Assistance From Heaven – Archangel Metatron

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providence - archangel metatronHow many times, beloved ones, do you turn to pray, when you find yourself in the midst of a crisis? How many of you hope, and ask for assistance, but still feel your prayers, or asking, goes unheard?

Providence requires you to set into motion seeds, which will help you attain what you ask, or pray for. Remember, we often talk about balance. There has to be give and take from both sides. Misfortune isn’t sent from the heavens to punish you. Misfortune is down to human error, a wrong thought, a wrong deed, a wrong word; all these co-create a magnet for misfortune.

Now don’t get me wrong, some of you will say to me, it is impossible to be perfect. However, learning to control your thought process, will determine the answer you get from the cosmos. Faith is a big factor in being able to receive answers to your prayers. Why do we harp on so much about faith? Because it is the lack of faith that creates the walls to you receiving your abundance.

Some of you choose to dream of the future. You spend time visualising what you want, how you want it to be, and whilst this exercise can plant the seeds, the water you need to create and bring this vision into reality, is faith.

The laws of the universe respond to faith. Focus has to be on faith, not on the crisis you are experiencing, or the worries you hold. The power of thought, this energy, is your God energy. It can help your day be great, or it can make your day horrible.

Why then does poop happen, you ask us?  Your thoughts at some time, will drift unconsciously to areas that are not working. Be it inefficiency here, unpaid bills there, lack of faith in someone, a service, a product. Focus your thoughts on these things, and catastophy will turn up in your lives, because you dwell on the problems and not the solutions.

The diversity of man is that you either choose to live in fear, or hope. Very few of you choose to live with the belief that there is abundance for all. Very few of you believe that perfection is everywhere. Again, I ask you why is this? Because your focus is on imperfection.

Your thoughts project into the universe like a film camera, and create the experience you will have. Although you can’t see your future, your thoughts are already creating it; it exists. It exists on another plane, and it is slowly manifesting itself into the material.

You can become richer and stronger, healthier and happier. Just as the universe works on absolute laws of mathematics, there is an equation which gives you the right answer, and an equation which will result in the wrong answer.

Learn to focus upon what you think about. If you allow the negatives to be the ruler of your mind, you cannot take charge of a situation, because negativity puts you into a state of arrest.

Awareness is key to taking control of your energies and how the universe responds. It is more than just being honest, kind, loving and caring. It is about controlling how you respond to others and situations. For example, when your spouse comes home to tell you they have just been fired, and now this means that financially you are unable to pay your mortgage, a knee-jerk reaction is to go into fear. The tragedy takes hold, and you feel inside, sick and anxious. In this scenario, you panic, your mind shuts down, and you spend the next few days, or even weeks, going over why, how and what you do next. If you can learn to stem this reaction to negative news, it will
enable you to stay empowered, to observe, to analyse and look at the options open to you.

Within the bible you are told to “Watch and pray”. Why?

When you watch, you are alert, you are aware. Most accidents or mishaps occur when you let your awareness drop. Awareness exists on two levels, the emotional and the spiritual. When you are asked to pray, it doesn’t mean you surrender and wait for some spiritual entity to fix it for you. To pray means to meditate, to look at what is happening. Through the process, eliminate the unnecessary information, like why something has happened. When you meditate, you tune into angelic assistance. Guidance to help you find the strength, the solution, through action, to what needs to happen. You have to plant the seed for help. Your belief waters that seed, and we provide the sunshine to help it grow into being, so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So many of you spend your time in darkness, unhappy with each other, the life you have, the world in which you live. Learn to tune your thoughts into the opportunities that arise from mishaps. Perhaps your business is failing. Perhaps it is an opportunity to do something that you have always wanted to do. The only issue is whether you believe, you have it within you, to succeed.

Ill health is often because your physical body is not in harmony with the emotional body. If you pollute the body, you pollute the mind, and vice-versa. Your thoughts are more powerful than any laser or x-ray. Your thoughts permeate water, physical matte;, they emanate throughout the universe. The law of affinity means that your thoughts attract similar energies back to you.

You have the power to influence your thinking. Begin to focus on your own thoughts, your own conversation inside your head. Are they thoughts that are beneficial to you? Do your thoughts create a negative impulse within you?

You need to be so aware of what is happening on the internal, rather than the external. Why? Because the external is a mere reflection of the internal. Resentment, frustration, intolerance, inefficiency of the mind, results in conflict on the external.

If you choose to enter into a state of joy, to live your life focusing on the blessings and opportunities that arise from all of your encounters and experiences, how different would your life be?  Would you be more likely to receive providence? Of course you would. Your thoughts create the conditions. Like morse-code, the signals go out into the universe and the morse-code is returned. You don’t send out morse-code and receive chocolate cake.

Providence is there beloved ones, if only you would take time to fill yourself with joy, to be in awe, to be delighted with what you have, to
focus upon your blessings; then the providence would be a way of life, instead of a hope, or a dream.

The seeds you are sowing, must be what you believe you are worthy of receiving. When you begin this process, it is natural to have lapses, but remember what I said, “Watch and Pray”. The more alert you are to these slips, the more you can quickly emit newer positive energies.

To have great control over the external, you must learn to master the internal. Just as you take time to make your home beautiful, so too must you make the mind beautiful too, if it is to house joy, love and awe.

Prepare the right environment for your seeds.

Be of the light.
Archangel Metatron.

Archangel Metatron – Conflicts within the Soul

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Conflicts within the Soul – Archangel Metatron

Blessings one and all. Since the creation of humans, there are always spiritual turning points along life’s highway.  It  may be,  you feel confused about God, spirituality, the meaning of life, and the purpose of life. It can seem that the more questions you ask, the further round on the merry-go-round you go, never quite able to alight from the turning over and ruminating of asking why, when, how, what and who.

This seeking of answers, this soul searching and pondering, is about spiritual change. As your soul evolves, you will find that your beliefs too, of what you thought about spirit and God have to experience change also.

These periods of darkness are spiritual crossroads, from which many turn away, afraid to hope and have faith one more time. However these periods are very important. To live in peace, one must attain a peaceful mind. To have a peaceful mind, one must learn to tune out the negativity and enter into a state of openness and belief.  Even though the answer may not be printed in black and white, the answer always comes to those who trust everything will be revealed, when the student is ready.

Try to become more aware that when you can’t understand something, it is very easy to choose to not believe it, or dismiss it altogether. Particularly, when it doesn’t mirror what you ‘believe’ to be true. The energies within the universe and the complexities of life’s energies cannot be understood within the confines of a human brain. Just because you can’t understand something, doesn’t mean it should be ignored or discounted. When you pray, or ask for support, and it doesn’t come in the form you ‘wanted’ it to; it is very easy to deny our existence, or allow negative self-talk to lower your limitations even further.

When you find yourself in a spiritual battle with us, by consciously choosing to believe that God, light, the one-conscious energy and the angelic realm are working ‘for’ you, not against you; the heart chakra creates a resonance which in time, closes the mind of negativity and disbelief, so that faith and the answers you seek can flow to you uninhibited. The more faith and trust you show in us, the more powerful our ability to help you. If you’re experiencing a period of darkness, a spiritual crossroad, turn your eyes up to the sky, open your heart and ‘consciously choose’ to change the energies around you. Prayer and belief are key tools you can use to powerfully change your life, never underestimate the power of belief.


Archangel Metatron