Archangel Michael – Personal Protection

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As children, you learn that the easiest way to avoid pain is to withdraw. As adults you have to learn to define your boundaries. You learn to recognise that which does, and does not serve you. Within your relationships, a lot of personal pain and alienation is caused because the actions of the inner child have not matured. When you are hurt, rather than speaking out and expressing your feelings, many find it easier to hide away.

You may find you spend a few days, or a week, holding grudges against the ones that have hurt you and yet, had you overcome your fear and spoken out, you may have discovered you had misinterpreted the experience altogether. When you are over-protective in this way, this is a marker for you, that you have not learnt to assert yourself.

Asserting yourself needn’t be confrontational. If you find that you are often having to withdraw, I would urge you to recognise and be aware of the need, to define your personal boundaries more clearly. Whether it is in a working environment or a personal one, you have to ensure your own emotional needs are respected and heard.

If you don’t know how to assert yourself, seek help. You are never alone, I will help you, but at the same time, you must be ‘WILLING’ to roll up your sleeves and help me, to help you. You have to do the work, you have to overcome your obstacles. I and my legion of angels will support you.

If you need to become clear about an experience, a pain, any emotional issues, ask yourself where you have failed to be accountable or responsible, how are you ‘choosing’ to react to the situation. Ask yourself what do you need, so you feel that you’re feelings or needs are met. Ask yourself what it is you need to feel safe.

Remember when you place expectations on things outside of yourself, you will fail to find fulfilment. Make a point of addressing important areas in your life. My protection is there to lend you strength, feel my strength and become your own personal warrior.

Remember divine assistance is there, all you need do is ask.

Be of the light

Archangel Michael

Healing & Protecting with Archangel Seraphiel

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Sometimes when we have had a hectic period where we have had a lot of challenges to deal with, lots of people entering our home; its best that we make time to clear and release all the energy that has built up around us and in our home.  One of the ways we can do this, is to use crystals to clear stagnant energies, geopathic stress and negative energies from our lovable, but mumping and moaning family or friends.

I often recommend that rather than investing in lots of specific crystals, it is best to purchase every time you’re at a mind, body, spirit fair, small clear quartz points. They needn’t be large. Infact, small ones are best in my opinion, because they enable you to make sacred geometric shapes to enhance your meditations, healing and clearing intentions.

Start if you can, with a minimum of 12 small clear quartz. Remember that the darker the crystal, the lower the resonance (energy) it emits. In this instance because we want to clear energies, higher resonance crystals like Amythest, Rose Quartz and clear quartz will effectively help you.

Sit yourself down in the middle of the room. Place the 12 small clear quartz points around you in a circle like a clock. Close your eyes and then take a nice deep breath in. Close your eyes and call upon Archangel Seraphiel to overlight and help you clear and cleanse yourself and the room you are in. When Seraphiel draws close you should feel a change in energy around you and a wonderful sense of peace, as though you have just been wrapped in a blanket. You’ll feel very relaxed and safe. Seraphiel often also likes to caress your face or the top of your head to confirm they are with you, but don’t worry if you don’t feel anything, with practice you will over a period of time, find your energies getting stronger and stronger each time you do this clearing process.

Now with your eyes closed, try to imagine a beautiful bright white light coming down from the sky and entering into the top of your head where your crown chakra is located. With each breath in, draw the white light into your heart and when it feels full of white light, ask Archangel Seraphiel and the angels of light to help you release all negative energies held in your body and this room. As you breath out, imagine and feel the white light coming out through your chest and completely bathing the room in pure white light. Continue to pull in white light energy and push out through the chest on the out breath white light, and when the room is completely filled with white light, take as long as you would like, to feel the energies being released and cleansed. You can also utilise this time to release any pent up emotions.

When you feel that all the energies have been cleansed and cleared, imagine the pure white light turning into an iridescent rainbow, feel the multi-colours of the rainbow flowing down into the crown chakra, into your heart and out into your home. Ask the angels now to assist you in embracing and feeling their energies and give them permission to heal any aspect of yourself which requires healing. As that your will be aligned to divine will. You may sit and receive these beautiful energies for as long as you would like.

When you are ready open your eyes and give thanks to the Archangel Serpahiel and the Angels of Light for their assistance. Drink some water to ground yourself and then when you feel ready, rinse your crystals in some water to cleanse and clear them too.

If you’d like to experiment with different crystals, you may wish to try this meditation whilst holding one of the following crystals in your hands. Try to keep a journal, so you can have a record of which crystals were most effective in helping you connect with the angelic realm.

1.    Angelite

2.    Aquamarine

3.    Danburite

4.    Morganite

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Until next time, be of the light