Archangel Haniel – Embracing the Self

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Archangel Haniel

Beloved ones; behind your name, behind your profession, behind your social standing, lies the real you. Do you know how beautiful you are?

How often do you take time to embrace yourself?  So many of you count your self-worth based on what you do:- your successes, your failures and your material wealth, that you only show a fraction of who you really are.

Just for today, I ask you to take time out to connect with your true self. Imagine and feel yourself surrounded in a beautiful white, gold and pink light. See yourself being surrounded by this beautiful light and merge with the energies. Within this light, you are not required to prove your worth. You are not required to display your knowledge; all that is required is that you love and be yourself. No substitutions, no play-acting, no pleasing others. Life around you may change, others may change, but inside, the inner-self never changes, because the inner-self is love-energy. In all its glory, in all its refinement, it is beautiful, unlimited potential; it is you. Isn’t it time you reconnected with your true essence? Allow this light energy to heal you, uplift you and renew your spirit. Stay in this light for as long as you wish. Talk with me, let me ease your pain, lighten your load.

Blessed be.
Archangel Haniel.

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Reviewer: Mary from Zimbabwe   5 Stars
I tell you, this meditation has helped me so much. Every time I feel stressed, I put on this meditation and it takes it all away. I feel rejuvenated and so much at peace. It is beautiful, for me my daily meditation is a way of honouring myself and my health. Since I have meditated every day, my health has improved and I am so much more fulfilled. Jill and Glenn’s meditation are an integral part of my daily life. Thank you both xxxx