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Jill Harrison: Archangel Metatron wanted you to recognize the way that spirit often chat to me, and also, for diversity, to appeal to more people to take this message seriously. They all speak with a different voice, so I have grown to recognize them from their voice and vibration. When I channel an entity I have not channeled before, they introduce themselves to me.

Archangel Michael: Greetings! As the day-to-day tasks once more rise up to greet you, I, together with Ascended Master Mary Magdalene, call for you to pause a moment, and recognise that life for humanity is changing. It is a time for recognizing the impact each individual has upon the Earth plane, and the role of utilising their spirituality as a way of helping to create ever-lasting change.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: Beloved ones, now more than ever before, those true spiritual light workers will be called upon to help stem the mass consciousness, to help awaken and lead the way for new life.

Archangel Michael: Indeed, it is time to make a choice of where you stand within your own spirituality. Many humans live their lives on just one level, the physical level. This means their lives are focused purely on existing, and materialistic pleasures and possessions. Why has humanity lost its way? Because too many people now, have no balance between the material/physical plane, and the spiritual plane.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: We have often spoken of the important need for balance, and it is easy in the physical reality to only trust, or base your perception of truth, from what you access through the human five senses. The pursuit of science has manipulated the mass consciousness to only believe in that which it can prove through tangible senses. So, for example, if you can touch something, hold something; it is real. However, you also are very much aware of the realm of emotions. You can feel love, but you cannot see it, touch it, smell it or taste it. The world of emotion is not a physical manifestation.

Archangel Michael: Last week I began to highlight the importance for truth, and what I saw was a plethora of beings who are avoiding their spiritual pathway, and spiritual growth, because they are unwilling to deal with, or accept, certain spiritual truths. There are always scales of truth. What you must not do, is allow yourself to live a life based upon half-truths. Truth can be relative, or it can be absolute.

Archangel Metatron: I often stress the importance of recognising that humanity lives in two worlds, the world of material/physical matter, and the world of spiritual matter. It is through these two worlds that the soul learns how to exist in both realities. However, as I have often taught, for all things created, there has to be boundaries, or fields, in which something can be created or exist. This means that within your physical world, you have laws, rules and regulations, which you all must abide by. The same applies within the spiritual realm, the etheric realm, and so on, and so on.

A human is bound by physical, emotional, mental and spiritual laws. If a human fails to live in truth in ALL these levels, they spiritually by-pass their learning and stay stuck in a cycle of a mundane reality.

Jill: This needs some explanation. Physical untruth is lying with words. Emotional untruth, is feeling and knowing something is right or wrong, and ignoring the emotion, so, effectively, acting a lie. Mental untruth is ‘thinking’ you need to do something, but ignoring it, when you know it is the right thing to do. Spiritual untruth is breaking a spiritual law, such as using fantasy to escape reality, and not living in truth, love and light.

Archangel Michael: The reason for our interjection and guidance today is, there are many people who BELIEVE themselves to be spiritual, but are creating a lot of inner disharmony for themselves, because they are not anchored in the light of truth. What I am about to say will upset a lot of people, and if you are one of those people, then recognise you can refuse the truth of what I say, as much as you like; but if it hurts, then your soul is crying out for you to stop running from your fears, and face reality of what is said, so you can grow and evolve into the powerful being we know you to be.

Archangel Metatron: We recognise that many of you are at different levels in your spiritual evolvement. You are living in a physical/material plane to experience how to manifest on this level. It is, however very, very important that you do not use spirituality to excuse, or absolve, some of the issues you face. For example, you cannot blame it on the Moon, the Sun or an evil spirit.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: “You cannot use your spirituality to avoid dealing with pain, fear, love, and confrontation.”

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: You cannot use your spirituality to avoid dealing with pain, fear, love, and confrontation. Fanciful notions of mythical creations are often used to deny physical reality. Spiritual growth calls for you to have one foot upon Earth and the other in heaven.

Archangel Michael: Truth enables you to make proper use of all things available to you. For example, if you had cut your leg, and it got infected, you can utilise healing herbs and plants from the physical world to help the leg eradicate the infection. You can also utilise the experience to examine what, on an emotional level, is festering within you, and needs to be cleansed or healed. Truth calls for you to realise that no mythical creature is going to appear before you, and sprinkle magical dust to create a miracle healing, no matter how hard you may try.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: Life is an amazing experience for the soul, and many of the dilemmas you face, call for you to identify and recognise the difference between wishful thinking, and how to fulfill your spiritual journey. Truth helps to eradicate your ego.

Archangel Metatron: Many true spiritual light-workers are gifted with an amazing imagination. Why? Because it enables them to see the unseen, the energy, the vibration. Unfortunately the ego can create such psychic visions, and these visions are accepted as real, without any true request for verification from where they came. In many ways these experiences can be very addictive, because it reinforces a feeling of being significant, a feeling of being unique.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: Whilst upon the Earth plane with Lord Sananda (Jesus), he would be very specific about who became an Initiate (disciple). An initiate had to be able to show they could perceive the difference between wishful thinking, imagination and true spiritual connection.

We once had a lecture, as many of Sananda’s initiates asked why so many who claimed they wished to follow him, fell by the way side; and Sananda reminded us that, often those in search of spiritual solace, were seeking a way of not having to deal with the suffering of reality. Just as one would seek solace in alcohol, women, food or some other fanciful notion, they were merely seeking distraction, to relieve them of their pain. Lord Sananda and many of the mystery schools, in particular, the Essenes, required certain morals and virtues to be proven, before teaching and support would commence.

Archangel Michael: Discipline, honesty and integrity are such virtues. To become a master, there is a pathway that leads you through a series of stages. Some of those stages may be painful, testing, delusional, yet holding truth, and your inner light, ensures you ascend through the process, and experience everything. You cannot by-pass these lessons., they are part and parcel of human AND spiritual evolution for each soul.

Archangel Metatron: Many people will take a ride on the spiritual bus, and it is important that they are not deterred, but true light-workers must help them to begin their spiritual journey with self-honesty.

Archangel Michael: When I speak of operating from a place of truth, this means you are balanced in your energies, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and this impedes fantasy from trying to by-pass the journey the soul wants to take.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: Why do we speak of this now? Humanity cannot continue to live in delusion. You cannot deal with something if you refuse to acknowledge it exists. You cannot deal with death, war, poverty, and pollution, if you are aware of it, but then fail, through self-honesty, to consider how you are part of the issue, if you standby and allow this to be acceptable in your world.

To believe in caring for the planet, and then to put bleach mindlessly down your toilet later in the day, is part of this self-deception. To buy from countries, companies or people who blatantly don’t care about humanity, or support genetically modified crops, or pay a percentage of their profits to governments who promote war, and then say you care about humanity, is not living from a point of self-honesty.

Archangel Michael: Human awareness calls for you to use your inner awareness to acknowledge everything you see, feel, hear, taste and touch, and use that as a way of helping yourself to operate as a well-balanced and mature spiritual being.

Many souls leave the pathway of initiation due to preference, to stay in a state of delusion and fantasy. As angels, our first charge of responsibility lies in truth. Without truth, you cannot identify, understand and remove restrictions that block your path.

Archangel Metatron: “Illumination, spiritual truth requires you to experience a journey where you, through different experiences, get to alter, shape and amend your perceptions of who you are, what you can achieve and what you can create.”

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: An initiate is a very honoured pathway to walk upon, for it is a pathway which coalesces the higher-self, the soul as a physical being, and the spiritual realm, where you gain illumination through the accumulation of wisdom and knowledge. Many acquire knowledge, but lack the wisdom. Some lack knowledge, and have a lot of wisdom. BUT, an initiate has both. An initiate, through life’s initiations, becomes a spiritual powerhouse of light. Sananda often told us to remember, that illumination does not mean one is perfect and more important than those who are not initiates. It is the ability to share your inner greater light, that is the most precious gift you can offer another soul.

As initiates under Sananda, we became awakened, we began to perceive and understand ourselves first, which in turn eradicated the veil of illusion. Once the veil of illusion was removed, we had many other pathways to travel upon, but each one revealed its truth, its lessons, as we gently and honestly explored the physical realm.

Archangel Metatron: Many spiritual seekers expect or believe the illumination comes instantly. It does not. Each experience you have is a trial which uncovers spiritual and self-knowledge. Growth, through time, helps you, like a flower, to open up and flower. With each truthful stage you pass through, you gradually increase you inner light, step-by-step.

Archangel Michael: We are aware that many of you desire a spiritual life. Some of you have awakened, some of you have experienced a little light, but are struggling, confused, and lack confidence in the results you have. Many of you often will be unable to repeat and sustain the experiences you had. An initiate truthfully does not focus on the destination, they focus on their own journey. Spiritual initiation is a way of being. It requires you to be determined, disciplined, extremely honest with yourself and your abilities, and you need to be devoted to investing in yourself. Whilst all souls have the natural ability to become illumined, without effort, without truth, you will spiritually by-pass the exit doorways time and time again.

We hope that our guidance today will help you remove the limitations you feel are before you. We hope that you will consider how you can live a spiritual and physically balanced life from a place of total honesty. When I speak of honesty, I do not mean being blunt to another. Part of your spiritual growth requires you to develop emotional intelligence too.

For example, if someone has done something wrong, you can either just bluntly say, “You’ve done that wrong!”, which will hurt their feelings, or you can say, “I can see you have tried to do this, but unfortunately that isn’t quite right. Would you like me to show you where you have gone wrong with that, so next time it doesn’t cause you any problems?” Listen to how you speak to yourself, and if there is an element of criticism or personal putdowns in your own inner talk, you can rest assured that you are also doing this with others, without being aware of it.

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene: One final word we would like to add. Being spiritual does not mean you should meditate for hours on end, or pray every waking minute you have. Life is a ritual. By respecting yourself, nurturing yourself and others, showing kindness, compassion; whilst still being very truthful to yourself and others, you ARE living spiritually. The number one block to you achieving enlightenment is what you create mentally, nothing else. As Sananda once told us, if you wish to live, FEEL, DON’T THINK.

Archangel Michael: We hope our words will give you something to ruminate upon, if you take only one thing from our guidance today, if you wish to accelerate your spiritual initiation process, you must adopt a strict self-honesty policy of Truth, Love and Light.

Blessed be!
Archangel Michael.
Ascended Master Mary Magdalene.
Archangel Metatron.

Stop The Abuse – Ascended Master Mary Magdalene

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Mary Magdalene STOP THE ABUSE!

Beloved ones it has been some time since I last communed with you, but I wish to convey from my heart, the need for you all to wake up and act upon stopping the systematic abuse of children, animals and each other.

When you misuse and mistreat another you create suffering. Suffering leads to anger, resentment and destruction. Your society is feasting off the vibrations of anger, jealousies and mis-appropriation of power.

A mother who continues to feed her children food sources that do not sustain life, instead of foods that promote health and abundance is guilty of child abuse.  A person who physically or verbally abuses another person, is directing their energies against God’s laws of love and acceptance.

I am no stranger to abuse. The world I lived in, is very similar in some ways to the world you now live in. I learnt a very long time ago that you can either lend your energies to this destructive energy, or you can choose to ‘not’ allow it to control you, and how you choose to be with others. I made a conscious decision a long time ago, to turn towards the light and practice love and acceptance for all people, including those who trespassed against me.

In doing this, I discovered that when you turn away from the abuse and darkness, you possess the power to instigate great change, because you become a shining example to others, and this shining example, this inner light within you, begins to vibrationally lift others. To stop the abuse, you must seek to show forgiveness, where there is anger. Forgiving others for not being as you would want them to be, and then forgiving yourself for not being what others expect you to be, is a very profound healing experience.

When I look upon human life, all of you, (including me, at the time I lived), sought and perhaps still do seek, acceptance and love. However, how can you ask this of the world around you, when you fail to forgive others and show, acceptance and love to others? You can’t educate others to better ways, if you are not the example.  Anger and judgement do not create change, they only create resentment. Truth can still hit home, without the need for anger or judgement. To tell someone that you feel they are abusing another is not a judgement, it is an observation. When you express your concerns through compassion and how you fear it may cause them more harm than good, you will find that most people are open to listening to you.

In the case of children who are being incorrectly fed and programmed to eat badly, compassion, understanding and education are what is needed. Those who consistently fail to understand the depth of damage being done to their children must be shown the truth. If necessary, parade them through the hospital wards of children who are suffering from terminal ill diseases instigated through an incorrect diet. Make them watch a surgical procedure where the layers of fat have to be removed before they can get to the organ requiring treatment. The truth of what they see, will educate them and get them to realise quicker than any judgement and anger you expose them to.

My heart is touched with compassion for humanity. In search of progress, you have all forgotten about how simple and rewarding life can be. You have all forgotten to see how truly inspiring you can all be. The programming from society and your media has taught you to see through eyes of judgement.

When you view others through the eyes of judgement, you compete, you compare and this creates struggle, it creates battle. Life has, beloved ones, never been fair. There are some who will emotionally react to situations without a shred of awareness of love, compassion and forgiveness.  The only person I know who could reflect this law of God’s perfectly was my beloved Jesus. He held a perfect heart towards all living things and desired nothing more than to share his understanding of the world. He did not judge others as less than him if they shunned his teachings. He did not kill others because they did not agree with his God. He truly understood the oneness we all have, that is that we all share flesh and blood, I bruise, you bruise, I bleed, you bleed. He understood how our actions influenced all things.

The abuse of others is endemic in your societies. I ask you to speak out in truth where there is abuse of another living soul, and this includes your animal kingdom. I implore you not to ignore what you know in your hearts to be wrong. Where correction is needed, seek to peacefully demonstrate through your words and behaviour the need for change.

When I lived, it was accepted that children grew into well adjusted adults if they were given love, support AND discipline. Any disrespect to others was quickly corrected. When you fail to teach your children respect for others, you are again abusing them, because you are failing to give them the foundations which will keep them safe and secure in life. When you fail to teach your children the importance of honesty, you are abusing them.

The reasons your prisons are over-crowded and your societies are breaking down, is because you have failed to maintain a disciplined approach to life and the need to respect life.  Whilst what I say doesn’t solve the issues you have, the purpose of my message is to cause you all to be more aware of what is really happening in your society. If you acknowledge what is happening, you can gain understanding and further insight into how to begin the healing process.

All life’s problems stem from desires, whether it is to possess something, to be better than something else, to control and have power over others, desires lead to strife and suffering. When your children are born, their souls are pure. What you say, do and how you act towards them, determines how they view the world and others around them. Teach them to love one another, not view each other as opponents or enemies.

All humans are perfect in their own unique way. We can all be valuable to life, society and each other. For your society to change, you need to change the way in which you educate one another and your children.  You must teach each other not to compare, but to conjoin, see the similarities. Each belief must be respected, but the community as a whole must decide if that belief is for the great good of all in the world, not just in the local vicinity.  A renewed disicplined approach to re-establish peace and harmony in your world must be sought.

Often healing does not happen over night, but in following the right thoughts, the right actions, and working to a plan, success can be acheived. You cannot tell another how to be in life, if you cannot demonstrate that you have discovered the way to peace, love and enlightenment. One country cannot tell another country how to be at peace, if that country cannot demonstrate a peaceful existence.

Teach your children to harness the power of inner peace. Teach them not to compete, compare and judge. Teach them skills which sustain life, not destroy life.  All the suffering which comes from judgement, anger, jealousy, hatred can be cured, it is these emotions and your poor diets which cause you disease. All disease is caused through stress. Stress of the organs is created through a lack of correct nutrition and emotional imbalance.

Your thoughts feed your body, just as much as the food and drink you put into your physical body.  I call upon you all to stop abusing your own bodies and the bodies of your children. I call for you to stamp out the mis-treatment of animals, children and women. You can all make a difference. Choose not to purchase food from stores that promote unhealthy foods. Choose not to dine at restaurants that seek to fill you and your children up with excessive fats, salts and sugar produce. Choose to stop paying for school meals that are unhealthy.

Seek to demand pornography is removed and banned from public access. Choose not to adopt children in return for money. Choose not to accept organ donations for money. When you pay money for adoption, you are supporting the trafficking of children. When you pay money for an organ, you are supporting the illegal exploitation of humans.  Believe me when I tell you, that children and people are being kidnapped, not just for sexual exploitation, but they are also being taken for organ donation. Whether it is your governments that pay, or you personally, be aware of whether or not, you are supporting the abuse of another living creature.

Please reach out to help others. In saving others, you will find you save yourself. In giving to others, others will give unto you. Life is about exchanging energies, the universal life force energy is love. Exchange love, if it is not returned immediately, know that it will be returned in another way.  The world needs desperately to be freed from the oppression and abuse. Seek to stamp it out in your family, choose to speak respectfully to your kin and help them embrace your example.  A crowd of people who stand silently and refuse to be moved can be more terrifying than a crowd of people on the rampage.

Blessed be

Ascended Master Mary Magdalene.


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