Learning to Listen to Wise Counsel – Archangel Michael

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archangel michael protectionArchangel Michael: “In every waking moment, you are all subjected to an inordinate amount of noise pollution. From the time you are born, you are consistently programmed to look to others and believe that they hold more knowledge about who you are, what you should do, how you should be, and how you should live your life. Every day you are being attacked with noise to keep you from hearing your inner voice. However, there comes a point in time, beloved ones, when the quiet voice of truth, your voice, calls for you to recognise you are about to take the wrong road, or what you are hearing is not the truth. When you have these moments, you are participating in the spiritual lesson of learning to listen to wise counsel.

Where does this wise counsel come from? It comes from your higher self. Humans often lack balance and this can bring a lack of security. The pathway of life, is an opportunity for each soul to explore spiritually the world around them, and each experience is for the sole purpose of teaching that soul, soul empowerment.

The material trappings with which so many of you surround yourself in, will never yield you anything. It will only give birth to dissatisfaction, not only for external things but also internally. Currently there are many souls, who because they cannot have what they want, continually abuse themselves through shopping, gambling, drugs, alcohol; and the worst abuse of all, personal mental abuse, through criticising the self.

Spiritually we call for you to be enlightened. But what is enlightenment? Enlightenment means that the light within contains joy, peace, fulfilment and love. Within every one of you lies the inner voice. This inner voice is your connection to wise counsel. It leads you to uncover the truth. It calls to you when you know you have not acted from a place of honesty. It calls for you to become stronger. It gets you to question your actions. The wise counsel calls for you to explore your belief system, to pursue knowledge and deeper meaning to who you are. I urge all of you to learn to listen to this inner voice more often.

Today, try to get away from, or drown out, the noise pollution. Turn off your headsets, come away from others, and sit under a tree to ground yourself. Just breathe and feel the energy come into the body, and as you relax, ponder upon these questions:-

  • Who am I at this moment in time? (You are not your name. You are not what you do, so who are you?)
  • Where is my conscience guiding me?
  • What is my current spiritual challenge I need to master?
  • Is the pathway I walk, one of fulfilment, joy, inner peace and love? (If not, what area of your life needs to change?)

Each of these questions offer you the opportunity to see where your current choices are not in alignment with who you truly are, and what you should be truly doing. Sometimes learning to trust the voice of wise counsel can take several lifetimes.

Remember when you come up against resistance, you have the opportunity to learn more about yourself. Do you consistently ignore guidance? Or do you take it on board to the point where you are not your own person? Your decisions affect your potential to walk in joy, inner peace and love.

Archangel Michael.

Jill Harrison is an angel messenger and a level 12 psychic medium. She has trance-channeled over 100 angels, ascended masters, and light-beings. Jill has done over 1000 trance-channeled psychic readings for people globally and is an accomplished author, keynote speaker and a spiritual teacher who works in UK – Japan – USA – Europe.

Archangel Michael – Personal Protection

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As children, you learn that the easiest way to avoid pain is to withdraw. As adults you have to learn to define your boundaries. You learn to recognise that which does, and does not serve you. Within your relationships, a lot of personal pain and alienation is caused because the actions of the inner child have not matured. When you are hurt, rather than speaking out and expressing your feelings, many find it easier to hide away.

You may find you spend a few days, or a week, holding grudges against the ones that have hurt you and yet, had you overcome your fear and spoken out, you may have discovered you had misinterpreted the experience altogether. When you are over-protective in this way, this is a marker for you, that you have not learnt to assert yourself.

Asserting yourself needn’t be confrontational. If you find that you are often having to withdraw, I would urge you to recognise and be aware of the need, to define your personal boundaries more clearly. Whether it is in a working environment or a personal one, you have to ensure your own emotional needs are respected and heard.

If you don’t know how to assert yourself, seek help. You are never alone, I will help you, but at the same time, you must be ‘WILLING’ to roll up your sleeves and help me, to help you. You have to do the work, you have to overcome your obstacles. I and my legion of angels will support you.

If you need to become clear about an experience, a pain, any emotional issues, ask yourself where you have failed to be accountable or responsible, how are you ‘choosing’ to react to the situation. Ask yourself what do you need, so you feel that you’re feelings or needs are met. Ask yourself what it is you need to feel safe.

Remember when you place expectations on things outside of yourself, you will fail to find fulfilment. Make a point of addressing important areas in your life. My protection is there to lend you strength, feel my strength and become your own personal warrior.

Remember divine assistance is there, all you need do is ask.

Be of the light

Archangel Michael