would find sanctuary by going to church. The churches offered a place with little distraction, and just by stepping into the area, people would often just feel a greater connection to God and peace.

In modern times, not everyone is religious, and neither can we sometimes make the time to go to our local spiritual centre, so have you considered creating an angel sanctuary at home?

An angel sanctuary is not about worshipping angels, it is about creating a sacred space, one where as soon as you enter into the sacred space you can just connect with inner peace and open yourself up to spiritual communication.

When I teach people about setting up a sacred spare, one of the first hurdles I get is, I don’t have enough space at home. However, there are ways around this, you don’t need a great deal of space. You can even create an angelic sanctuary with just a tray. Alternatively, I often recommend you visit your local store and purchase yourself a 6 foot diameter rug. This, like a yoga mat, can be opened and rolled up to suit your day-to-day requirements.

Even having just a spiritual mat, will help you to create the perfect vibrational meditation area to help you connect with your angels.

Some people like to create an angel alter to help them focus more clearly on their angel or Archangels. Your sanctuary can be anywhere you like. Indoors or outdoors. So don’t feel limited to what you can and can’t do.

Any of the following can be used to create an altar:-

  • A table
  • A shelf
  • A cupboard.
  • A tray.
  • A box.
  • A drawer.
  • A corner plot of your garden.
  • A garden shed or summer house.

The whole idea of an angel alter, is to use items to inspire you and help you to feel connected with your angels.  Gather together a collection of items that are significant to you and place them on your altar. For example:-

  1. Place a piece of fabric onto your altar.
  2. Place something that is symbolic of angels in the centre of your altar, maybe a statue of an angel, a card with a picture of an angel on it, or an angel pin.
  3. You may want to place on the altar a particular crystal associated with the angel you’re wishing to make contact with.  If you’d just like to connect with all angels, you could use a quartz crystal. Alternately if you’ve collected a pebble or stone from a memorable or sacred place, you could use that.
  4. You could also place a lit coloured candle or tea-light to help connect with your angels. Lit candles are good as they’re a natural source of energy which the angels can utilise to manifest themselves closer to you.

Other items you could use are:-

  • Fresh flowers.
  • Aromatherapy oils.
  • Angel cards.
  • White feathers.
  • Angel essence sprays.
  • Natural herbs/plants.
  • Incense.
  • A small water feature.
  • Photographs of anyone whom you wish to ask the angels to help or send healing to.
  • Play relaxing music or a meditation CD.
  • A small notepad, in case you receive angelic messages and wish to write them down.

Try to keep your angel altar clean and free from disturbance. If you’re burning candles or incense, ensure the area is safe and free of anything that may be flammable. Used regularly, you’ll find the energy vibrations at your altar will build over time, so eventually, just by entering your sacred space, you’ll feel calm, collected and in the presence of your angels.

Kabbalah Vibrational Sounds – Using sound vibration we can affect our consciousness and neural pathways so that we can connect to the frequencies of the angelic realm. If you commit yourself to using this method, you will find you have the ability to eliminate fears, negative emotions, and experience profound healing on all levels. This method is particularly useful when you have make a wrong decision or seem to be stuck in a cycle of bad luck.

HEY – ZAYIN – YUD (pronounced heh – ziyeen -yud)

Use this phrase like a mantra to access the network of angels for healing, guidance and upliftment.

If you’d like to know more about connecting with the angelic realm, take a look at our wonderful range of trance-channelled guided meditations which have been given by the archangels and ascended masters to help you connect with them and raise your vibrational energies. To view our development meditations just visit our meditation website