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angel readingsGreetings Beloved Ones.

The art of healing is a fine balance, not many healers are aware that mis-directed energy can also promote disease, therefore it is essential that healers ensure they are a clear channel and are able to tune into the patient’s energy fields before proceeding.

Prior to healing, the healer must make time to establish the correct energy links, by bringing in the light into their own heart first, when this energy is brought into the heart, it then needs to be connected to the pineal gland, so that an oval sphere of energy is created between the heart and the pineal gland. When this has been established, the healer must then create a second reciprocal link by emanating energy from the pineal gland into the auric field, creating an infinity symbol. When this has been established through energy projection, a shift in energy fields should be felt. When that shift of energy takes place, the healer has the ability to radiate energy into a patient’s auric field which will emanate down through the healers arms and hands and into the patient’s soul.

The energy of the mind must be continually controlled during this process, for once the correct energy fields have been established, the energy should then consciously be moved from the heart and down through the arms and into the hand chakra’s. A slight electric charge or pulsating feeling should be felt within the hands.

Using the energy emanating from the hands, a healer should be able to read the degree of disease, thereby determining the depth and where the energy blocks are being held. The energy reading should enable the healer to differentiate between physical and psychological blocks.  It takes a very long time for a healer to become skilled at being able to pinpoint at which point(s) the patients energy fields are blocked.

Having found those points, the healer must then seek to help the patient understand how the choices and actions in the past have led to the current blockages.  Sometimes it is possible that a patient holds energy blocks which have been inherited and shared through DNA from the parents or grand-parents. This is where the term the sins of the fathers are visited on the children come from.

If there are no inherited energy blocks, the attention should be turned towards the energy that has been consumed since birth through the use of food and drink. Nutrition is an integral part of healing, it either promotes healing or promotes disease. When the nutritional side has been considered, the energy behind the emotions must then be brought into the equation. This creates a pyramid of energy consisting of karmic energy, nutritional energy and emotional energy. This pyramid creates a magnetic field which affects the cells and growth of the physical body.

Focus upon maintaining a daily discipline of purifying one’s energy fields is an integral part of healing and avoiding disease.  Disease is a sign that the soul is under-nourished.  It must be highlighted that the foods and drinks put into the body affect the subtler bodies, all foods consist of atoms, each atom emanates at a particular resonance, like fine tuning a piano, the patient must learn to listen as to which food and refreshments create harmony and which instil dis-harmony.

Training oneself to be conscious of the energy of emotions is important too, for the emotions hold the greatest sway over the subtler bodies of man. When I speak of the subtler bodies, I am referring to the etheric, astral, mental and causal bodies of mankind.

The physical body is constantly held in streams of energy from the astral body and the mental body. Equilibrium of these energies is essential for healing to work. A healer must seek first to balance these two streams, by emanating pure energy into these two bodies first before having contact with the physical body. Therefore, a healer must seek to work on the outer bodies of man, and work in towards the physical body, clearing each body and producing equilibrium of energies in each area.

The control of the energy is important, as the healer should focus upon the inflow of energy by bringing the energy through the infinity energy field before emanating this through the arms and hands into the area requiring harmonising. This is a timely practice, it cannot be achieved merely in a matter of minutes.

The healer must stay focused, so that the energy is controlled.  As well as radiating the energy out, the healer must also be reading the energies of the patient. The energy of disease which emanates from the patient are atomic units, if the healing given is being done correctly, the healer should be able to feel the atomic units beginning to change as the energy from the heart and the pineal gland of the healer begin to attach themselves to the patient’s energy fields and begin to restore balance.

A true healer will verse themselves in anatomy of the physical body along with symptoms of illnesses and show a desire to understand the psychology behind illness and disease. If a healer is ignorant of these facts then they will not be in a position to understand the energies to enable clearing and healing to be channelled.

The aim of channelling healing energies is to assist the patient in purifying their energies and soul energies.  Sometimes it is not always possible for a soul to overcome disease, and when this occurs, it is important that the healer ameliorates the patient’s energies so the soul can be released from the physical body with as little pain as possible. A healer must accept that sometimes helping a soul to relinquish the physical body is part of the healing process too.

If you wish to unlock your healing potential you must practice and work on being able to create a reciprocal link from the heart and pineal gland and then from the pineal gland to the astral body.  Once this is achieved, you have within you the ability to take your healing abilities to the next level.


Archangel Uriel

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