Candida – The modern silent epidemic unable to be detected by medical testing – arguably a major pre-curser to cancer.

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Do you suffer from any of the following complaints?

  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • athletes foot
  • thrush in the mouth
  • genital thrush
  • itchy anus
  • ear discharge with itching
  • tearing of the eyes with a burning sensation
  • runny nose, but don’t have a cold
  • asthma
  • bronchial infections
  • fatigue
  • indigestion
  • regular or severe bloating
  • regular or severe diarrhoea
  • burning stools
  • regular or severe constipation
  • alternating diarrhoea and constipation
  • feelings of fullness after only eating a little
  • muscle weakness
  • cramping
  • loss of sexual desire
  • menstrual regularities
  • mood swings
  • nail infections

These symptoms are often dismissed as part of getting older, or part of life, but it is definitely not. Many of these complaints occur at the extremities of your body, which is a sure indication you have candidiasis. The more you have, the higher the likelihood that you have systemic Candidiasis throughout your body.

This article is given to inform and educate, not to diagnose disease. Use the information with the advice of a qualified professional trained in health.

As part of my mission to rid myself naturally of Prostate Cancer, I came across an exceptional book called ‘Health Living Made Easy’ by K. Steven Whiting – Isbn1-60037-129-9. This is some of my interpretation from his book. I recommend the book highly.

Candida Albicans is a naturally occurring budding yeast bacteria organism which is part of the many gut (intestinal tract) floras which are present in your gut to process your food and drink. Candida is non-friendly bacteria to the gut and is kept under control by other friendly bacteria. There are billions of different types of bacteria living in your intestinal tract, and your immune system keeps the digestive system under control. Under certain conditions, many of your gut floras can be destroyed, and Candida Albicans, which has aggressive growth when not controlled, multiply, overgrow, and get out of control in your body. Eventually, they grow so much, they migrate from the gut and take residence in different parts of the body, growing in size, consuming cells in your body, causing many different types of infection, and creating perfect conditions for cells to become cancerous. Once a woman has Candida overgrowth in the gut, the yeast spores can easily migrate from the anus to the vagina and create thrush. Men have a similar manifestation with Jock Itch.

As the Candida multiplies it travels up the genito-urinary tract and into the blood stream. Now the yeast can take up residence anywhere where moist mucous membranes provide a friendly site. Men giving oral sex to women with thrush inhale the spores into the mouth, sinuses and lungs; and these are common sites for men. Infection is then transmitted through the mouth by kissing and very close proximity, and partners play ‘Ping-Pong’ with infection through intimacy. As the Candida proliferates, it gives off toxins which form free radicals, which can lead to cancer and become life-threatening. The main culprits for promotion of Candida are:

Taking antibiotics, which kill many of your friendly bacteria, allowing the candida to get out of control. Antibiotics are unable to distinguish between good and bad bacteria, killing whatever they come across. Once the natural enemy of Candida is destroyed, the Candida explodes out of control.

Taking Antibiotics, which kill many of your friendly bacteria, allowing the candida to get out of control. Antibiotics are unable to distinguish between good and bad bacteria, killing whatever they come across. Once the natural enemy of Candida is destroyed, the Candida explodes out of control.Sustained use of birth control pills.

Sustained use of many medications.

Overload of sugar intake. (Candida thrives on sugar. The average person today is consuming 100 times more sugar in the processed and refined food they eat, compared to 100 years ago; so Candida has a field-day. )

Eating refined carbohydrates.

Eating processed food.

Knowing this, if you ever have to succumb to antibiotics, after taking them, take 10 high-potency acidophilus capsules, per day, for ten days, immediately following the last antibiotic dose. The higher the content per capsule of the acidophilus capsule, the better.

The second main culprit for out of control Candida, is a prolonged diet of refined, processed and overcooked foods; in other words, dead food which doesn’t contain natural enzymes that are present in fresh raw food.

When Candida becomes systemic, in many parts of the body, it becomes really dangerous and life-threatening.

There are five main progressive symptoms which will indicate this:

  1. Fatigue which slowly increases over time.
  2. Spaciness (feeling out of it, disconnected, having difficulty concentrating.)
  3. Adult onset allergies such as intolerance to smells, chemicals and some foods. Everyday soaps and wash powders and perfumes you used, you now are intolerant to. Severe allergies to things. Clothes give you a rash.
  4. Indigestion, flatulence and bloating.
  5. Mental deterioration takes place: anxiety, depression, violent mood swings, suicide thoughts. Your doctor will tell you to live with it, or prescribe a pill, which will eventually make it worse.

How do you know if you have Candida overgrowth?

This is a self-test that K. Steven Whiting has in his book ‘Health Living made Easy’–
The first part lists the most probable factors which cause Candida to get out of control.

For every ‘yes’ answer, note the number of points given and at the end of both tests, total all points and compare the total with the conclusions given.

Test One

  • Have you taken a general antibiotic drug, even just once, in the last 6 months? 6
  • Have you taken, at any time in your life, antibiotics for respiratory or urinary infections for longer than 2 months, or shorter courses (two weeks) more than three or four times? 35
  • Have you taken specific antibiotics for acne for one month or longer? 35
  • Have you ever suffered from vaginitis or prostatitis or suffered from other problems affecting your reproductive organs? 25
  • Have you been pregnant once? 3
  • Have you been pregnant more than once? 5
  • Have you ever taken steroid medications, such as prednisone or other cortisone-type drugs? 20
  • Does exposure to strong-smelling substances provoke or worsen your symptoms? 6
  • Are your symptoms worse, on damp, mouldy, muggy days, or in damp, mouldy places? 20
  • Have you ever had athlete’s foot, ring worm, jock itch, or any other chronic fungus infections of the skin or nails? 20
  • Does tobacco smoke ‘really’ bother you? 10
Total for this section: ________

From ‘Health Living Made Easy’ by K. Steven Whiting – isbn1-60037-129-9, a must-read for people who want healthy living.

Test Two – Part One

When scoring, if the symptom is mild, give 3 points, if frequent or moderate give 6 points, and if severe and/or disabling, give 9 points. If the symptom doesn’t apply to you, score 0 points.

1. Fatigue or lethargy
2. Feeling of being ‘drained’
3. Poor memory
4. Feeling spacy or ‘unreal’
5. Depression
6. Numbness, burning or tinging
7. Muscle aches
8. Muscle weakness
9. Pin and/or swelling in joints
10. Abdominal pain
11. Constipation
12. Diarrhoea
13. Alternating constipation and diarrhoea
14. Bloating
15. Troublesome vaginal discharge
16. Persistent vaginal burning or itching
17. Prostatitis
18. Impotence
19. Loss of sexual desire
20. Endometriosis
21. Cramps or other menstrual irregularities
22. Premenstrual tension
23. Spots in front of eyes
24. Erratic vision

Total for this section: ________

From ‘Health Living Made Easy’ by K. Steven Whiting – isbn1-60037-129-9, a must-read for people who want healthy living.

Test Two – Part Two

Score these symptoms: one point if the symptom is mild or occurs occasionally. 2 points if frequent. 3 points if severe or disabling to your lifestyle. 0 if it doesn’t apply at all.

1. Drowsiness
2. Irritability or jitteriness
3. Inco-ordination
4. Inability to concentrate
5. Frequent mood swings
6. Headaches
7. Dizziness/loss of balance
8. Pressure above ears or tingling sensation
9. Itching
10. Skin rashes
11. Heartburn
12. Indigestion
13. Belching and intestinal gas
14. Mucus in stools
15. Haemorrhoids
16. Dry mouth
17. Rash or blisters in mouth
18. Bad breath
19. Joint swelling or arthritis
20. Nasal congestion or discharge
21. Post-nasal drip
22. Nasal itching
23. Sore or dry throat
24. Cough
25. Pain or tightness in chest
26. Wheezing or shortness of breath]
27. Urgency or urinary frequency
28. Burning on urination
29. Failing vision
30. Burning or tearing of eyes
31. Recurrent infections or fluid in ears
32. Ear pain or deafness

Total for this section _______

Total for all three sections _______

From ‘Health Living Made Easy’ by K. Steven Whiting – isbn1-60037-129-9, a must-read for people who want healthy living.

Add up the total of the three tests and compare with these results:

Over 180 in women or 140 in men: Yeast connected health problems almost certainly present, likely systemic.
Over 120 in women or 90 in men: Localised Candidiasis is very likely.
Over 60 in women and 40 in men: Yeast related health problems are likely to be at the cause of your symptoms.
Less than 60 in women and 40 in men: Yeast problems are less likely to be at the cause of your problems.

Fungus is one of the Creator’s methods of creating a process for eradicating dead things. Simplistically, cancer is a fungus, which systematically destroys your body because it acts upon dead cells in the body and explodes out of control. Candida is yeast which, when attacked, can morph into fungus or a mould, to avoid being destroyed by the attacker. When it becomes a fungus, it creates conditions to become cancerous. Sugar and animal protein feed candida and cancer.

There are two main ways to get rid of Candida overgrowth:

Here is a free ebook I found for Hydrogen Peroxide therapy. You can find Hydrogen Peroxide, food grade, on eBay, but read the book first.

Here is a link for a UK shop who sell worldwide:

Here is a link for how to make Kefir: in Australia

Live long, and prosper.
Glenn Harrison

Hope for Our Loved Ones, Who are Dying Around us, of Cancer and Heart Disease

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19 June 2013

Hope for Our Loved Ones, Who are Dying Around us, of Cancer and Heart Disease

I felt I needed to share this sad, but also inspirational message with everyone. Many of you will know that I have spent the last 18 months fighting prostate cancer. I was asked by surgeons to take immediate surgery or radiation, or it would spread beyond salvation, and I would die soon.

Archangel Metatron told me, if I did nothing at all, and continued abusing my body with animal meat, dairy, refined food, processed food, vegetable oils, sugar and plenty of good wine; I would be dead in 4 years. I have listened to advice from Metatron and Archangel Raphael, and 18 months later, with a radical diet change, the cancer has not grown, is receding and my systemic candida, which takes years to develop all through your body, is almost gone. I am fitter and healthier than I have been for a long time, and parts of my body which were worn out, arthritic or diseased, are regenerating.

Truth is, it’s been hard. When you are used to the trappings of sugary food, good wine, alcohol, chocolate, cheese, crisps (chips), French fries and gourmet meals; it’s like being a dog with a bone, and having the bone taken away. But now… I am eating to live, not eating to die.

77% of people in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia are dying young, of cancer and heart disease, and the rest of the world is following. People are being diagnosed of cancer and heart disease in their 20’s.

Some time ago, I was contacted by this woman writing to me below, to inspire me on my journey. This is some of the communication we had. The last email arrived today, 19 June 2013. Janet’s Mother had been diagnosed with cancer. Janet was inspired by people like me, and set off on a journey to save her Mother’s life, through a change in diet. Her Mother resisted at first, but slowly accepted a new plant food diet……

From: janet mallinder  Sent: 08 September 2012 10:42

To: Glenn Harrison

Subject: Me mams fight with cancer

Hello Glenn

This a 3 month update on me mams cancer as requested…………We went back to the oncologist yesterday for her 3-monthly check up….As you know she has not had any treatment from the hospital; not even a pain killer, as they said her cancer had spread too far for treatment to be of any use………..We were only in for 10 minutes, where he asked how she was feeling, and gave her an examination by putting pressure on her abdomen, and feeling for lumps and bumps….He found nothing, and said, being as you are doing so well, and in no pain, there is no need to do scans or do blood tests. He said they would only scan if she was feeling unwell, or in pain, and made the next appointment in 6 months’ time. My mam, who is nearly 77, nearly jumped through the ceiling when she came out, bless her.

My mam is now fitter than she was 5 years ago. She’s driving to her caravan in Skegness quite a lot. Her constant cough she had, has stopped. The pains she had in her back, where the kidney is, have gone. She has no fatigue, although she does have a nap in the afternoon; but I’ve told her that is quite normal at her age, even for fit people.

It would be good if we could find out if the tumour and cancer are going, by having a scan, but they just won’t do it, and I noticed the oncologist did not even ask what me mam is taking, or doing for her to be so well. Even though she mentioned some of the stuff she was on, he just blanked her. You would think they would be interested in her, as an inspiration to other cancer sufferers; but no. The nurse was very interested though, so if we’ve planted a seed in that nurse’s mind, then I’m happy. xxx

I do hope you are doing well as well Glenn xxx  and please feel free to use any of this in your News Letter xxx

Love and Blessings.

Janet Mallinder xxx

P.S I will send an attachment of the list of what she is on at this time xxx

Stuff me mam’s on for her cancer:

  • • organic bitter apricot kernels ground up she takes 2 tsp 3 times a day in juice or water, leave at least 2 hours between each dose
  • • Oxy Enhancer or Oxy E
  • • ginger root
  • • magnesium, potassium, zinc
  • • echinacea & goldenseal
  • • astaxanthin
  • • fucodian extract
  • • Chlorella
  • • spirulina
  • • turmeric 400mg
  • • dandelion root 500mg
  • • capsicum
  • • oregano oil 10:1
  • • milk thistle 3,000 every other day
  • • grapeseed extract 50mg
  • • selenium 200mcg
  • • flax oil
  • • Epsom salt baths 2 cups added to a bath about twice a week to draw out the toxins
  • • Co enzyme Q10
  • • freshly juiced organic carrots , apples, small piece of broccoli, and half a raw beetroot 3 times a day, if person has cancer get as much down as possible at least 4 to 6 glasses a day

From: Glenn Harrison

To: ‘janet mallinder’

Sent: Tuesday, 18 June 2013, 22:15

Subject: RE: Me mams fight with cancer


Been a long time since you gave me an update. How’s your Mum doing? Hope she’s still pulling through. Been 18 months and I seem to have stopped my cancer.



Motivational Speaker

Tel: 01777 710999

Bringing people’s attention to what God, light, the one conscious energy, really is, how the Angelic Realm help us, and why we are here… Living the illusion, is when you only hear, what you want to hear, and disregard the rest.

Hi Glenn

That’s brill news that your cancer has stopped.

When I sent the email, my mother was doing brill, and continued to do brilliantly; but just before Christmas, we noticed that she was not taking her herbal stuff as much, because we was ordering less and less, plus she dropped off juicing and eating healthy. She stated that she felt tired, and not as good as she did, so when we pointed out why, she said she got fed up of all the strict diet and taking the supplements.

My dad, who did all the juicing and cooking, was not a well man, so was not cooking or juicing for her. She said she would go back to her regime, which she did, and started to pick up again. In January she had a scan, and it showed that her cancer was stable, and the little nodules in her lungs had gone. She was over the moon with the news.  The oncologist stated she is doing really well, and to continue with whatever she was on. But we still noticed she was taking less and less stuff. My Dad was becoming more ill, so he couldn’t support her as much. She has never used the juicer, so only had juice when we came, but then she stated she was sick of that as well. She started to get a painful lump in her groin in March, which we know is her lymph nodes, which we again pointed out that she needed to up go back onto her regime again. As she started to get into it again, my dad died suddenly; and the day he died, something happened in her groin, which caused her to be near-on bed ridden. Now, 2 month on, she has totally given up, as she just wants to go to me Dad.

Over the last 4 weeks, a lump on her neck has grown to the size of a tennis ball, and her groin gives her a lot of pain. She says she has no fight left in her, so we have accepted this, and we don’t try and make her take anything. She hardly eats anything, and has lost loads of weight, but still seems OK in herself, despite the pain.

We knew it was going to be hard for her to stick to the strict regime we had for her, and she has gone a year over the Doctors’ expectations. Without being ill, even, her age was against her, and she had the cancer a long time before she was diagnosed. My Dad was her rock, and without him, she has lost her fight, but something good has come out of this. Many people know how well my Mam was doing, and asked us what she was taking, I even take stuff myself as a preventative, and have cut out nearly all processed foods and meats etc. It has proved to us that we are what we eat, and just by changing our eating habits, can stop disease and cancer, if we stick to it.

Keep up the good work Glenn.

Yours sincerely.

Janet Mallinder x xx

Glenn: I hope this inspires some of you to be the change. It’s never  too late to reverse heart disease and cancer. If we get back onto the food the Creator grew for us; plant food… vegetables and fruits, we are eating to live, not eating to die. When we drink the  elixir of life; water, and we eat food which is alive, it is full of the nutrients we need to boost our immune system to fight any disease. When we eat dead food, we are slowly killing ourselves.

Be the change. Take the first step. Cut out all sugar. Then stop cooking your veggies to death. Drink more water. Slowly remove the processed and refined food from your diet. Do it little by little over a year and watch the results.

I lost 60lb (4stone) in 4 months, just by making the change; not by eating less, and my blood pressure went from 150/98 to 107/71. If that means nothing to you, it went from dangerously high, to amazingly good. The nurse at our Doctor’s surgery had to do a double take.

We wish Janet’s Mum a peaceful time on her chosen journey.

Here’s the message: It is getting normal to die between 50 and 80, but it’s not natural. To be healthy, not only do we have to get our diet right, eating the food the sunshine grows, we have to get our emotions right too, and keep moving. Get all three right, and there is every possibility you can live to 130.


Would you like to learn how to eradicate disease from your family?

Would you like your children to outlive you?

  • Have type-2 Diabetes?
  • Suffer from Arthritis?
  • Suffer from Heart Disease?
  • Suffer from Allergies?
  • Suffer from diseases such as cancer, parkinsons, multiple sclerosis?
  • Do any of your children have ADD, ADHD, ODD?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you struggle to sleep at night due to snoring?


If you answered ‘yes’, to any of the above, please make time to join us on our live broadcast, like watching a television programme, all you need is the internet and speakers or headphones. For more details go to:-


Death of the Human Race – A Repeat of Atlantis? – Archangel Raphael

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Blessings one and all.


The human body is the clothes of the soul. Failure to take care of the clothes, means the soul is hindered in being able to do what it set out to do. There is a need for every soul, to keep at the forefront of their conscious minds, the effects their thoughts and actions have on the physical body.


The angelic realm holds much compassion for the human race, but our compassion cannot save you from a life of disease. Our compassion cannot help you overcome the emotional ups and downs you experience, as a result of your lack of awareness, when it comes to the dietary needs of the human body. The epidemic of disease is rapidly rising, and it is important to realise that a synthetic, man-made chemical compound, cannot ever eradicate disease. Your obesity levels are not just a part of life. Before you began playing God, many of you had very little disease, very little cancer, very little diabetes. When you disrespect the gift of life; when you disrespect the human body; which was given to you to enable you to experience life, you kill off the inner-light within.


Every single thing you put into the body, if not natural, creates imbalance. What you perceive as a treat, is often poison, and the saddest part is that, you now accept disease as something that will happen and is part of your culture.


A healthy mind, a healthy body, and a healthy diet, will ensure you do not become disease ridden. When you over-eat and eat the wrong things, you work against creation itself. The universe at heart is all about creation. It is not about dying.


If you continue to move towards technology, and allow it to completely control your life; like Atlantis, the world will eventually cease to exist. Mindless choices and quick fix solutions may seem like a good idea, but when you go against nature, you are killing of the very source of life to humans. I ask you to keep at the forefront of your mind. “Everything you put into your body, is either pro-life or pro-death.” Make this your mantra and your children’s mantra. Begin to see food as alive or dead.


Food was given as an integral part of the circle of life, as an energy source, to prolong the experience of life. You have gone from eating naturally, to now eating chemicals; overloading food with unnecessary flavouring; and many of you eradicating all the vital minerals and vitamins through microwaving. You saturate your bodies with sugar, salt and acidic foods and beverages, which means, like a machine, you clog up your inner mechanisms which help you move, think and live.


There is a *virulent (*Extremely infectious.) lack of respect and discipline for your bodies, and I fore-warn you all, you are at the point of no return.  By this, I mean you have tinkered with natural food sources. They are now unable to naturally pro-create and give you the vital elements your body needs to help repair itself. You have blindly allowed large groups of people* to tamper with God’s food source, until they now control how the food grows and its ability to grow.


The body is a machine which needs the right fuel, the right amount of usage, and it needs to be loved. If you show such a virulent lack of care for your bodies, this also penetrates into your lives, where, you little bit, by little bit, begin to show more lack of care and respect for each other. Ignorance is as much a disease, as cancer or diabetes.


Often we are portrayed as loving, supporting, and we are; but, we are also truthful, and we bring messages from God, light, the one conscious energy. It is time to wake up and hear the truth. If you do not address your eating habits, then disease will begin to kill off a greater proportion of humans. It won’t matter how many chemicals you put into the body to try and eliminate the disease, or illness; your efforts will be futile.  I love you all. I want you to live. This is why I speak out today. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to hear the truth; but without truth, you cannot change that which you are, or are becoming.


It is time to realise that the amount of chemicals you are forcing upon your livestock, to keep them pro-creating, is going to create more disease long-term. You should all return back to natural farming methods, and eradicate chemical substances.  My message is not designed to bring you to the brink of depression, but if I can stop a train crash from happening, by telling you how it is, perhaps then you will listen, and begin to do something about it.

Disease is caused by your diet and lifestyle. That is the bottom line. Today, I ask you to have compassion for yourselves, and choose to live. Don’t eat to die. If you are overweight, it is time to stop blaming it on family genetics. It is time to stop with the excuses, and it is time to change your lives by living in the truth; in the light. Stop disrespecting yourself, God, and the gift of life you have. Make today the day you begin to see the world around you, with truth. You have to overcome what you have been conditioned to believe. Disease is born out of poor diet, and imbalance of the physical bodies’ chemical compounds. Do your research, and choose to make wise choices.


Blessed be.

Archangel Raphael.


Glenn Harrison – In a recent channelling with Ascended Master Lord Sananda, we were told that if we continue with our present lifestyle and continue polluting the planet, we will be extinct in 50 years. If you research about our  diminishing water supplies and the escalation of disease, it starts to make sense.  When Raphael is referring to large groups of people controlling the food, you would be wise to research how cows’ milk, excess dairy product eating and pig eating, is slowly killing us. There are now over 60 chemicals in cows’ milk in supermarkets. Jill, Max, Cooper and I, no longer drink it, no longer eat pig or cow and are healthier for it.


18 months ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was advised to have it cut out or radiated. Not one of four different oncologists asked me about diet and lifestyle. They weren’t interested in the cause; just treat it; a little like pulling the top off a weed and expecting it not to grow again. I have followed Raphael’s guidance with ‘God’s food’ and stopped, and reversed the cancer growth and eliminated systemic candida. I have never been so healthy. In the process, I lost 60lb (4 stone), just by change in diet, and (embarrassingly) I eat a lot. If I ate less, I could lose a lot more weight, but hey, one step at a time.


Raphael needs you to understand that, what is now considered to be normal, as we age, such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, memory loss, eyesight failure, varicose veins, hair loss (to name a few); is NOT NATURAL, but it is becoming normal. These conditions are almost exclusively caused by diet. When doctors talk about normal, don’t be confused with what is natural.


Processed food, refined food, excess animal protein, excess vegetable oil, and sugar, is killing you slowwwwwwwly. Very slowly, but surely.  Why don’t we get this guidance from Governments? Because we have created a catch-22 situation. If we all stop eating meat, drinking cows’ milk, buying processed food; the world economy would collapse. Millions of people would be out of work. Where would Governments collect their taxes from? Ask  yourself this, “If smoking kills, why are cigarettes still allowed for sale?” Governments get huge taxation from it, and don’t want unemployment figures sky-rocketing.


You can live a healthy life without cows’ milk, without meat, without sugar, without vegetable oil, without the barbecue (which is another killer).


Are you eating to live, or are you eating to die? Tribes in Northern Pakistan in the Himalayas, elders in Okinawa (Japan) and in the mountains of South America, are eating to live. Their life expectancy is 90-120 years, and they remain healthy and active throughout that time. We may be living longer, but we are living sicker. Do you really want to become senile, with dementia? You don’t have to. Microwaving food is giving people dementia. Microwaves should be banned. You can now get mini-ovens to replace them.


We are the only species on the planet which cook food. When you cook food, you kill the enzymes in the food. Without the enzymes, our body cannot process the food properly, which creates many toxins in the body. Our immune system and organs are over-loaded with processing sugar, chemicals and toxins; and the result is dis-ease and body breakdown.


Which animals eat dead meat, besides carrion (birds such as magpie, crow, buzzard, vulture.), pig, raccoon, rat; or in insects, the ant? These are part of what the angelic realm call ‘The Clean-up Brigade’. They were designed to clean up. Pigs were originally kept to dispose of human excrement (poo). Many animals will eat dead meat to survive, but in general they eat it alive, so they get the nutrition and enzymes. When we eat it dead, it is decomposing. Animals in captivity that eat dead meat, eventually get cancer and similar lifestyle diseases that humans do.


Cancer, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s; skin conditions such as eczema, skin tags, age spots; lung conditions such as asthma and wheezing; are all REVERSABLE with a plant food diet; a vegan diet.  Since I became vegan, even my eyesight has improved. I have had three new spectacle prescriptions in 18 months, and need another one soon. I just recently noticed another significant improvement in my eyesight. When you eat a natural plant food diet, your immune system starts taking care of you better, because it is not overloaded. My arthritis is reversing. I am growing new ligament tissue in my knees (with scientific photographic evidence of my knee). Anyone can do this.


Just eat to live; not to die.


If you have a garden, start growing your own food. To lead by example, we started on a large scale this year. If you have a really large garden, find like-minded people, locally, and offer to garden-share, so more people can tend the garden and share the food.


The key to a long healthy life is, have an active brain, eat a fresh plant food diet, and keep moving.


Please don’t be a passive reader; introduce this article to people who might benefit. Let’s get active, be the change, and plant seeds; and God, light, the one conscious energy, will do the rest.


Time for A New Belief.