Compassion vs Compromise – Archangel Michael

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When there is something that you truly believe in, and others around you are pushing you to side with them. Don’t confuse compassion with compromise. Compassion is showing understanding, but it never means ignoring what you feel within your heart to be true. Sometimes you are challenged to stand in your truth, and you must take the decision not to ever compromise, what you believe is the right choice.

When you exercise your right not to compromise, you set a chain of events which are interrelated, and you will find that your world changes for the better. When you exercise your right not to compromise, providing you truly believe your decision is the right one, you show strength and commitment, and this is a reflection of true wisdom. Your soul grows, it expands and it creates new magnetic energy fields which bring your further abundance.

Compassion can be just as strong, it doesn’t mean you become a doormat. Choosing compassion at the right time, can be a very humbling and strengthening experience. With compassion, you can be understanding of the feelings or situation of others, but make sure you are not keeping those who are suffering, enabled in self-destructive patterns. Never confuse compassion with compromise. True wisdom, the right choice will always come when you feel through your heart with love. Work on recognising your own inner guidance.

Archangel Michael