Hope for Our Loved Ones, Who are Dying Around us, of Cancer and Heart Disease

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19 June 2013

Hope for Our Loved Ones, Who are Dying Around us, of Cancer and Heart Disease

I felt I needed to share this sad, but also inspirational message with everyone. Many of you will know that I have spent the last 18 months fighting prostate cancer. I was asked by surgeons to take immediate surgery or radiation, or it would spread beyond salvation, and I would die soon.

Archangel Metatron told me, if I did nothing at all, and continued abusing my body with animal meat, dairy, refined food, processed food, vegetable oils, sugar and plenty of good wine; I would be dead in 4 years. I have listened to advice from Metatron and Archangel Raphael, and 18 months later, with a radical diet change, the cancer has not grown, is receding and my systemic candida, which takes years to develop all through your body, is almost gone. I am fitter and healthier than I have been for a long time, and parts of my body which were worn out, arthritic or diseased, are regenerating.

Truth is, it’s been hard. When you are used to the trappings of sugary food, good wine, alcohol, chocolate, cheese, crisps (chips), French fries and gourmet meals; it’s like being a dog with a bone, and having the bone taken away. But now… I am eating to live, not eating to die.

77% of people in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia are dying young, of cancer and heart disease, and the rest of the world is following. People are being diagnosed of cancer and heart disease in their 20’s.

Some time ago, I was contacted by this woman writing to me below, to inspire me on my journey. This is some of the communication we had. The last email arrived today, 19 June 2013. Janet’s Mother had been diagnosed with cancer. Janet was inspired by people like me, and set off on a journey to save her Mother’s life, through a change in diet. Her Mother resisted at first, but slowly accepted a new plant food diet……

From: janet mallinder  Sent: 08 September 2012 10:42

To: Glenn Harrison

Subject: Me mams fight with cancer

Hello Glenn

This a 3 month update on me mams cancer as requested…………We went back to the oncologist yesterday for her 3-monthly check up….As you know she has not had any treatment from the hospital; not even a pain killer, as they said her cancer had spread too far for treatment to be of any use………..We were only in for 10 minutes, where he asked how she was feeling, and gave her an examination by putting pressure on her abdomen, and feeling for lumps and bumps….He found nothing, and said, being as you are doing so well, and in no pain, there is no need to do scans or do blood tests. He said they would only scan if she was feeling unwell, or in pain, and made the next appointment in 6 months’ time. My mam, who is nearly 77, nearly jumped through the ceiling when she came out, bless her.

My mam is now fitter than she was 5 years ago. She’s driving to her caravan in Skegness quite a lot. Her constant cough she had, has stopped. The pains she had in her back, where the kidney is, have gone. She has no fatigue, although she does have a nap in the afternoon; but I’ve told her that is quite normal at her age, even for fit people.

It would be good if we could find out if the tumour and cancer are going, by having a scan, but they just won’t do it, and I noticed the oncologist did not even ask what me mam is taking, or doing for her to be so well. Even though she mentioned some of the stuff she was on, he just blanked her. You would think they would be interested in her, as an inspiration to other cancer sufferers; but no. The nurse was very interested though, so if we’ve planted a seed in that nurse’s mind, then I’m happy. xxx

I do hope you are doing well as well Glenn xxx  and please feel free to use any of this in your News Letter xxx

Love and Blessings.

Janet Mallinder xxx

P.S I will send an attachment of the list of what she is on at this time xxx

Stuff me mam’s on for her cancer:

  • • organic bitter apricot kernels ground up she takes 2 tsp 3 times a day in juice or water, leave at least 2 hours between each dose
  • • Oxy Enhancer or Oxy E
  • • ginger root
  • • magnesium, potassium, zinc
  • • echinacea & goldenseal
  • • astaxanthin
  • • fucodian extract
  • • Chlorella
  • • spirulina
  • • turmeric 400mg
  • • dandelion root 500mg
  • • capsicum
  • • oregano oil 10:1
  • • milk thistle 3,000 every other day
  • • grapeseed extract 50mg
  • • selenium 200mcg
  • • flax oil
  • • Epsom salt baths 2 cups added to a bath about twice a week to draw out the toxins
  • • Co enzyme Q10
  • • freshly juiced organic carrots , apples, small piece of broccoli, and half a raw beetroot 3 times a day, if person has cancer get as much down as possible at least 4 to 6 glasses a day

From: Glenn Harrison

To: ‘janet mallinder’

Sent: Tuesday, 18 June 2013, 22:15

Subject: RE: Me mams fight with cancer


Been a long time since you gave me an update. How’s your Mum doing? Hope she’s still pulling through. Been 18 months and I seem to have stopped my cancer.



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Hi Glenn

That’s brill news that your cancer has stopped.

When I sent the email, my mother was doing brill, and continued to do brilliantly; but just before Christmas, we noticed that she was not taking her herbal stuff as much, because we was ordering less and less, plus she dropped off juicing and eating healthy. She stated that she felt tired, and not as good as she did, so when we pointed out why, she said she got fed up of all the strict diet and taking the supplements.

My dad, who did all the juicing and cooking, was not a well man, so was not cooking or juicing for her. She said she would go back to her regime, which she did, and started to pick up again. In January she had a scan, and it showed that her cancer was stable, and the little nodules in her lungs had gone. She was over the moon with the news.  The oncologist stated she is doing really well, and to continue with whatever she was on. But we still noticed she was taking less and less stuff. My Dad was becoming more ill, so he couldn’t support her as much. She has never used the juicer, so only had juice when we came, but then she stated she was sick of that as well. She started to get a painful lump in her groin in March, which we know is her lymph nodes, which we again pointed out that she needed to up go back onto her regime again. As she started to get into it again, my dad died suddenly; and the day he died, something happened in her groin, which caused her to be near-on bed ridden. Now, 2 month on, she has totally given up, as she just wants to go to me Dad.

Over the last 4 weeks, a lump on her neck has grown to the size of a tennis ball, and her groin gives her a lot of pain. She says she has no fight left in her, so we have accepted this, and we don’t try and make her take anything. She hardly eats anything, and has lost loads of weight, but still seems OK in herself, despite the pain.

We knew it was going to be hard for her to stick to the strict regime we had for her, and she has gone a year over the Doctors’ expectations. Without being ill, even, her age was against her, and she had the cancer a long time before she was diagnosed. My Dad was her rock, and without him, she has lost her fight, but something good has come out of this. Many people know how well my Mam was doing, and asked us what she was taking, I even take stuff myself as a preventative, and have cut out nearly all processed foods and meats etc. It has proved to us that we are what we eat, and just by changing our eating habits, can stop disease and cancer, if we stick to it.

Keep up the good work Glenn.

Yours sincerely.

Janet Mallinder x xx

Glenn: I hope this inspires some of you to be the change. It’s never  too late to reverse heart disease and cancer. If we get back onto the food the Creator grew for us; plant food… vegetables and fruits, we are eating to live, not eating to die. When we drink the  elixir of life; water, and we eat food which is alive, it is full of the nutrients we need to boost our immune system to fight any disease. When we eat dead food, we are slowly killing ourselves.

Be the change. Take the first step. Cut out all sugar. Then stop cooking your veggies to death. Drink more water. Slowly remove the processed and refined food from your diet. Do it little by little over a year and watch the results.

I lost 60lb (4stone) in 4 months, just by making the change; not by eating less, and my blood pressure went from 150/98 to 107/71. If that means nothing to you, it went from dangerously high, to amazingly good. The nurse at our Doctor’s surgery had to do a double take.

We wish Janet’s Mum a peaceful time on her chosen journey.

Here’s the message: It is getting normal to die between 50 and 80, but it’s not natural. To be healthy, not only do we have to get our diet right, eating the food the sunshine grows, we have to get our emotions right too, and keep moving. Get all three right, and there is every possibility you can live to 130.


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