Nurturing – Archangel Chamuel – Angel Message of the Day

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Beloved ones, even though your senses do not allow you to see it, you live in a multi-dimensional world which offers you opportunities and nourishment. It is essential that time is given to nurturing, for without it, you cannot possible be ready to embrace new experiences, opportunities and challenges. Nurturing isn’t about the odd day of relaxation, or an hour of doing something you like, whilst this may help, it isn’t what nurturing is all about. Nurturing is learning to live in the now, to experience every thing around you, as it is happening, so you gain a wondrous experience of joy, in the magic of life.

Women are particularly gifted when it comes to nurturing, they are used to experiencing the cycles of life, they are able to tap into their creativity and bear children. Part of a mother’s role is to nurture. Sadly, the one person they forget to nurture is themselves.  If you are finding it hard to find time for self-nurturing, if there are not enough hours in the day, after you have served everyone else, then you must become aware that your brain, needs a complete overhaul. You need to update your data bank, because you have forgotten the small print that is on your soul contract. Your soul contract states that you will take care of, and nurture, your physical, emotional and spiritual body to the best of your capabilities. You also further agreed to make self-nurturing a priority.

STOP making excuses, today it is time to tell everyone else IT IS YOUR TURN, you will no longer blockade your progress by putting everyone else first. Your vehicle, your physical body, is in dire need of an MOT. You are exhausted from considering everyone else’s demands, and this is your wake up call, so take some time out, go into meditation and read your small print on your soul’s contract. Ask to be reminded of those key aspects you agreed to complete. Start to acknowledge you deserve time to yourself, acknowledge that you are now dehydrated and under-nourished in the nurturing department.  Ask to hear the voice of mother earth and invite her to ground and nurture you. Honour your body by feeding it fresh raw vegetables and fruit and feel the energy transference from  the foods to your soul.  Today, is the day you must begin to experience and receive nurturing, you are worth it you know:-)

Archangel Chamuel