Are you a Cheeseburger Away from a Heart Attack?

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08-Cholesterol-in-artery-12203927Cheese and meat are being eaten in such excessive quantities; they are clogging up our blood vessels and ultimately blocking our heart valves. Lack of education about this is why people are getting so fat and so sick with chronic diseases.


Your body is designed to run on a maximum of 6% protein. That was the percentage you got from your mother’s breast milk. Our Creator designed it that way for maximum growth, without getting fat.


A recent study of fat in blood vessels revealed an alarming result when eating fatty food. A man had the fat levels measured before eating first thing in the morning, when his blood was clear of food, being distributed as energy through the blood system. One hour after eating a cheeseburger, he was measured again. Over 50% of his blood was fat cells. The fat cells were even measuring in the whites of his eyes.


Your body has to remove that fat, for energy, and store the excess on your body; but it can only cope with so much at a time. So when you overload your stomach with fatty food, like meat, milk, cheese, donuts, crisps, salted nuts, cakes, pizza, French-fries and milk-shakes; your body transports that fat through your blood stream, and it hangs there, until it can do something with it. As it hangs there, some of it sticks to the sides of the blood vessel walls, and little by little, the blood vessels begin to narrow.


As they narrow, your blood pressure rises, because your heart is pumping through a narrower blood vessel. If you have high-blood pressure, this is what is wrong with you.


Ultimately, your heart will be stopped from pumping, as the blood vessels become blocked… the last cheeseburger to fill the gap!


The good news is, the narrowing of the blood vessels is reversible. You can clean them out over time, simply by changing what you eat, and cutting right back on meat and dairy. It also helps, of course, if you get your blood pumping around faster, to flush out the blood vessels. But here in lies the problem, that happens when you exercise J.


So, if you have high blood pressure, it doesn’t matter how old you are; get off the couch and do something; cut right back on meat, dairy and sugar, and you’ll live a lot longer and healthier.


If you want to know how our processed food and most supermarket food is slowly killing us, and how there are better choices you can make, come along to our Eat to Live workshop….


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Five-obese-fat-men-on-the-beac-33817802If we get any fatter as a species, it won’t be long before mobility scooters are normal for all adults. Our hospitals are already brimming with obesity-related and lifestyle disease.

We may, arguably, be living longer, but we are living sicker. We are using drugs to keep us alive for longer and we are sticking stents in our blood vessels, to open up vessels which are clogged, to keep our blood circulating.

Why are so many millions of people in denial about what they are doing to their bodies?

Jill and I were watching Holmes Inspection on TV. Mike Holmes was at a house a young couple had invested their life savings in, and noticed, although cosmetically, the house looked great, the floors were out of level in some places; there were occasional smells from the drains and areas of mould had started to appear. They had been living in the house for several months. When Mike arrived, they found infestation of termites almost everywhere. They were unseen, so out of mind. The house was about to fall down around them. A few months longer and there would have been a catastrophe.

Is this, I wonder, how we kid ourselves about the state of our health. Our skin covers up the failing body and organs, until they break down. We get the warning signs, but we choose to ignore them.

So what are the warning signs? Being overweight. Skin complaints. High blood pressure. Indigestion. Failing eyesight. Memory loss. Thread veins. Varicose veins. Unexpected thinning hair. Acid reflux. Itchy ears. Smarting eyes. Deteriorating nails. Skin spots. Acne. IBS. Constipation. These are all diet related conditions; of which there are so many more.


Why are we in denial that our food is slowly killing us. Margerine is one molecule away from the formation of plastic. Would you eat plastic?


A pig is designed to clean up and will eat anything; but it is designed to cope with anything. We are not. We are finely tuned and need a complex mix of energy to sustain our life. We need vegetables, fruit, grains, beans, seeds and nuts. We DON’T need meat. The only people who will really take you to task to prove you need meat, work for the meat industry.

As we get older, we get sicker as a nation. Haven’t you sat down and asked yourself why so many people are getting sicker, younger and younger? You are what you eat.


When was the last time you clogged up the sink waste with grease that had set. This happens in your colon and intestines, preventing you from going to the toilet to poo. If you are not pooing twice a day on average, you are not eating the right things.

Those warning signs mentioned above are nearly all reversible, with the right  diet. Cancer is reversible. Heart disease is reversible. Diabetes is reversible. Our good friend Chantelle is now 5 weeks into her new diet. When she came to us she was on 72 units of insulin a day. Last week, she stopped taking it completely, and her sugar levels are way down.


Are you eating to live, or are you eating to die?


Processed, packeted, canned food is slowly killing us. Sugary drinks are slowly killing us. Our children will be sicker much earlier in life than we older adults, unless we educate them about what food we need to eat to live, and what food will slowly kill them.


It starts with our children. If we overfeed them and feed them the wrong things, we are guilty of abuse.

 If you are overweight or obese, you are at high risk of a

lifetime of pain, suffering, disabilities and indignities.

If you want to invest in your life and learn about eating the right things to reverse the ailments you have and get off those medications; or if you simply want to lose weight and get healthy; come along to our workshop: Eating to Live

Come and find out how I lost 64lb in 5 months without cutting down on quantities, and without feeling hungry. Spaces are filling up fast, make sure you attend this event, because it will transform you and your life.