The Anatomy of Disease – Archangel Raphael

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the third dimensional plane, disease begins when emotional issues aren’t dealt with, and the inability to deal with the issues causes the soul to withdraw from the body. Sometimes the soul withdrawal can be slow, through the process of a debilitating disease, and at other times the disease can be swift.

The difference between the disease being swift or quick, relies upon the factor of whether the physical cells are in prime condition, and the immune system is in a state of homeostasis. In the event the body lacks the correct energies, and the cellular energies are deficient, you will see a quick growth of disease.  In the case of a being who is physically fit, and whose bodily energies are high, the disease will take a long time to take a hold, thereby giving the being optimum time to release the emotions which are causing the disease.

When disease is first detected, it is important to realise that this is the soul’s way of trying to purify itself. It alerts the being to emotions, mental and behavioural patterns, that are not vibrating in love, light and truth.

Often learning to master the emotions and belief systems, are not seriously considered when trying to treat diseases.  As all humans try to avoid pain, and seek pleasure, often little thought or gravity is given to the need to look at diet, exercise and a healthy emotional body.

If disease is to be eradicated within the human species, then the focus of treatment must begin first and foremost with the mental and emotional state of the patient being fully diagnosed. Issues of abandonment, lack of self-worth, lack of self-love, emotional abuse, fear, anger; all of these, to name just a few, must be looked at closely, in order for the healing process to begin.

The consciousness is a vast and complicated energy to understand, but unless you can learn to seek out the emotional source of your diseases, they cannot be treated holistically. You may prolong your life for a short while, but the same disease or a similar one will occur elsewhere, if the patient is still in denial.

Often, from the spiritual realm we speak of balance, and therefore it is so important to try to see everything as energy. The energy of a situation, the energies of a person; and then tune into what emotions you are attaching to the situation or person. As an example, if you, upon meeting someone, take an immediate dislike, the emotion you attached at that time to that person, will be very hard to shift, because the emotion you had with that person created a cellular memory.  It will take an enormous amount of effort to try to see the person in a different light.  It is not necessarily the person’s behaviour or beliefs that you took an instant dislike to; it may be their energies touched upon a hidden fear deep within the sub-conscious mind.

Fear is an emotion that really needs to be explored in greater depth on the human level. It is possible to have a fear of something, even though you have never experienced it; for example a fear of flying, or a fear of swimming.

The first line of defence, when facing illness or disease, must be emotional clearing, along with diet and then regular exercise. Meditation offers you an opportunity to clear emotional and mental stress. Done regularly, it will help you explore who you are, and at the same time, it will aid your body in the cleansing process.

If you cast your mind back to how many years you have lived, there is locked inside your emotional and mental bodies, memories, beliefs and fears that were created a long time ago, that you can’t even remember them. This doesn’t mean they still aren’t functioning on a deep sub-conscious level.

Many of your belief systems are programmed, absorbed from those around you, and all of these contribute to your ability to fight disease. As an example, if you look at people who are ill a lot, they generally tend to be surrounded by others who are negative, and focus on suffering. They will talk about their illnesses. They will moan generally about everything that is lacking or wrong with life, others or themselves.  In the event the person suffering from disease is alone, then often this is a way of seeking recognition, acknowledgement.

Many people find it hard to accept that their emotions are the cause of disease, but by looking closely at the anatomy of the illness, and why the body is going through the purification process, it is possible to eliminate disease. It is only the fear of the unknown, or the fear of how painful the change may be, that causes many to turn away and not deal with issues from the past.

If you are experiencing disease at this present time, then if nothing else, begin a routine of meditation, on a minimum of once a day. If possible, twice a day; once in a morning to keep your emotional energies high during the day, and once in an evening to relax and enable you to clear away the clutter of energies you have absorbed during your day.

Many of you upon reading my guidance will say you don’t have time, but I want you to seriously consider what it will cost you long term if you don’t. Your life, loss of your career, pain and suffering for your family, financial difficulties, your mobility, your dignity, to name just a few. It isn’t rocket science; it is purely understanding that your conscious energy, your thoughts combined with your emotions, create your environment, not only on an external level, but also a cellular level.

If you are unable to relax your mind, to stay focused during a meditation, then this is already an indicator that your energies are imbalanced.  If you fall asleep during a meditation, this is alright, for you have allowed your emotional body and your physical body to completely relax and release itself in an unconscious state. Give yourself the gift of health. Taking care of your emotional and mental health is vitally important if you wish to eradicate disease.



Archangel Raphael



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Goddess Isis – Soul Star Chakra Healing

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Goddess Isis MeditationAdvancing Your Spiritual

Growth with Goddess Isis


In order to utilise your power and wisdom from your past lives, you need to open aspects of your Soul Star Chakra. It is the soul star chakra that enables your soul to travel not just in this universe, but also inter-dimensionally to other universes.


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The soul star chakra can be located approximately four to five fingers width from the crown of the human head and it is through this chakra that your ability to heal on an emotional level is determined.


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If your Soul Star Chakra is not fully charged, aligned and balanced, this means that the amount of spiritual energies from your angels and guides is hindered from entering into your own personal energy fields. This in turns affects your abilities to be empowered, wise, artistic and creative.


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New Moon Energies – Emotional Healing – Archangel Metatron

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angel meditationFrom today, a period of emotional healing will take place upon Planet Earth. This means that those who are sensitive to universal energies may feel unusually emotional. Mass consciousness is currently like a pressure cooker waiting to release the steam, so many of you have not said what you wanted to say, or done what you wanted to do, that the emotional stress is calling out for release.

To stave off further worldly unrest, anger and frustration, the angelic realm are raising vibrational healing frequencies to interact with the hearts and minds of humankind, in an effort to help you all release any emotional stress, without the need for further pain, chaos, arguments and disruptions.

During this period of time, should any emotions or old hurts that rise to the surface.  You may find that old memories return, memories you perhaps thoughts had been dealt with. Just be in a state of openness and allow everything to rise to the surface. If you feel the need to cry, laugh, mourn or celebrate, do so. I would encourage you to just allow everything to unfold, breathe deeply and as you release your breath,  announce that you lovingly release your emotions and that you are now lovingly embracing the now.

This period of emotional healing will last  until the New Moon Energies on the 19th September. If you currently hold old behaviours, hurts or regrets, now is the time to release them for transformation. The angelic realm are waiting to help you unburden yourselves from anything you have kept locked up inside you.


Archangel Metatron

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