2014 and Handling the Precipice of Global Recession – Archangel Metatron

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According to Archangel Metatron, the USA are considering pulling all support for Israel, within the next two years. If this happens, this would see the rest of the Arab states converge to destroy what was once known as Israel. For any nay-sayers, just for this message, I highlighted the uplifting comments.


Archangel Metatron: The USA pour billions of dollars into nuclear programmes, espionage, anti-terrorist and terrorist activities, however it should be very conscious of the decisions it is making, and the effects such decisions will have, not just for the USA, but also globally.

We are on the precipice of a global recession once more, which if not carefully handled, could create horrific times for mankind in the guise of nuclear and biological warfare. The angelic realm are currently focusing their energies towards raising the consciousness of mankind, to deter such events unfolding, but human co-operation is also an integral part of ensuring war is not the answer.


As the Middle-Eastern revolution continues to expand, missiles have already been developed by the Arab states which can already easily travel halfway round the world, with further investment being currently spent on ensuring these missiles can reach the USA.  The words of reconciliation between the Middle East and the Western world are hollow words. Particular attention should be kept upon Israel, Palestine, Iran and Pakistan at this time.

Whilst ever focus is made upon instruments of war, war will continue to ravage the world. The money spent upon weapons, espionage, terror and anti-terrorism, is the reason for the poverty in the world. Respect for life, in all its forms, must be the first ingredient to attaining peace, even if that means creating new borders for countries.


The angelic realm are aware that planetary energy changes, which encouraged development of transportation for travel between countries, came at a time when mankind was still not advanced enough to value the benefits. Rather than widening our horizons and learning from one another, ideologies and insecurities poisoned the opportunity for a worldly community. As such, recreating new borders, and returning to the original homeland, may be the only way to attaining peace once more, until mankind can harness tolerance and compassion for all life.

Glenn: On first reading, these words can seem harsh. What many of you will not know, is that when Jill is given a message like this, she is also given images, to accompany the messages. Often these images are like watching a movie. Jill is shown what is possibly going to unfold, not what will definitely unfold, because we have free-will, which gives us the power to change forthcoming events.


Jill very rarely elaborates on these video images, because they don’t always happen, and they can be traumatic. She is often brought to tears at the sight of some of the things which are to come, if we don’t make changes.

Reading between the lines, it seems Metatron is explaining that air travel between countries, was given to us too early, and the ego-driven men who seek power, have used the technology to destroy and control with missiles and aircraft for war. Most of our wars are about control.


Metatron told us a long time ago that there were initially 12 species put on our planet, which were never expected to meet or mix, until such time as we were emotionally and spiritually advanced enough to work and live together in harmony. The growth of these species has evolved so rapidly, way in advance of what was expected, that we are now in conflict with one another. It doesn’t take too much thought to write down what those 12 different species are, and I’ll leave you to think on that one. If you do decide to research it, you might check out blood types too.

When Metatron talks about returning to the homeland, it is because of this conflict and misunderstanding between races. Let me give you an example: in Israel, Muslim children are programmed to hate Jews. I watched a documentary on TV a couple of years ago, made in Israel and the Gaza Strip.  Muslim children aged 5 to 13 were being interviewed. They referred to ‘the Jews’ killing their families. To them, ‘the Jews’ were not people, they were faceless, emotionless objects of hatred.


When war breaks out in an Arabic country, or any country which has a large Muslim population, and American or English people suffer, there is persecution of anyone who is Muslim in America and the UK. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, Japanese people who were citizens in America, were persecuted. When fundamentalist Muslim terrorist cells, target innocent people in public places in England or America, anyone who is Muslim living in that country, is persecuted by much of the nation. It’s irrelevant that they may have contributed to the community all their lives. We have to remember that people are individuals, yet so may of us still want to typecast, stereo-type and group people. 

This is what Metatron means, when he says we are not ready yet. The vast majority of our species, hasn’t learnt to live in harmony with other nations. India and Pakistan. Muslim and Jew. Iran and Iraq. North Korea and South Korea. Even the Simpsons get real with this with their own town Springfield, and neighbouring town, Shelbyville.


Do we live on the right side of the tracks, or the wrong side of the tracks?

We still have many prejudices to overcome; but remember, it starts with one person. No-one is any better than another person. We are just different. Be the one who spreads the word, so eventually, the soldiers say no to war and no to their leaders. I use the word soldier generically for anyone in the armed forces. Without the soldiers, there is no war.

So that raises a question, what would we do with all the redundant soldiers? Simple! Use the same resources to rebuild, clean up and sustain our planet.


May your light shine brightly in the darkest of places.



Fallen Angels – Archangel Metatron

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Extract from Conversations with Archangels

Book 2 – Archangel Metatron:
Fallen Angels

17 November 2006

Archangel Metatron: Greetings little one. It is wonderful that we commune again. However this time it is a little different yes?

You made a conscious choice to connect today with me, which is a way of showing that you are now able to elevate your energies at will. Although this will not always work the way you wish; by continuing to consciously choose to direct your energies, you will be able to learn much more at a quicker pace, for it is similar to choosing your class and teacher for the day.

I know you have questions, and all I will say is, I hope that you are ready, to ‘Rock the Kasbah’, as Glenn says; once again (Laughingly).


Glenn: This was the first time that Jill had settled to meditate and specifically invoke Archangel Metatron. She’s tried before to change the level of her vibration and managed to invoke different Archangels, but hasn’t been able to call upon a specific Archangel.

Archangel Metatron’s humour is referring back to something we wrote in our first book ‘Cashing in on God’, where we uncovered some controversial information about what was written in the Holy Bible.


Jill: I want to know if there is such a thing as a ‘fallen angel’ and if there is, who and what they are they; and more importantly ‘where’ they are.

Archangel Metatron: Firstly it is important that everyone acknowledges that everything in the cosmos is in alignment; and in complete control of The Creator. No-one, or any thing, has deviated from the divine plan. It is also important that by answering your question, you do not make judgements yourself; but understand there is a divine plan to everything.

There is no such thing as a fallen angel. Human beings have been deluded and misled about fallen angels for so long, that you will find it virtually impossible to change the minds of the vast majority of those who follow traditional religions. For without Lucifer, as you have opted to call the leader of the fallen angels, you would have no one to blame for your downfall and current demise.

As angels, we have free will; and it is the vast majority of angelic beings that consciously choose to work with the divine creator. For we have seen many glorious and wonderful things; and nothing can compare to the joy and happiness of being one with God; light; the one conscious energy.

In the beginning, there was no free will. As I have stated before, the past attempts to manifest life failed miserably, both without free will and with free will. God; light; the one conscious energy created duality, so as to experience and see how free will affected the cosmos. There needed to be participants willing to see what would happen, if there was a choice between positive and negative. To put this experience, or experiment if you prefer, into action, it required those closest to God; light; the one conscious energy, to experience free will. As angels, we were granted free will; and a selection of angels were chosen to experience dis-connection from source, and have the ability to try to create their ‘own’ worlds.

In your religious texts, you are aware that this became a battle between Archangel Michael and Archangel Lucifer. As I have stated before, we do not have names, for there is no need, so for ease, we will use Lucifer, to help those who read this, comprehend what is given. Lucifer is a being of light, that was to see if one could consciously transcend their consciousness, from negativity to positivism.

These angels were to see if they could create, just as God; light; the one conscious energy could. In other words, just as you have your archetypes, so did the angels who chose to be a part of this experience. They chose to emulate God; light; the one conscious energy. This is similar to your scientists working towards being able to recreate humans by cloning.

As angels, we have had the immense honour to watch life be created. We are part of God; light; the one conscious energy. Our bonds are based on pure love; and for most of us, we have no wish to be separate from God; light; the one conscious energy.

The angels who chose to experience negativity, were to disconnect themselves from God; light; the one conscious energy, to see if they were able to manifest and create a world for themselves. The planet chosen for this experience was Mars. You will, over time, through scientific research, discover proof of what is given. Life did once take place upon this planet; hence the pyramids that are there. But as you are now aware, failed miserably. Without this experience, God; light; the one conscious energy could not view creation separately. It is one thing to create; but to experience your creation creating, is another.

A simpler way to explain this is, it’s very similar to how a human takes pride in nurturing their own child; and then takes pride in watching that child create their own offspring.

This free will was passed to the human race, to see if they would consciously choose to align themselves with God; light; the one conscious energy; or whether they preferred to disconnect themselves from the source of love-energy, and experience pain, unhappiness and exist through ego alone.

Through free will, many possibilities exist. As spirit you have the ability to separate yourself and exist in two realms. For many, part of you live in negativity and part of you also co-exist in love, light and positivism. It is similar to water. This can exist in many dimensions, as liquid, steam or solid, as in ice.

When you were created, you (all of you) chose to have the ability to consciously choose, to ascend the negativity, pain and suffering of existing, just as a lower-self being. You are all working towards achieving unity. The separate energies will eventually reunite and become one.


Glenn: Just to clarify; we are working towards being ‘higher-self’ beings, to enable us to become more highly evolved. ‘Lower-self’ beings feed the ego, and do everything for the purpose of self-gratification, through the acquisition of material things. We (lower-self beings) use placebos to manifest the same feelings we could just as easily get through our spiritualism. We ‘keep up with the Joneses’ to artificially raise our self-esteem, instead of working on our true self-esteem and fearlessness.)


Jill: So what happened to Lucifer and the other angels? In the Bible, I am sure it said that the angels who disconnected from God, can never return to the light.

Archangel Metatron: These angels are still working on this experience. However it is soon to change. For as we prepare the universes to undergo transitions, all energies negative and positive need to come together to create a new reality. These angels will return to God; light; the one conscious energy. For everything returns to source in the end.

These angels currently work with technology; and those very technically minded. They try to recreate and manifest, through the use of third party objects. Those who are more aligned to God; light; the one conscious energy have no need for such things, to manifest the things they need. Those who are investing their energies into technology, believe they are becoming a superior strong race. But the reality is, they ‘are’ in fact becoming weaker, and working towards their own extinction. For in relying on external factors, they have no control over their lives, and their world reality around them.

Those who work with their inner consciousness, to create and connect with God; light; the one conscious energy, will experience higher dimensional worlds, which in your sacred texts are referred to as ‘the many rooms of God’s mansion’.

We will discuss this further tomorrow.

Blessed be.

Archangel Metatron

Quest to find the people who are feeling unfulfilled – Archangel Metatron

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We often receive many valuable lessons from the Angelic Realm, here is an extract from our second book “Conversations with Archangels – Book 2” which contains many teachings from the Archangels on how we can all bring more light into the world.


Archangel Metatron: It is our wish to try and help you in the human quest to alleviate pain and suffering from your homeland: Planet Earth.

To follow a spiritual life, requires much determination and dedication. It also requires that you opt for good consciousness. Good consciousness is created through sharing of yourself with others, and judging your ‘own’ actions, not that of others.

The energies that fluctuate between the parallel universes, can be accessed by anyone who chooses to embrace a life of light; and turn away from the negative, critical darkness that surrounds the planet presently.

The information given, is to bring renewed energy to those in search of enlightenment; and to re-establish beneficience to all. It will take determination to overcome the misconceptions that have been created by past nations.

Anyone can access connection to God, through love and compassion. It matters not whether you are Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Christian, or Atheist. You are all born spiritual beings. It is only through listening to manipulative leaders who do their best to enhance their egos and positions, do you allow yourselves to be led away from the light.

Currently, many search to reconnect to the light-force-energy of God. They may call it many things:- Allah, Jehovah, etc; but in reality it is one and the same. There are many so-called religious leaders who claim to have a highly spiritual consciousness; and yet, in reality, they bring about destruction, pain and suffering to the world. Sadly there are many religious and political leaders who are quite prepared to sacrifice entire populations to satisfy their own status. Alas, there is more immeasurable harm yet to come, unless more people can begin to spread the word of love, sharing and oneness.

Unfortunately those who try to share this path of lightness, must in their wake do their best to destroy Mankind’s greed for power. Spiritual enlightenment will not be enough to change these leaders’ characters. For the darkness within them totally blocks the possibility of them receiving the light, hence their own making of eternal hell and damnation.

A harsh future for these eternal souls is not of God’s doing, but their own. For by not embracing love, sharing and higher consciousness, they ensure that within them lies no hope for happiness. You are wondering why I speak of this. It is so that those so-called leaders, for you ‘will’ come across them on your journey, may read this; and it will resonate within them, that no matter how much they may try, they will self-judge for themselves and convict themselves guilty. They know only too well that what we speak of, refers to them; and this will be their last revelation to enable them to change their ways.

Through the love and sharing of people like yourselves, we do see that their success in manipulating the masses of humanity, will begin to show the cracks, as people begin to search in truth for the answers; and recognise that creating differences is what has been the downfall of humanity.

So much information has been suppressed over and over again. People who have tried to present their visions; philosophies; were accused of being sacrilegious and yet in reality it is those said leaders who were the sacrilegious ones.

So the question remains how humanity can change the energies and landscapes of this planet. There are many ways in which these lessons can be learnt. You have at your finger tips:- meeting places, internet, books, radio and television. By speaking to people who you meet in the street. Through your actions and words. Those who are lost will be drawn to the light you spread. Do not be afraid of those who may think you’re mad, for it is those people whose lives will continue to be one of pain and suffering.


(Note from Jill: Whilst Archangel Metatron speaks with me, I am often shown images, similar to flash cards. It’s as though through visions and experiences; thoughts are being implanted into my sub-conscious, for what I feel is for future reference. On this occasion I am shown people meeting in homes, in schools, images of TV shows and radio interviews.)


Which parallel universe would you prefer to live in? One free of pain and suffering, or one of chaos and destruction? This is all you need to ask people. Find out if they feel unfulfilled. Talk to them about how you have felt this also. Ask them ‘why’ they feel unfulfilled. Notice if they speak of material egotistical things, or yearn for true spiritual consciousness such as love, warmth, caring and sharing with others.

Ask them if they’d be willing to perhaps read material that they may find interesting. Do not make promises that they will find enlightenment; but allow them to go in search for themselves. Make your web-site a haven for those in search.

As well as ‘our’ teachings, Glenn has much knowledge of behaviour and communication. Together these form a huge part of the energies that surround someone. Perhaps you could also consider offering to talk to groups in schools, associations; on communication; and show how these communication skills helps the world’s energies be more harmonious.

Information on your web site will show others the expertise; and why perhaps they should continue to be in search of positive change. Glenn has an eye for fostering positive change in many people who cross his pathway.

First and foremost, teaching people the simple methods of meditation is a must. To go inward and achieve an elevated state of consciousness will enable them to rise above physical reality; and tap into the life force of God; light; the one conscious energy.

Silence; inner reflection; is the only way. Prayer is ‘not’ the way to connect with God. For whilst you are thinking in your head or speaking the words of a prayer, you are not listening.

For those who are reading this; just for now; push aside your thoughts. Just for a few moments, feel the peace and harmony around you. Feel the energy of your breath as it enters your body and then the relaxation that you experience whilst expelling that same breath.

The amount of external noise and media manipulation you subject yourselves to, is a monumental energy to overcome. But unless you can discover the silence, your individual consciousness, will be forever subjected to external manipulation, which will block you in your quest for fulfilment and the truth.

Begin each day by being open to truth. Learn to recognise when you may be facing illusions. As an example, when you ask your leaders a question; and they struggle to give you answers; and then bring about some lame reply, refuse to accept this as truth; and look at whether what has been said will bring about peace or chaos.

Learn to ask questions. Ignorance is the primary cause for the chaos in your lives. Your opting for security instead of enlightenment, is what brings about chaos and disease. Awareness is your ally. Learn to be aware of yourself, your thoughts, your energies, and how your actions dictate your experiences each and every moment. Yes it takes time. But continually being aware, will ensure that peace and harmony is maintained; and not chaos and destruction.

The energies of your thoughts and actions travel great distances and will affect all the parallel universes. Focus your mind and body. Yes this requires mastery. But to do so will enable connection and fulfilment beyond your wildest dreams. Make a conscious effort to practice inner silence and reflection. Learn to be aware of how your actions will resonate through the parallel universes. Don’t be so quick to chastise or raise your voice. Choose to proactively be ‘in the moment’ and contemplate how your actions will bring about a reaction. Do you wish to receive negative reactions or positive ones?

With that I will leave you, for there is much to contemplate upon. Meditation and inner reflection does not have to take hours. Five minutes in a morning. Five minutes in an evening. Once experienced, and practiced, you’ll desire to share this peace with others.

Bringing you as always, love and light force consciousness.

Archangel Metatron.


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Conversation with Archangels 4 - Bound Copy Conversation with Archangels 4 – Bound Copy
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Angelic Healing – Self-Reliance & Responsibility – Archangel Metatron

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Are you struggling to find out answers to life’s most asked questions?  If so, you may like to know that there are a series of books trance-channelled by the angelic realm to help you understand yourself, the world and the spiritual journey humans go through. Here’s a sample from Conversations with Archangels: Book 2 :-


Archangel Metatron:

Self-reliance and responsibility

Channelled: 16th March 2006


Archangel Metatron: It is time Humankind awoke and faced your universal beliefs. For only then can you truly awaken to enlightenment and connect with God; light; the one conscious energy.

Begin to see yourself within the world as entirety. You are all cells within a living organism: the world. Each one dependent on the other. And though you might like to tell yourself you’re not dependent on anyone, accept the truth that everyone needs others. Learn to accept that you are not separate from others, but cosmically joined.

Recognise that evolution plays its part in your life, but so also do you. Your survival depends upon it. Learning to awaken to your higher consciousness is also part of your evolution.

Stop the competing. Instead of competing against one another, learn to explore. Discover and embrace your understanding of others, life, and the world you live in.

Face your fears. For those are the lessons that you really need to master, if you are to find enlightenment and connection with God; light; the one conscious energy. Learn courage and bravely step forward, so that you can open yourselves up to new realities.

What you believe is your reality, is nothing more than your own creation of security. As we often say, “Which belies the truth? Your conscious mind (your living, thinking, daytime world), or your sub-conscious mind (your dreams, visions and intuition night-time world)?” Learn to accept they are both one and the same.

So many of you travel through your life’s journey, and fail to question the world you live in. You watch the world unfold from a distance, and tell yourself that it has nothing to do with you. But in reality, it has everything to do with you. For you allow the things you abhor to unfold; and do not take action to bring about the changes you wish for. At the same, time you also fail to encourage and give praise to others, when it takes so very little, to turn to a stranger and compliment them; thus turning them into a friend. Yes, that’s how easy it is. To see someone struggling, all it takes is a little bit of your time to stop, see the pain and hardship and offer a helping hand.

Self-reliance and responsibility:- Begin to take pride in yourself. Recognise that by practicing self-reliance and responsibility for your life, your home (the Planet Earth), others and the world around you, you will slowly eradicate your fears and bring the power of your conscious and unconscious mind together; to work as it was originally meant to; as a whole. Through this, you will rapidly set in motion the ability for yourself and others around you, to create the intimacy and closeness you all seek.

You cannot opt-out from the lessons of life, if you are to raise your vibrations and move into the next dimension. Each lesson must be learnt; and with each step you take in the pursuit of inner knowledge, the higher your energies and consciousness will grow; and then so too will Planet Earth and the universe.


Blessed be.


If you enjoyed this message from Archangel Metatron, you can find many more Archangel messages here:-


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Conversations with Archangels 2 - Bound Copy Conversations with Archangels 2 – Bound Copy
Copy of Conversation with Archangels 3 - Bound Copy Copy of Conversation with Archangels 3 – Bound Copy
Conversation with Archangels 4 - Bound Copy Conversation with Archangels 4 – Bound Copy
Conversation with Angels 5 - Bound Copy Conversation with Angels 5 – Bound Copy

New Moon Energies – Emotional Healing – Archangel Metatron

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angel meditationFrom today, a period of emotional healing will take place upon Planet Earth. This means that those who are sensitive to universal energies may feel unusually emotional. Mass consciousness is currently like a pressure cooker waiting to release the steam, so many of you have not said what you wanted to say, or done what you wanted to do, that the emotional stress is calling out for release.

To stave off further worldly unrest, anger and frustration, the angelic realm are raising vibrational healing frequencies to interact with the hearts and minds of humankind, in an effort to help you all release any emotional stress, without the need for further pain, chaos, arguments and disruptions.

During this period of time, should any emotions or old hurts that rise to the surface.  You may find that old memories return, memories you perhaps thoughts had been dealt with. Just be in a state of openness and allow everything to rise to the surface. If you feel the need to cry, laugh, mourn or celebrate, do so. I would encourage you to just allow everything to unfold, breathe deeply and as you release your breath,  announce that you lovingly release your emotions and that you are now lovingly embracing the now.

This period of emotional healing will last  until the New Moon Energies on the 19th September. If you currently hold old behaviours, hurts or regrets, now is the time to release them for transformation. The angelic realm are waiting to help you unburden yourselves from anything you have kept locked up inside you.


Archangel Metatron

Would you like to protect yourself from
dfenvironmental  energies, balance your chakras,
boost your immune system and ward off negativity?

The Orgone Pendant has been shown to help you balance your chakras, boost your immune system and remove negative energy; in just 1-hour of you wearing it.

This amazing pendant helps to break down negative energies, which attach themselves to our bodies and auras. Carrying negative energy, or entering negative environments, obstructs your natural flow of energy, which is required to maintain a healthy immune system.

Now, by simply wearing this pendant you can enhance your immune system and harmonise your chakras with ease.

Do you have these symptoms, from too much negative energy?

  •      Feel run-down and exhausted?
  •      Suffer from depression or nervousness?
  •      Lost your appetite?
  •      Have developed any allergies to food?
  •      Affected by headaches, depression and illness from electricity?
  •      Having trouble absorbing the necessary vitamins and minerals?
  •      Tired, but experience insomnia or restless sleep?
  •      Body experiences cramps.
  •      Tingling in your arms and legs?
  •      Awake with a fuzzy head in the morning?

All the above symptoms can be an indication that you are suffering from too much negative energy. Discover how to overcome environmental energy sensitivity here


Avoiding the Black Hole – Energy Updates IV – Archangel Metatron

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Black hole Today beloved ones be consciously guided by your higher-self. The energies within your planet are currently swinging in to cleanse the vast amount of negativity being held in mass consciousness.

Those of you who are of the light, will feel yourselves pulled towards the deepest depths of your soul and see negativity in others as clearly as the nose on the end of your face. You must beloved ones,] rise above this negative time. Avoid the emotional negative black hole that is hanging over your planet. The reality of the material world is currently in a stage of overlapping the spiritual and this removes the veil of illusion. You will surely see those who are of the light and those who have failed to grasp and resonate to the energy of the spiritual light within the next 48 hours.

As life within the universes is ever-changing, ever-shifting, remember that chaos can cause you to make random and impulsive decisions. Draw your strength from your spiritual core and company of kindred spirits. Choose to watch what is unfolding like a dream. Today is not a day for making decisions. Those who are still tied into the old paradigm will see negativity in everyone and everything. Be aware of those who are stuck in this veil of illusion, hold compassion and love in your heart for them ,so as to help raise their vibrational energies. Be immune to their negative comments and behaviour.

Within these energy changes lay great spiritual lessons. If the world appears to block you at every turn, if you are disappointed, frustrated and even angry with how your life is unfolding, then know ‘you’ are the problem. You are the one who is refusing to grow and embrace the changes of the world. You are the block to your  own healing and salvation.

Healing and growth will always depend upon your state of mind. Your emotional body controls whether you heal or continue as you are. The little hiccups, the set-backs and even the chaos are spiritual tests and yet so many of you underestimate your ability to rise above them. Instead of resisting change and bemoaning your predicament, these energies today offer you the opportunity to take charge of your life. It is time to be accountable for the misery you find yourself cast in. If you recognise it, but are unsure of where it came from, look at your behaviour, your words and your actions and ask yourself, am I making myself and others happy or miserable?

Something great and glorious is happening.  If you are willing to work with these energies, you will find comfort in kindred spirits who share your energies and are willing to help you grow. If you can’t find kindred spirits who see things the same way as you, then realise you are stuck in the old paradigm, and if you are stuck, I call upon you to put to bed the old ways of trying to control everything and everyone.  If your eyes see only pain, problems and obstacles, then your eyes are tired, and a new vision is required. You cannot see peace, love and harmony if in your heart, you allow anger, frustration, criticism and hatred to reside. It doesn’t take all of these to block your view, just one of these will block your view of reality and bring about the illusion of a living hell.

Remember humans have a habit of only hearing and seeing what they want to see, for the heart creates the reality of life.

We often call upon you to rediscover your inner child. Does this mean we call upon you to be immature? No! The call for you to reconnect to your inner child, is a call for you to have the openness, that children possess. They forgive easily and they do not hold judgement on others for very long. As adults, you often forget to admitting your mistakes. Instead you look to blaming others, you dump your responsibilities onto things or people, you steadfastly refuse to see YOU as the problem,  thereby causing alienation and ill-feeling in others. Reconnecting with your inner-child calls for you to relearn enthusiasm and vitality. It calls for you to be creative, imaginative, and find renewed energy for the magic of just existing. A child never has difficulty making friends or making up with friends.

Today’s energies call for you to be willing to see how your closed-heartedness can be overcome. Perhaps you can ponder on your problems and consider how a child might deal with such things.  Try to radiate light today by being more open, trusting and considerate of other people’s abilities. Have a bright outlook and refuse, yes I said refuse, to have expectations on anything or anyone else, this will enable you to conserve your energies. Perhaps ask yourself, in what way are my expectations causing me to enter into negative situations or emotions? Ask yourself how might you learn acceptance and openness to other people’s differences and ways of doing things.

Remember keep the faith and be the source of light in your world. If you find today particularly stressful, meditation will help you find the perspective you are searching for. A time of prayer, asking to be shown the right way, will always open the doorways that block your progress.

Blessed be

Archangel Metatron


Energy Update III – Archangel Metatron – Adrenaline Rush

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golden light healingGreetings. Today there will be a rush of energy directed at planet Earth. This will greatly affect those in power, as they continue to resist the feminine energies.

Unfortunately this may bring about a day where everyone is fighting for themselves, as they try to swim against the energies which are calling for everyone to stop, lie down and allow the rush of adrenaline to keep fighting on, go.  Living can be seen as a struggle and full of obstacles, or one can view it as a map of adventure. When you view a map, it is wise to contemplate all routes to the destination you have chosen, and perhaps, you may even choose rest stops along the way too.

Some of you may experience minor disruptions today, whilst others will experience major disruptions, the challenge is to take heart and see how you can find the easiest route for all. Take today as a time for focusing on, and protecting, what you have. It is not a time for venturing into areas that you have no precedence over and trying to take over or force your will. You’re only focus should be on nurturing and protecting what you have. With determination you can overcome the energies of today, just do not struggle against the tide of energies. You do not have to flee, nor do I encourage you to fight. Focus on your strengths and how you can best use them for the greater good of nurturing and protection.  Those with asthma or lung problems who are also vulnerable to universal energies may struggle today, so please if this applies to you, rest and allow the world to rush by you.

In particular, choose your battles wisely, before you venture forth into the affray. Is it really your battle to fight? Will entering into a fight really bring about peace?  I think not, so please remember today your best choice is to lie down and let the chaos rush on by.

Remember the golden light healing will be helpful, so please make time to do this.  If you are unsure what to do. Sit and breathe quietly until you feel suitably relaxed. Then call upon the archangels, your guardian angels and the Arcturians to open up a healing channel for you. Asked to be bathed in golden healing light at this time so that you can be a resonator of peace and harmony for mother earth and humankind.

The Arcturians will then open up a column of light which will descend down through the crown chakra, all the way along into the feet chakras. Allow the energy to align and charge you and when it is no longer needed it will be sealed and anchored into your crown chakra. When this is complete, thank the Arcturians for their assistance. Ground yourself with a glass of water and then resume your activities.

If you wish to be guided completely through the process, we have already given you an in-depth meditation, in readiness for this event and others which will take place over the coming year.

Many of the information we give you, is relevant for future events, therefore it would be beneficial to continue to return to our previous guidance, so you are aware of how best to handle mankind’s evolution.

Until tomorrow,


Archangel Metatron

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Energy Update – Covenants & Cognitive Processes

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Mastering spiritual energiesBeloved one,s as the energies from yesterday begin to settle, you will find these energies now begin to emanate and anchor a desire to overcome diversity, opposites and polarities. The feminine divine energy is being restored to its former and intended original glory. With the feminine energy comes birth, creativity and intuitiveness.  Learn to be creative with the energies, be aware of what you wish for and how it may manifest.

Today may well be experienced as seeing differences and polarities, but at the same time, possibilities for how things may be overcome and conjoined. We have in the past, spoken of contracts being created from a fear perspective instead of a spiritual covenant which aims to ensure all parties are protected and responsible for their part of the agreement.

If you are wise enough to sit and allow life to unfold in front of you today without judgement, you may through experience and observation, see how your brothers and sisters react to these energies. Due to the nature of these energies, there may be a desire to comfort eat. This will be born out of a need to feel more secure and safe. HOWEVER… and it is a big however, my guidance isn’t to be used as an excuse, just  because the energies are causing insecurities, you don’t have the right to over feed yourself, resist the cravings as much as you can. Children will be more demanding today and the male species will be more likely to chastise and reject any form of guidance, as they rear against the onslaught of feminine, intuitive energies that will begin to filter around them.

Those who find today filled with chaos, difficulties, delays and blockages are reminded to tune into the feminine energies and find compassion for the situation at hand. Some light workers and those sensitive to these energy changes, may feel a need to over-protect, but I do caution against this. Love is one thing, but to overprotect is to disable and undermine a soul’s growth.

Today try your best to be aware of your words, your emotions and motives, seek to understand how they affect your thoughts, actions and choices. It will be a day of stark contrasts, you may see riches and then see poverty. You may see anger and you may see extreme displays of love and affection, seek to find the balance between the two.

Try to focus upon aspects of your life where you are far too strict in one area, and far too lenient in others. Focus on whether you are wasting your energies in futile projects that deep down in your heart you know will not bear fruit. Try to discern where your energies are being directed and whether where they are directed provides sustenance and support for your mind, body, and spirit needs.

The experiences of today are gifted to you, to help you see what steps need to be taken to help humanity grow, by this I do not mean personal growth, but humanitarian growth. How can you be of service to this world. Sometimes it lies in being a soul who operates from truth, love and light. Thereby being an inspiration to others of how they can be the ballast in the midst of chaos.  The force of mother nature rules your planet, it is divine feminine energy that supports and nurtures you all. Only by nurturing the self in order to nurture others can you all reach your fullest potential. Instead of resenting the fact you have to work, fulfil your obligation, your covenant with your employer or customer with pride and ensure you excel their expectations. Extend the hand of friendship to your neighbours and community.

To be a mother requires love, sacrifice, understanding and compassion. These are the elements that are required for mankind’s survival. Sacrificing greed for the greater good of all. Understanding all needs not just that of the self. Compassion for differences and the angst it can cause.

Focus upon your self-esteem, how you express yourself in the world. LISTEN, again, I stress the word listen intently to what is said, for the words that come out of the mouth reveal the true personality, intent and nature.

Remove your ideologies. Open your eyes and truly see the potential for peace and harmony. Again, I encourage all of you to work with the golden healing light to maintain balance.  If you come up against resistance today, or set backs, rather than seek to blame or logically process the situation, step back, think how your behaviour if changed, could have brought about a different result. If you had the chance, like an actor in a play, to do a retake, what could you do to bring about resolution? Use today, to really gain insight into yourself and how what you say, may cause others to think you do not nurture them, or consider their feelings. Communication and emotional intelligence are the most important skills any living soul should learn. Without these, the ability to create covenants, alliances, peace and harmony are greatly diminished. Remove your pride and practice the art of saying comfortably and meaningfully the words ” Forgive me, I am sorry”.

For those of you sensitive to universal energies I wish to remind you again, how important water is, to de-stress and purify the body. Spices will help bring vibrational energies to enliven and invigorate. Do your best to stay away from stodgy, comfort food as these energies may result in an unhealthy amount of weight being gained. The energies are dense, to allow deep thought and consideration to what is unfolding in you and out of you.

Until tomorrow beloved ones, be of the light.

Archangel Metatron

Assistance From Heaven – Archangel Metatron

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providence - archangel metatronHow many times, beloved ones, do you turn to pray, when you find yourself in the midst of a crisis? How many of you hope, and ask for assistance, but still feel your prayers, or asking, goes unheard?

Providence requires you to set into motion seeds, which will help you attain what you ask, or pray for. Remember, we often talk about balance. There has to be give and take from both sides. Misfortune isn’t sent from the heavens to punish you. Misfortune is down to human error, a wrong thought, a wrong deed, a wrong word; all these co-create a magnet for misfortune.

Now don’t get me wrong, some of you will say to me, it is impossible to be perfect. However, learning to control your thought process, will determine the answer you get from the cosmos. Faith is a big factor in being able to receive answers to your prayers. Why do we harp on so much about faith? Because it is the lack of faith that creates the walls to you receiving your abundance.

Some of you choose to dream of the future. You spend time visualising what you want, how you want it to be, and whilst this exercise can plant the seeds, the water you need to create and bring this vision into reality, is faith.

The laws of the universe respond to faith. Focus has to be on faith, not on the crisis you are experiencing, or the worries you hold. The power of thought, this energy, is your God energy. It can help your day be great, or it can make your day horrible.

Why then does poop happen, you ask us?  Your thoughts at some time, will drift unconsciously to areas that are not working. Be it inefficiency here, unpaid bills there, lack of faith in someone, a service, a product. Focus your thoughts on these things, and catastophy will turn up in your lives, because you dwell on the problems and not the solutions.

The diversity of man is that you either choose to live in fear, or hope. Very few of you choose to live with the belief that there is abundance for all. Very few of you believe that perfection is everywhere. Again, I ask you why is this? Because your focus is on imperfection.

Your thoughts project into the universe like a film camera, and create the experience you will have. Although you can’t see your future, your thoughts are already creating it; it exists. It exists on another plane, and it is slowly manifesting itself into the material.

You can become richer and stronger, healthier and happier. Just as the universe works on absolute laws of mathematics, there is an equation which gives you the right answer, and an equation which will result in the wrong answer.

Learn to focus upon what you think about. If you allow the negatives to be the ruler of your mind, you cannot take charge of a situation, because negativity puts you into a state of arrest.

Awareness is key to taking control of your energies and how the universe responds. It is more than just being honest, kind, loving and caring. It is about controlling how you respond to others and situations. For example, when your spouse comes home to tell you they have just been fired, and now this means that financially you are unable to pay your mortgage, a knee-jerk reaction is to go into fear. The tragedy takes hold, and you feel inside, sick and anxious. In this scenario, you panic, your mind shuts down, and you spend the next few days, or even weeks, going over why, how and what you do next. If you can learn to stem this reaction to negative news, it will
enable you to stay empowered, to observe, to analyse and look at the options open to you.

Within the bible you are told to “Watch and pray”. Why?

When you watch, you are alert, you are aware. Most accidents or mishaps occur when you let your awareness drop. Awareness exists on two levels, the emotional and the spiritual. When you are asked to pray, it doesn’t mean you surrender and wait for some spiritual entity to fix it for you. To pray means to meditate, to look at what is happening. Through the process, eliminate the unnecessary information, like why something has happened. When you meditate, you tune into angelic assistance. Guidance to help you find the strength, the solution, through action, to what needs to happen. You have to plant the seed for help. Your belief waters that seed, and we provide the sunshine to help it grow into being, so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So many of you spend your time in darkness, unhappy with each other, the life you have, the world in which you live. Learn to tune your thoughts into the opportunities that arise from mishaps. Perhaps your business is failing. Perhaps it is an opportunity to do something that you have always wanted to do. The only issue is whether you believe, you have it within you, to succeed.

Ill health is often because your physical body is not in harmony with the emotional body. If you pollute the body, you pollute the mind, and vice-versa. Your thoughts are more powerful than any laser or x-ray. Your thoughts permeate water, physical matte;, they emanate throughout the universe. The law of affinity means that your thoughts attract similar energies back to you.

You have the power to influence your thinking. Begin to focus on your own thoughts, your own conversation inside your head. Are they thoughts that are beneficial to you? Do your thoughts create a negative impulse within you?

You need to be so aware of what is happening on the internal, rather than the external. Why? Because the external is a mere reflection of the internal. Resentment, frustration, intolerance, inefficiency of the mind, results in conflict on the external.

If you choose to enter into a state of joy, to live your life focusing on the blessings and opportunities that arise from all of your encounters and experiences, how different would your life be?  Would you be more likely to receive providence? Of course you would. Your thoughts create the conditions. Like morse-code, the signals go out into the universe and the morse-code is returned. You don’t send out morse-code and receive chocolate cake.

Providence is there beloved ones, if only you would take time to fill yourself with joy, to be in awe, to be delighted with what you have, to
focus upon your blessings; then the providence would be a way of life, instead of a hope, or a dream.

The seeds you are sowing, must be what you believe you are worthy of receiving. When you begin this process, it is natural to have lapses, but remember what I said, “Watch and Pray”. The more alert you are to these slips, the more you can quickly emit newer positive energies.

To have great control over the external, you must learn to master the internal. Just as you take time to make your home beautiful, so too must you make the mind beautiful too, if it is to house joy, love and awe.

Prepare the right environment for your seeds.

Be of the light.
Archangel Metatron.

12 Levels of Consciousness of Mankind – Archangel Metatron

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Article By Glenn Harrison

As Jill was dozing in bed, she was prompted by Metatron to write down the following 12 levels of consciousness. He was explaining that we have become so detached from the Creator that we are spending many thousands of reincarnated lives, learning lessons, over and over, which should be done at a much quicker rate, if it wasn’t for our free-will and ego. The vast majority of people on our planet are at level 1 and 2, in all nations.

Level 1: Just an awareness of life. Very little is accomplished. A person just learns to exist. Unaware of their behavioural traits.

Level 2: Experiences a passive or aggressive existence (Is aware of this behaviour). A person learns to understand the basic functions of life; and to respect life.

Level 3: The beginning of self-awareness.  A thirst for knowledge grows. Explores spiritual concepts of mind, body and spirit. Lessons are learned of ‘duality in all things’ and the way this influences.

Level 4: Enlightenment begins, and a person learns about unconditional love. Lessons in life begin in earnest.

Level 5: Conscious energy moves into a higher frequency. Lessons are learnt about energy, and power of the energy, and how to use it to make vibrational change.

Level 6: A person learns individualisation, and intuition takes control. They are able to see past, present and future for the self. They establish a need to assist large soul-masses towards evolution. They choose to sway populations and enter into teaching roles to create change.

Level 7: Moves into manifestation. Very few make this level. They choose to use energy to co-create unconditional love.

Levels 8-12: only  small percentage make these levels.

Level 8: Understands the masculine energies.

Level 9: Understands the feminine energies.

Level 10: Begins self-realisation on a dimensional scale.

Level 11: Begins connecting to the Sun’s governance. Can now affect creation on a universal scale. Uses fusion to manifest. (Our Sun is a ‘mini-me’, one of trillions of Suns (stars) which are extensions of the Creator; which God, light, the one conscious energy, uses to connect within the universes.)

Level 12: The flow of resources is unlimited. Understands the limitless state of unconditional love.