Overcoming Intolerance – Archangel Haniel

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Today, consider if your experiences are asking you to learn the lesson of tolerance.  When we lack tolerance, the universe, will try to help your soul’s evolution by showing you aspects in others, which perhaps you may be failing to accept in yourself.  When one has a lack of tolerance, it is often programming from childhood that has taught you that this is something to fear, or not accept, as normal.  Whether your differences are racial, political, sexual, attitudes, tastes, when you are presented with feelings of intolerance, the universe is gifting you with the opportunity to embrace diversity.

Learn to de-personalise intolerant situations. You do not have to change your own opinions, beliefs, values, behaviour or actions BUT at the same time, if you expect this of others, you must also offer them the same in return.

In spiritual terms, everything is created equal. If you are faced with something that is intolerable, you must begin to recognise this is a spiritual message for you to begin healing yourself.

Peace and love cannot exist whilst ever you cling to your intolerances. Strive to create peace in intolerant situations, even if this means you must turn your cheek and walk the other way. As humans it is not always easy to love your fellow man, but your gift of free will, enables you to distance yourself from them.

Should you not be in a position to distance yourself from them, then tolerance and respect for them, their beliefs and values will create inner and outer peace. It will also mirror to them, the need to do the same for you. Only by confronting your fears, will you overcome intolerance. We, the angelic realm hope today, you will consider those intolerances you may have, and how you can begin to heal yourself.

When times are very hard, fill your environment with magenta coloured energy. Visualise it connecting with everyone in the room, yourself and ask for my help in cleansing the situation, so a balanced and accepting perspective can come into being.


Archangel Haniel