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archangel gabriel - dialling heavenWhy do you wait until the eleventh hour, before you decide to call upon God, the angelic realm or ascended master for help?

Try to get into the habit of making your call for help, the minute you first feel things are not as they should be. The moment you suspect someone is deceiving you, the moment you sense unease, the moment you feel you’re over-whelmed, the moment you see unrest, this is when you should be making your call.

Why?  Because we can help give you the strength and courage to deal with what it is, you are dealing with. We can help send energies to cleanse your bodies of impurities, BEFORE they turn into a disease or tumour. We can support and assist you in eliminating negative thoughts, which may draw to you more of the same.

When you move yourself out of the way of trying to control your life, and you allow us to work for you, we can help you eliminate any suffering much quicker.

Remember if you keep dealing with life the way you only know how, you will continue to experience the same life. It can be very confusing and frightening to know how to create change. It is important to remember your thoughts are the first area you should examine and look to changing. If you fail to change your thoughts, you remain stuck, continually experiencing life from one perspective. Think of your mind like the gears on a car, if you continue to drive in first gear, you will only experience slow growth, you have to be willing to change gear (change thoughts) if you want to accelerate and see new things.

Try to look at where you may be stuck in first gear. Consider asking for angelic healing, strength and courage every day. Pledge to yourself that every day you will seek to see things to be grateful for. Continually give thanks for your life and watch as the flow of life begins to change for you.

You do not have to wait for disaster to befall you, before you can call on us. There are no limits to how much you ask us, nor what you ask of us. We do not promise to give you everything you want, but we will definitely ensure you always get what you need.

When the way forward appears blocked, the more you push, the harder and painful it will become. Therefore remember to step back, change gear, don’t think or focus on blocks, pain, suffering. Don’t tell yourself “You can’t” or its impossible. Call the A.A. (Angelic Assistants) or God, for help. If you are heading down the wrong road, ask to be shown where to get off and to be shown which road you do need to take. Ask to be sent others who can help you. All prayers and calls for help are answered, so if you need help with finding balance, harmony or peace, remember we are waiting to take your call.


Archangel Gabriel

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