Blowing Your Own Trumpet – The Power of Words and Choice Archangel Gabriel

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Archangel GabrielCommunication is more than speaking, facial or body gestures. Communication triggers energies, which lead either to beneficial, or detrimental effects.

Often karma is considered a ‘bad debt’, to be repaid to spirit for a deed done incorrectly, but this is not so. Karma is merely an opportunity to re-learn, evolve and grow, so that suffering, chaos and pain are removed from your experiences.

When someone lives in denial, or doesn’t acknowledge truth, they can only draw to them trouble and suffering. Why? Because they try to avoid or escape the consequences of their actions, beliefs or decisions.

Focusing on your gestures, your thought patterns, and what you say; can either trigger a negative response, or a positive one.  Very little thought is given to what comes out of the mouth, and more importantly the manner in which it is said. Are your words just spoken?  Do you consider whether your tone is loving, or something else? Are your body-language gestures open, kind, encouraging; or are they closed? Are you often only focused upon blowing your own trumpet, indicating only self-interest?

Being spiritual calls for you to communicate from a place of love, a place of compassion, but also a place of truth. Truth and love are the light-essence of the soul.

Everything within the universe is energy. You push one way, energy will react in kind; therefore choosing to be conscious of how one speaks and how one acts, is extremely important.

Those who seek not to communicate, to isolate themselves away from others, do not evolve; because without communication, no one can learn. When a soul is learning, it is exploring cause and effect. Each exploration offers choice, so being aware of what choices are available to you, and considering the consequences of one’s words, thoughts and actions, can help you experience joy and happiness or pain and suffering.

Every experience you have, teaches you something. Each experience may not be perfect, but with practice, you becomes learned in particular aspects of physical life.

Don’t ever be afraid to make mistakes, for when mistakes happen, you learn a valuable lesson of what wasn’t right, and you gave yourself the opportunity, consider how your next choice or action can move you into joy and love.

Humans have a tendency to focus on the gravity of making a mistake. Blame, punishment, constant regurgitation of what went wrong, and why. This is so wrong. It simply requires an acknowledgement that this particular method did not bear fruit, and then focus should be placed upon how, if presented with a similar situation, you may well fare better.

Make a point of learning about body-language, for without this knowledge, the signals you give out to others, can also be responsible for what universal energies are returned back to you. If others constantly treat you as a doormat, are your gestures weak?  Do you walk with slumped shoulders? Do you display timid behaviour which makes it possible for others to take advantage of you?

On the other hand, is your body language aggressive? Do you jab your finger at someone to make a point, thereby creating a defensive or aggressive reaction from someone else, because they feel threatened?  Remember, every action brings about a reaction.

When you awake, take some time to connect to your energies. If you awake and feel lethargic, a little bit down in the mouth; what reaction do you think will occur if you continue to allow your emotions to stay as they are?  Your experiences will ensure your path crosses others who are moody, disinterested and lazy, because energy draws to it similar energies.


Awareness of your energies is key to ensuring you live in joy, happiness and abundance.  When your energies are low, consciously choose to act with loving kindness, patience and tolerance for others. Focus on finding, or getting the best out of others. Often the term, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ is bandied around, but this is one of the most important phrases you can use, for it is a constant reminder to be aware of what you are sowing.

For example, if you sow doubt, hatred, anger, criticism; you will only grow and achieve a harvest of the same. Just like you cannot sow potatoes and expect apple trees to grow, what are you currently sowing in your life?  And if it is not sowing you joy, fulfilment; you are not living in truth.

“As you sow, so shall you reap,” is such a deep truth, that by living by this law, you can learn to grow a life that is rewarding and enriching.  Those who choose to dismiss this law, will find their lives blighted with anxiety, stress and chaos.  “As you sow, so shall you reap,” is part of cosmic law.  This law teaches you judgement, reasoning and balance. If you watch Mother Nature, she is the best example of, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Too much drought and nothing grows. Too much moisture and everything decays. Life really is a simple exercise of keeping balance, and you must be the ballast to your ship, which sails upon the seas of life.

All of you must learn to reason, judge and choose. The law of cause and effect, karma and dharma, exist in all things, and the way in which you experience this law, is through your communication skills.

All children should be taught to thoroughly understand the law of cause and effect, followed by communication skills, emotional intelligence, self-confidence and self-esteem. Without these, they cannot be the ballast in their ship.

Without these skills, no amount of mathematics, languages, sciences, philosophies, or anything else, can be truly mastered.

Mis-communication is why you have arguments, wars, anxiety, chaos, and suffering.  Grasping the art of communication enables one to speak the truth, but more importantly, for it to be conveyed in a way that others can accept, acknowledge and understand; without the experience of pain and suffering.  How many times have you perhaps fallen out over a misunderstanding and then when you have realised what really was meant to be conveyed, you said, “Oh well, when you put it like that, that’s OK?”

How many times do so many of you withdraw, sit in silence, brooding, hurting; because someone upsets you and you couldn’t bring yourself to tell them? All this pain and anxiety is caused through mis-communication.

If you wish to eradicate war, suffering and chaos, not just on a personal level, but also a worldly level; seek out those who are highly-gifted in communication skills, behavioural skills. Read books on emotional intelligence, body-language; seek to understand the psychology behind why you do what you do, and I promise you that you will tap into the ability to get the best out of yourself and others.

Community, communication; these are slipping away from your societies. Alienation, seeking solace; constantly impedes a soul’s growth.  You evolve when you share, when you communicate, when you experience with others the beauty and joy of life. If you start with the self, and learn how to communicate effectively, you will see your relationships develop very deep bonds. You will vastly increase your ability to be taken seriously in your professional life. Spiritually, you will find your connection to the Creator deeper and more profound. So need I say more?

If life is serving you lemons, perhaps it may be wise to consider sowing new seeds.


Archangel Gabriel.

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Karmic Wisdom – Ascended Master El Morya

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karmic debtGreetings, greetings. Tis so wonderful to speak with you this day. I wish to enlighten you all about karmic wisdom and how you should look at karma. Karmic debt is a wondrous opportunity and not a punishment. You see, when you are gifted with karma, you have the opportunity to re-sit your examination, in the subject, you have chosen to be taught in.

However, should you choose to dwell on karma, and whether you are accruing, or clearing karmic debt, you are focusing far too much on the negative aspects, and not enough on the positive aspect.

The greatest gift of karma is that you are offered an opportunity to see through the charade, through the illusion of what was, and take the right choice, or the right course of action. Sometimes karma may just require you to take a stance and say “No”, to someone who feels they have the right to railroad your choices, or feelings. Karma offers you a chance of empowerment.

It takes great wisdom and courage to stand in your truth, to say what you feel, and then make a decision whether to continue on your continued path. You can have the choice to bend, or stay as you are, but through the experience you are having, you are given the opportunity for further wisdom.

Wisdom is acquired by listening to the urgings within, by standing in your truth and being willing to grow through love. Whatever the experience you are having right now, choose the path of wisdom, and move into the loving, empowered being you are.

May your inner light always be on full beam

Ascended Master El Morya


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