Twelve Levels of Mediumship – Archangel Metatron

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This is not chipped in stone, and can have some variations in some of the levels. Each higher level can normally have the same access as levels below. Level 12 has to be taught and physically coded by the Angelic Realm. Level 12 is a vast learning and coding journey in itself.

12.  MASTER CHANNELLER – AVATAR / AVATARA. Channels with telepathy, at the highest Angelic Realm: – Archangel Metatron (The Voice of God). Connects to all the universes. Clear Channel: – offers complete surrender to spirit, without ego, to allow spirit to speak through them, or write, without any recollection. Constant access to Archangel Metatron. Accesses any Archangel and any Ascended Master at will. Angels connect to them with messages for others. Connects with any Spirit Guides. Connects with any after-life which choose to connect. Also connects with Cherubim, Seraphim (energy balance angels) and other Light Beings from other solar systems, galaxies and universes; such as Pleiadians, Arcturians, and Andromedans.  Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Clairvoyant. Only 80 active, worldwide; 2 in the UK.

11.  HIGH CHANNELLER – channels more than one of 12 Archangels and possibly Metatron, but doesn’t completely surrender like a clear channel can. Still consciously aware. Still only this universe. Possibly other light-beings from other Solar Systems.

10.  ADVANCED CHANNELLER – One Archangel and Ascended Masters. Possibly other light beings.

9.    ADVANCED CHANNELLER – More than one Ascended Master. Possibly other light-beings.

8.    MODERATE CHANNELLING – Talks with one Ascended Master – clairaudient / clairsentient.

7.    MODERATE CHANNELLING – with 2-way conversations. Hears, feels and possibly sees Spirit Guides – clairsentient / clairaudient / possibly clairvoyant.

6.    MODERATE CHANNELLING – hears and feels more than one Spirit Guide – clairaudient and clairsentient.

5.    PSYCHIC – hears and feels one Spirit Guide – clairaudient and clairsentient.

4.    PSYCHIC- Clairaudient and clairvoyant. Sees and hears after-life spirit.

3.    PSYCHIC- Clairaudient – hears spirit – the afterlife only.

2.    PSYCHIC- Clairsentient – feels spirit – the after-life. Uses intuition.

1.    PROPHET- Prophecy in dreams, which later manifests in real life. Many people have these dreams



Understanding Sin – Archangel Metatron

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iStock_19652519MediumGreetings beloved ones. Communication is a wonderful thing, and yet, it is one of the most hardest skills to harness. What you say, and what you mean, can be two different things entirely. When you are talking to others, things can get even more problematic, so what has this got to do with Sin?

For too long now, the word Sin has been mis-translated by so many people. You may well wonder, is it really that important to understand what Sin means, well for us in the angelic realm, we believe it is. It is important for you to understand the true concept of Sin, so that you can cast away the shackles which you chain yourselves up in, when you believe you have done something you consider wrong, or evil.

Sin is not about missing the mark. Sin is about having a lack of awareness, it is about forgetting the self, and how your actions, words or thoughts will affect you and others. So many of you today, are caught up in reacting to life, that you are not really living life, as it was meant to be.

As we have said before, you were not meant to toil day in and day out, worrying about where your next meal, or income was coming from. The world was created to give you everything you need.  The tree’s, earth and mother nature provided you with materials so you could build a shelter. The earth provided grasses, grains, fruits, vegetables to provide you with the right nutrition. The heavens would provide you with water, the elixir of life.  You were meant to live in small communities that supported one another.  Because you have made life so complex with material things and technological gadgets, now many of you live in sin. You have forgotten the ways of your ancestors. You have forgotten  to be aware of your impact upon yourself, and on the world around you.

Many of you now, are programmed to be overly aware of your mobile phone, your computers, your gadgets and this is creating a lack of awareness in the self. When you are focused on gadgets, you are not focused on your emotions, your feelings, and if you aren’t focused upon your emotions and your feelings, you are not using your intuition.

Many of you now prefer to text, and type chat. When you’re doing this, you are ignoring your loved ones around you. You are now conscious of the fact that you could call them, and relate in a more intimate way, through physical talk. To hear another person laugh, can be uplifting, warming and it also creates a feeling of belonging. Your computers and phones beloved ones don’t give you this. You are learning to keep yourself emotionally distanced from your human brothers and sisters.  Don’t be blind to life beloved ones. Don’t be blind to the disconnection that is becoming the norm in your societies.

To sin, is to lose connection to the soul, to forget about the soul. I would ask you to consider what mindless things you have done today. Please make a choice to ensure that you focus on self-awareness in your daily practices. If you discount what I say, try leaving your mobile phone at home for the day and see how much you have come to depend on it.

Alternatively, make a point of not using the internet for a day. Get your children to have a gadget free day and just discover if you can now function as a human being with them. Many of you, sadly, will fail, or be unwilling to take such a test. Don’t live a life of sin. Choose to live a life of joy. Unplug yourself from the technology and get back to nature. Let Mother Nature provide your music. Get back to laughter. Become, and create a community spirit, help to promote a feeling of togetherness.

Remember Atlantis invested so much of its energy into technology, that the technology eventually was their downfall. Whenever you place your happiness upon someone or something else, it will only take you on the highway to disappointment and unhappiness.

My aim is not to depress you here, it is to try to awaken you, to what is really happening within your world. A constant bombardment of adverts, noise and  stimulation which creates stress, dis-ease which becomes disease is not living. Peace and fulfilment come from creating a sanctuary, where you can rest, play, ruminate and relax. We desire for you to be at peace, therefore please consider our guidance, be aware of how your technology is controlling your lives. Make a conscious choice not to become a slave to it.


Archangel Metatron.


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Energy Shifts for Spiritual Light Workers – Archangel Metatron

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Blessings one and all.

The universal energies, at this time, are working toward influencing all humans to become deeply connected to their spirituality, and discover the spiritual life-lesson of compassion. For many humans, this will be felt on a collective level. For those who are light-workers, they will be affected by these energy shifts, through a desire to create a greater impact in, or be of greater service to, society.  Many of you can utilise these current energies to attain heightened awareness. It will be natural to feel drawn to becoming creative, particularly in music and art. This will offer you all a great opportunity to explore the nature of reality and humanity.

If you would like to make the most of these energies, which will last until the 31st May; if you feel the need to redefine your life, your spirituality, or values and beliefs, then listen to the soul and follow its urgings. For some of you, you will have recently, or are, in the midst of experiencing situations of special unhappiness; or where you have to make sacrifices. During this stage of your life, you may feel it is difficult to attain that which you desire, but please remember, your life as a light-worker, is that you serve the cosmic spiritual realm first, and therefore, when you are called to service, you will feel the need to withdraw completely from society. This is because we need you to go within, and commune with us through meditation for healing, protection and guidance.

It is a time to focus upon life-goals that bring you inner-fulfilment and not physical fulfilment. As the veils of illusion are lifted, you will find it difficult to see the meaning in the practicalities of life, the repetitive tasks which are done mindlessly.  You will notice the withdrawing of people into a numb state, surrounded by gadgets which control their every living moment.

It is important to remember that change always stirs up anxiety and fear of the unknown.  As light-workers, you will experience a lot of society looking to blame all of life’s difficulties and struggles, on others. You must help others to realise that the first step towards freedom, is to abandon blame, and begin to see that responsibility and accountability are essential keys of empowerment.  You will be called upon to help other souls find the spiritual nourishment, that the physical world of materialism lacks.

Tonight, polar geo-magnetic storms will create energy changes on a worldly level. The energies will impact the next six months, which will bring changes within the oil and chemical industries. You will see your governments turn their focus toward welfare programmes, to try and appease the growing unrest of humanity. There will be a re-orientation in society that challenges and undermines Christianity. At the same time, the galactic angelic realms will be working toward awakening others, to undermine new concepts which undermine the stability and structure of society. These concepts are debase. If accepted by humanity, they will create an even worse perverse and corrupt society, as future generations become confused over what constitutes the foundations of relationship and family structure.

Spend time in meditation, healing and working upon personal and spiritual development. Seek to see the truth in all things by ‘being’ the truth. Be discerning about what you hear, and are shown, through the use of media. Seek to re-establish morals and respect through example. Become the embodiment of what you want to see in the world.

Lord Sananda once said, “The lamp of the body is the mind.” This means that as long as what is within you, is kept in order, you will find enlightenment. The light (your soul) resides in your heart. The light is truth, honesty, purity, love, compassion and peace. Whenever you hold darkness, lies, deceit, shame, guilt, hatred, lewdness, anger, doubt, in your heart, then your lamp will not work, it won’t light the way forward.

Be of the light beloved ones.

Archangel Metatron

Glenn: Society is about to bring in new concepts, to undermine the stability and structure of society, which the angelic ream feel are debase, and will use mass consciousness to undermine them.

You may have read, or heard in the news about recent polls to find out why thousands of people have stopped voting for the UK Government Conservative Party, and many politicians have resigned from the Party, and people are switching to the UK Independent Party. My guess, is that the news, the top reason in the  polls, is one of those new concepts. I’ll leave you to do the research on that one.

3 weeks ago, the UK conservative Party lost 335 council seats while the UK Independence Party surged.

Another, in my opinion, is the reduction in homework being given to children from school. We have experienced this now with 4 schools, whose attitude has changed towards homework. Our boys hardly get any, and the little they do get, is allowed to be done in school time. How stupid is that? Don’t get me wrong, if all children were A* students, they wouldn’t need homework, but what about those who are not, or cannot keep concentration in class, or get distracted, or miss school due to illness?  I became a Governor in one school to try and address this, and threw the towel in after 9 months of being ‘stone-walled’. Our teenagers are without doubt, less wise, in general, are ruder, and have less respect for their elders and each other.

Some of these concepts are creating separatism for our teenagers. They are living lives behind a screen, not socialising face-to-face, and general self-esteem is low.

And then there is the concept of allowing school children to listen to music on their smart phones and ipods in lesson time, under the guise that it allows them to concentrate better. WHAT????

And then there is the concept of fluoridating water. Fluoride is dumbing people down and affecting the pineal gland in the brain, which just happens to be your connection to spirit (which gets blocked). Check out if your water is fluoridated. Most of the USA is, and much of the UK is. You can search the net for your water company and it will be stated on the website under the water specification. if it is, buy bottled water. You can only eliminate it with a reverse-osmosis water filter.

And… we are just starting to clone humans!!!!!

The word debase, means reduce (something) in quality or value; degrade, lower the moral character of (someone)… war debases people.

Other words to describe debase are: demean, humiliate and deteriorate.

Watch out for these new concepts. We will keep you updated as they emerge

Archangel Metatron – Conflicts within the Soul

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Conflicts within the Soul – Archangel Metatron

Blessings one and all. Since the creation of humans, there are always spiritual turning points along life’s highway.  It  may be,  you feel confused about God, spirituality, the meaning of life, and the purpose of life. It can seem that the more questions you ask, the further round on the merry-go-round you go, never quite able to alight from the turning over and ruminating of asking why, when, how, what and who.

This seeking of answers, this soul searching and pondering, is about spiritual change. As your soul evolves, you will find that your beliefs too, of what you thought about spirit and God have to experience change also.

These periods of darkness are spiritual crossroads, from which many turn away, afraid to hope and have faith one more time. However these periods are very important. To live in peace, one must attain a peaceful mind. To have a peaceful mind, one must learn to tune out the negativity and enter into a state of openness and belief.  Even though the answer may not be printed in black and white, the answer always comes to those who trust everything will be revealed, when the student is ready.

Try to become more aware that when you can’t understand something, it is very easy to choose to not believe it, or dismiss it altogether. Particularly, when it doesn’t mirror what you ‘believe’ to be true. The energies within the universe and the complexities of life’s energies cannot be understood within the confines of a human brain. Just because you can’t understand something, doesn’t mean it should be ignored or discounted. When you pray, or ask for support, and it doesn’t come in the form you ‘wanted’ it to; it is very easy to deny our existence, or allow negative self-talk to lower your limitations even further.

When you find yourself in a spiritual battle with us, by consciously choosing to believe that God, light, the one-conscious energy and the angelic realm are working ‘for’ you, not against you; the heart chakra creates a resonance which in time, closes the mind of negativity and disbelief, so that faith and the answers you seek can flow to you uninhibited. The more faith and trust you show in us, the more powerful our ability to help you. If you’re experiencing a period of darkness, a spiritual crossroad, turn your eyes up to the sky, open your heart and ‘consciously choose’ to change the energies around you. Prayer and belief are key tools you can use to powerfully change your life, never underestimate the power of belief.


Archangel Metatron

Important Energy Shifts for Indigos & Planetary Healers – Archangel Metatron

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Blessings, my guidance today is specifically for those who are attuned to the indigo vibration and planetary healers, for now those working upon the indigo gateway will experience a major transition and you will recognise it as a transient period which opens new doorways and encourages you to begin working towards that which you agreed to do, prior to incarnation.  Messages and impressions will now come to you through your dream state, and to help you, beings called the Travellers from distant universes will reach your consciousness and connect with you from a great distance. These travellers  are extremely tall light beings, do not be afraid of them, will not harm you. They have been specifically chosen to help  you fulfil your mission. Expansion of awareness on a holographic level will become clearer and as you tap into your soul’s mission, be prepared for others to feel you have changed and are not the person you once were. Do not concern yourself with others feeling, or saying, you are different. Just reassure them that you are still you. Healing energies will be extremely strong at this time and when healing others, they may experience a healing crisis, therefore try to harness and temper the strength of your healing when dealing with others.

New coding’s will  be given to you. You will find yourself in unique and unusual situations where you are there to help bring resolution and healing. This is a historic spiritual expansion programme that is about to take place.  Within the next month, many healers and indigo’s must unite on a mass consciousness level to bring about healing on an evolutionary scale. This means that during this time, many healers and indigo’s will be encouraged to disconnect from lower entities, individuals and situations which stress the energies within them and their environments. It is very important that you watch and listen, a period of solace and silence will help you pick up the signs of when and where you are to bring in the healing energies.

As your move onto July, these influential frequencies will dissipate, as the healing resonances that emit from your Auric and emotional bodies are anchored into Mother Earth.  Be careful at this time, to be discerning about the resonance energy from others, as others may well seek to steer you towards their cause. You must stay focused upon your own cause by sitting and sending healing into Mother Earth and consciously choosing to send loving thoughts and blessings to all things.  The travellers will help you stay on track. They are merely assisting you fulfil your role, you may well have to leave behind tasks or responsibilities you were dealing with on a physical level and resistance will only make matters worse.  As healers and indigo’s you are instrumental in helping the energies align, you are encouraged to relax your hold on the physical, surrender physical life concerns to God. Take hold of the reins which  you choose to hold and begin to work with the colour indigo, implant this into Mother Earth and weave this indigo light into a figure on eight, connecting the cosmic consciousness with the consciousness of Mother Earth and all who inhibit the planet. Some of you will be drawn to plant programmed crystals to create new energy portals and grids which will connect around the planet over a period of six months.  During this time, be very strict about the energy (food) you consume and get plenty of sleep 🙂

We thank those of you at this time for being part of a higher consciousness which is working towards creating open hearts and oneness in all things created.

Blessed Be

Archangel Metatron


Expand Your Healing Abilities – Take it to a higher level

If you’re already being affected by these energies, please share your experiences here, to help others who may be unsure of what they are getting.

Reducing Stress & Anger – Angel Message of the Day – Archangel Metatron

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Reducing Stress & Anger When Your Personal Space Has Been Invaded.

Blessings Beloved Ones…

When you are feeling stress and under pressure from someone, it is usually because on a deep rooted sub-conscious level you feel threatened and insecure. When you become insecure, you will either flee or get angry. The problem with anger is that when someone invades your own personal space, it forces your dominant logical brain to start over analysing what is going on. When this happens you loose perspective because all of your focus is on rationalising and justifying, again forcing all your energies to become to deeply internalised. When this happens, you put the physical body under a lot of stress and you send signals to the brain to instruct the body to release insulin in readiness of a fight or energy to run away.  When you don’t either run or fight, and you simmer in your anger, this insulin when it isn’t used poisons your body and puts all your internal organs under extreme pressure. The practical way to deal with  this type of situation when your own personal boundaries being tested, is to go outside for a few moments, take a deep breath and ask yourself “How much energy am I losing over this and how much of my focus is being lost?”. When you have done this, make a decision, either tell the person who is invading your space that you are upset with them and to give you some space, or choose to refocus your energies towards those things that help you put it behind you and move forward. If you find yourself in this type of situation on a regular basis, it would be wise to recognise this is one of your soul’s evolutionary lessons and all these people will stop invading your personal space when you say enough is enough. Saying ‘No’, will quickly disseminate those who truly support you and those who are using you. If you need extra strength, call upon me, or Archangel Michael to give you the strength to speak your truth.

Archangel Metatron

Earth Energy Changes – Archangel Metatron

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Today a new ethereal energy connects with Mother Earth which will begin to transmute and clear away old negative energies and thought patterns. For those of you sensitive to changes in energies, you may feel a little disconcerted but recognise this is proof that you are entering a positive and harmonious time.

If you carry regret or find yourself often living in the past, today release these thoughts to the universe. The past only holds you back from embracing opportunities and it blocks new energies being embraced which could help you. Use today’s energies to transform and clear you. Spend some time sat outside in the sunshine, breathe in the fresh clear air, breathe this into your heart chakra and as you release the breath, feel your heart chakra becoming clearer and open.

Imagine and feel as though the sunlight which is shining onto your crown chakra is beaming into you a rainbow prism of light, feel this clearing your mindset and energising you with positive thoughts.  Really connect with this energy and then allow this energy to transform into the beautiful blueness of the sky. Feel calming energies, moving into the crown chakra, like water, flowing in and through you, all the way down into your feet chakra’s before leaving and entering into earth.  You will feel energised, earthed and within your heart you will feel a new energy, that energy is hope, faith, love and a belief that only good things will now be allowed to enter your life. Peace be with you.

Archangel Metatron


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Spiritual Workers Must Step Up To The Line

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Archangel Metatron: Greetings little one, your world is undergoing a lot of spiritual transformation and whilst worldly issues create great consternation, I would ask you to help others be aware for the need to begin Spring cleaning. By Spring cleaning, I mean that if humankind is to create a greater shift towards peace, love and truth, the next coming months will create experiences and opportunities for everyone to clear karmic debt, and clear away those issues which keep being avoided.

Due to the fluctuations of energies, the male species will experience feelings of being confined, unable to move forward. They will have great resistance to any form of discipline, or authority, so it can for some, herald a time of emotional upheaval. As the energies of the feminine begin to grow upon the Earth plane, females will feel the need to move forward, to overcome their fears and they will also no longer be willing to be confined, controlled or dominated.  This means that the battle of the sexes will be prominent in your world, as the new way of love and understanding breaks down the old patriarchal energies, built on fear and control.

You have to understand that many humans are still resistant to embracing change, and the energies that are going to occupy your world for the coming next four months, will create behaviour patterns that may be extreme. For those with little emotional intelligence, you may see symptoms such as emotional swings between feelings of hurt, not being appreciated, resentment, a need for retribution, and anger releases.  Unfortunately, this may mean in some areas of the world there will be a mass explosion of anger directed toward one or more parties of people.  To avoid these experiences, one must face one’s own dark demons of the past. The heart must be broken open, so all the wounds, can be released into the universe and absorbed by God, light, the one-conscious energy.

Whilst those who are negative will read my words negatively, I wish to emphasise this is a wondrous opportunity for healing on many levels to take place. To accept and receive this healing, all that is required is that you pray and confess your truths, and then begin to build your life only on truth. No more lies. No more denials. Just plain truth of who you are and where you are at.  From this place, you then release your fears and step into accountability. When you have accountability, you then have at your disposal, power to control your own destiny and the destiny of your countries and your world.

The vast difference in education standards will become very apparent, and this will create an opportunity for everyone to realise the need for investment in emotional intelligence, not just academic education. Diversity within people will be very much at the forefront of being able to move forward.

Many government illusions will be revealed over the next four months. Those who have sought to deceive for their own personal gain will find the truths revealed.  In particular, that of human trafficking and the governments who gain from promoting war, disease and enslavement.

If change for the greater good is wanted, all spiritual workers must unite and make the truth known to those who are ignorant of the corruption around them. The continued process of promoting addictive behaviours within the mass consciousness,  is aimed at creating separation at its most critical point; that of the family unit.  Unfortunately this year, there will be a greater rise in the number of sexually transmitted diseases, and crimes against women and children will rise to an all time high.  The younger generation will be targeted to escape reality, through encouragement of gambling, drugs, promiscuity and violence.

Am I telling you this to make you feel depressed and helpless?  No, I am telling you this so that you can become aware of the challenges you face, so you are prepared and equipped to handle the truth and overcome the plight of your planet.

If you are to overcome the changes, and finally remove the old patriarchal ways which have ruled you and kept you enslaved, you must place emphasis on maintaining a strong sense of family. It is your responsibility to create a strong family unit, built on love and strength.  History has taught you all, that if you continue in your denial of the truth, society as a whole can and will break down.

However, the number of spiritual beings on the Earth-plane is now stronger than ever, and growing, to the point where you can turn everything around, and overcome the years of systematic abuse and enslavement.

As spiritual beings, you must be willing to recognise that some people will never embrace change, or truth. You must learn to use your strengths to overcome oppression. Choose to support only those who you feel work in the light. Cease to be a part of anything that is attached to the old patriarchal methods of control and conformity. Those who work within the light, must seek to restore the Earth-plane back to its natural balance. They must seek to live in harmony with all things created.  In order to do this, you must seek to create a greater consciousness of the truth, for when you create this, you will have the ability to change the rules that bind you.

I would like you to adopt a mantra:- “truth must prevail”.  When you are faced with situations that appear to be not of the truth, call upon Archangel Michael and his legions of angels to help bring light and truth to the situation.  Consciously choose not to support anything that is grounded in negativity, fear, oppression and control. Embrace and accept that an invisible war is taking place, between fear and love. This year, you must choose which side you wish to take.

If you wish to overcome and avoid the negative energies, we would encourage you to completely eradicate media which seeks to draw you into fear and confusion. We ask you not to be drawn into reality television, gossip and soaps, which keep you focused on lower energies, and stops you focusing on the need for change.  For a moment, I would ask you to consider what would happen if everyone in your country stopped watching, listening, reading or purchasing news for just one week. This would create mass confusion in your governments, and those who seek to control you. Begin to realise the strength in mass consciousness. What would happen if all of you refused to purchase fuel for your cars until such times as it benefited everyone?  Can you begin to see how you have the ability to create change now, you do not have to wait, all you need to do is unite and decide what needs to be eradicated and doesn’t serve all.

For too long now there have been too many light-workers who are not prepared to roll up their sleeves and become an active beacon of light to inspire others of the need for change. The new energies that are going to affect your planet are calling for all spiritual light-workers to take a stance against negative energies and raise the vibrations of the planet. Meditation is one way of helping, but there also needs to be a collective determination, to now talk about oppression and control. Lift your hearts and minds. It is time for spiritual communities to bring healing to the world.

Many of you seek our help without wanting to meet us half way. You must step up to the front line, and for those of you who do, we will support you with everything you need to create a better world for you all, and your children. If you want change beloved ones, then you mustn’t just sit and wait for it to happen. You must reclaim your spiritual courage, move through your fears, and claim your spiritual heritage to live in joy, love and prosperity.

Make a pledge to shun all negativity and fear. Seek to stand only in truth, love and light. Do not be complacent. No more excuses. Utilise your ability to alter energy. Focus on creating energy which is based on truth, and the universe will help you all heal yourselves and the world. You live in a time of great change. To experience it, it is now time for you to become that change.

Be of the light, and live in truth,

Archangel Metatron

Pork: To die for – Archangel Metatron Channelling

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Archangel Metatron: Greetings little one, you have asked for further insight as to why pork is not suitable for human consumption, and therefore, I feel it is important for you to understand that swine flesh is at the root of many of the ailments the human body is afflicted with.

The flesh of a swine contains many worms, parasites and toxins. A swine will eat anything that is put before it, including its own excretia, and even dead carcasses of its young. This means that within the flesh, there is an excessive amount of mesenchymal mucus. By eating this flesh, which is very similar to the flesh of a human, you confuse your auto-immune system, thereby programming your immune system to attack itself. This leads to swelling, and deposits of mesenchymal mucus, in and around tendons in the physical body, thereby creating the conditions you call arthritis, rheumatism and other auto-immune diseases.

(Glenn’s comment: You can check this above information out with many similar reports on the internet. The list of auto-immune diseases is massive, from Alzheimer’s to Wilson’s disease; alphabetically. The mesenchymal mucus leads to swelling and deposits of mucus in tendons and cartilage which cause firm human tendons and ligaments, to be replaced by the pig’s soft mesenchymal tissues, and degeneration of human cartilage.)  

The swine is biologically similar to a human; therefore many diseases are shared by both creations. As an example, if you look at medical research, you will find that pig insulin is often used as a substitute for human insulin. Swine, like humans, are intelligent creatures, and they do the land much service by filtering out many toxins that would otherwise poison the lands.

Only animals that eat a vegetarian diet are healthy for humans, due to their slow digestive process. The swine has a very fast digestive process, which is not effective at removing toxins from what it has eaten. Humans who eat swine-flesh are prone to absorbing these toxins, thereby creating acrid body odour and obesity.

(Glenn’s comments: When toxins are difficult for the immune system to get rid of, the body engulfs them in fat and deposits it around the body.)

When it comes to shellfish, again recognise they are scavengers of the sea, and as such, their purpose is to cleanse the sea of bacterial and viral contamination. In particular, now due to the heavy pollution of the seas, shellfish are prone to very high toxic levels of mercury and industrial contaminants. The health implications of this are extremely disastrous for humankind.

Recognise that the guidance given to you is because God, light, the one-conscious energy who created you, knows the best way of sustaining physical functionality. Although you cannot always comprehend our guidance, it is important to recognise that there is a very valid reason for our guidance, for it is our intention is to help you be free of disease, and rid humankind of suffering, and at worst premature death.

I hope this helps you Jill.

Blessings. Archangel Metatron

(Glenn’s comments: go to and search ‘pork and coke’. Then do a Google search for ‘dangers of pork’. Then see if this link is still available: