Are you living or experiencing life?

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depressed teenagerYou may think that’s a strange question, but in this day and age with all the things we have to do, are we conscious of what we are doing? Living life according to the angelic realm is filling it with so much stuff that we don’t have time to consciously think about what we’re doing and the consequences of where our automatic choices and responses are leading us to.

Experiencing life on the other hand is about being ‘consciously’ aware of enjoying, learning and being a part of the moment.  Have you ever considered why you do what you do? For example, do you believe that life is hard and you have to compete, push and strive to get what you want?

lack confidence low self-esteemHave you been programmed that you have to keep amassing material goods, money and job titles that prove to others you are SOMEBODY?  Do you often believe other people’s thoughts and ideas are better than your own? Are you bullied at work or by your peers? Do people take advantage of you?

Many of us are a product of the labels we have been given by our parents, family, friends, school-mates, and peers. However the truth of the matter is, who you believe you are, and who you truly are can be completely different.

What labels are you carrying from your past? Do you often say to yourself any of the following: –

I am…

  • Pathetic
  • Useless
  • A loser
  • Fat
  • An Alcoholic
  • Hopeless
  • Not good enough
  • A Nerd
  • A Geek
  • Stupid
  • Worthless
  • Ugly
  • Horrible
  • A Freak
  • A Pig
  • A Bitch
  • A drug addict
  • Lazy
  • An idiot
  • A cow
  • A retard
  • A moron
  • A bastard
  • A douch-bag
  • A slut

All of these names we call ourselves greatly inhibits our true potential. Your thoughts and what you say to yourself will dictate how successful you can be. If you take time to understand how your thoughts about yourself are merely impressions you have absorbed from others, you have the ability to shape your beliefs into ones that represent what you think about yourself.

Often we try to behave differently, BUT unless you’re beliefs about yourself and your potential are changed, you will never really be effective in reaching your fullest potential. This is why people find it hard to lose weight. They may change their behaviour by going on a diet, but if throughout their life they have been told they are fat and they believe they are fat, they will always revert back to being themselves which is being fat. If someone continually says “I am a recovering alcoholic”, their belief pattern on a sub-conscious level is that they are still an alcoholic, therefore their ability to stay sober is greatly reduced.

You have to be able to change your belief patterns so you feel secure and are able to consciously choose what you want to believe about who you are.

If you have issues in your relationship with others, or you feel life doesn’t hold much promise for you, give yourself the opportunity to change direction by attending our Confidence & Self-Esteem through Soul Empowerment master class. In this super master class we help you identify your self-limiting belief patterns, how to let them go, and how to replace them with a renewed sense of purpose. We support you in helping you create a vision for your own future one based on your own standards not someone else’s. We also show you how to achieve your potential no matter what it may be, through the use of effective strategies that are simply and easy to use in your daily life.  We teach you about your own behaviour, how to understand other people’s behavioural patterns.

If you keep doing the same things, nothing is going to change BUT if you want to try to experience life on your own terms, ensuring that your own needs are met while meeting the needs of your loved ones, you can’t afford to miss this super life-changing master class.

If you’d like to experience life instead of living life, take action and be committed to changing your life.  If you have a teenage son or daughter who has just left school and they are unsure of who they are and what they want or if you feel they lack direction or can’t find a job, this master class will help them become masters of their own destiny.

canstockphoto3083666You are much more than you realise, you have within you the power of choice, the decision you make about whether or not to attend this powerful master class can either keep you as you are, or change the course of your life forever.  Seize the moment, be inspired, be motivated and more than anything else, recognise it is your decisions, not the conditions of your life, that will determine where your life leads you.


Soul Empowerment Master Class 8 & 9 March 2014

To book call us on 01777 710999 or book-online at–self-esteem-through-soul-empowerment—letting-go–learning-to-live-313-p.asp

Still not convinced?

Then ask yourself this, are you truly happy with who you are and your life?  Is life giving you everything you want? We have helped hundreds of people change their lives, here’s just a few comments. (All of these testimonials are available to view at our offices)

Reviewer: Sofia L from South Yorkshire   5 Stars
Outstanding, makes you realise your strengths and weaknesses. What you really, really want from life. How to move forward considering yourself more above the needs of others. All of this course was useful and interesting especially body language/behavioural tendencies.

Reviewer: Sascha M from Lincs, UK   5 Stars
Outstanding, gave me an abundance of tools and ideas to implement into various key points of my life that needed a catalyse to help it grow in the right direction for me personally. It was all beneficial, especially liked the in-depth business plan ideas. I went away feeling like “I CAN’ and “I WILL’. I would like to personally thank Glenn and Jill for individually guiding us all on the course and making sure all of our needs were met.

Reviewer: T.H. from    5 Stars
I got so much important information which will help me really change my life. I found most useful the letting go of the past, body language, and how to plan my life. It is a great course. Thank you very much Jill & Glenn for the very warm friendly atmosphere and you made me feel very welcome in your special home.

Reviewer: Karen C from Staffordshire   5 Stars
This class allowed me to take a challenge in travelling alone on a train for the first time, and meeting strangers who I have now bonded with. It was most useful and interesting experiencing the sister-ship, also finding out what I want in life, and the tools of how to move forward. There was excellent training from both Jill and Glenn. The food was absolutely fab too. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Reviewer: Vanessa S from Newark   4 Stars
The course was all very interesting. A very welcome home and had a laugh. Very good food. Thank you for your help.

Reviewer: Debbie B from Merseyside   4 Stars
Clear course notes, and interesting discussions and exercises. It was interesting learning about behavioural traits. We had excellent presenters who showed their experience and vast knowledge during the course, plus all the additional information after the class. Excellent food too!

Reviewer: Lyn K from Cambridgeshire   4 Stars
It just was, not quite what I thought, but more than I was aware I needed. The clearing on Saturday was most useful.

Reviewer: Fiona S from Belper   4 Stars
This course has helped me realise that my way of thinking and the time to myself for the last 5 years, ( Jill, thank you for your guidance) has been right. It was useful understanding the patterns in both my parents, which has become part of me and who I am, and have become today. Now I can breathe and the shackles have been removed from my ankles.

Reviewer: Grace D from Belper   5 Stars
I feel I really needed this and that it came along at the right time. It has re-confirmed that I am doing okay and that I need to let go of feeling negative at times. The behaviour work, who I am, what I want, and the essential keys to what I want, (thank you Glenn) was most interesting. I loved the whole weekend which was a safe environment to let go. The food was fabulous and I felt at home. Will be back!! Jill, Glenn and Ian are friends!!

Reviewer: Rosemary N from Newark   5 Stars
It was very relevant to me. I feel empowered, and I want and need to go forward with lots of changes. It was useful learning about the inner child and how to deal with other types of people. I never been on a course like this before but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and want to go forward with self confidence and with no fear.

Reviewer: Pamela H from Wrea Green   5 Stars
It covered all bases….and more besides! The handbook is very informative. Jill went at a pace presented by the group, and produced her own experiences along with our own. I found it interesting learning how the 4 types interact, wordplay and personality types. This course goes deeply into family dynamics, learning how to counteract unnecessary conditioning, so you learn who you really are.

Reviewer: Barbara R from Tuxford   4 Stars
It was an enlightening weekend and I found it all very useful and interesting. It was an emotional ride, and it brought a lot of stuff to the surface, that I had tried to bury. Now I can deal with it.

Reviewer: Gill W. from Worksop   4 Stars
The parts I found most useful was understanding and knowing how I can let go.

Reviewer: Edward H. from Ireland   4 Stars
Very well organised, everyone was treated very respectfully. The last section working out how to acheive the end goal was excellent.

Reviewer: Yvonne K from Leeds   5 Stars
Jill made me feel more positive. I had a wonderful weekend with Jill and the people I met. Jill and her family are so welcoming. I am at peace and feel more calm in Jill’s presence. Coming to terms with who I am, that I am an important person, how to deal with all my issues. I know I will succeed. Outstanding.

Reviewer: S. Clayton from Grimsby   5 Stars
Most useful were how to know and ask for what I want. To recognise my own needs and go for it. To make a plane and break it all down, so more manageable,

Reviewer: Kirsty W from Sheffield   5 Stars
Outstanding – The parts I found most useful and interesting were goal setting. Look at who I am and about how to get rid and make changes. Found the course useful and enlightening.

Reviewer: Kathryn R from Wakefield   5 Stars
After completing this class I now feel empowered to change those part of my life that are not working. I now feel that I have ‘inside information’ when it comes to human behaviour. I have learnt how to formulate a plan to make positive change and reach for my goals. Thank you x

Reviewer: Angela W from Nottinghamshire   5 Stars
It opens many doors and possibilities that I couldn’t see clearly before – wow! The parts I found useful/interesting were seeing the types of people we are, that made more sense of their behaviours better. Big thank you for your vast experience and knowledge that you shared with us all!

Reviewer: Lorraine M from Southwell   5 Stars
It made me face myself, and set me on the path of growth.

Reviewer: Judith D from Newport   5 Stars
I love every part of it.

Reviewer: Elaine B from Mansfield   5 Stars
It gave everyone, including me an opportunity to explore the possibilities for becoming more empowered in a safe and supportive environment. Discussion & time to explore stepping stones to acheiving goals. Glenn’s session on communication/behaviour. Tools to help you achieve the things you want. Fabulous weekend, thanks as always.

Reviewer: Liz G from Sheffield   5 Stars
Jill made me ask difficult questions of myself, in a genuine attempt to clear out the rubbish, so I can continue on the journey of my choosing. The behaviour section with Glenn was fun & illuminating. So was the section on goals and how to manifest. Wonderful handbook.

Energy Update – Covenants & Cognitive Processes

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Mastering spiritual energiesBeloved one,s as the energies from yesterday begin to settle, you will find these energies now begin to emanate and anchor a desire to overcome diversity, opposites and polarities. The feminine divine energy is being restored to its former and intended original glory. With the feminine energy comes birth, creativity and intuitiveness.  Learn to be creative with the energies, be aware of what you wish for and how it may manifest.

Today may well be experienced as seeing differences and polarities, but at the same time, possibilities for how things may be overcome and conjoined. We have in the past, spoken of contracts being created from a fear perspective instead of a spiritual covenant which aims to ensure all parties are protected and responsible for their part of the agreement.

If you are wise enough to sit and allow life to unfold in front of you today without judgement, you may through experience and observation, see how your brothers and sisters react to these energies. Due to the nature of these energies, there may be a desire to comfort eat. This will be born out of a need to feel more secure and safe. HOWEVER… and it is a big however, my guidance isn’t to be used as an excuse, just  because the energies are causing insecurities, you don’t have the right to over feed yourself, resist the cravings as much as you can. Children will be more demanding today and the male species will be more likely to chastise and reject any form of guidance, as they rear against the onslaught of feminine, intuitive energies that will begin to filter around them.

Those who find today filled with chaos, difficulties, delays and blockages are reminded to tune into the feminine energies and find compassion for the situation at hand. Some light workers and those sensitive to these energy changes, may feel a need to over-protect, but I do caution against this. Love is one thing, but to overprotect is to disable and undermine a soul’s growth.

Today try your best to be aware of your words, your emotions and motives, seek to understand how they affect your thoughts, actions and choices. It will be a day of stark contrasts, you may see riches and then see poverty. You may see anger and you may see extreme displays of love and affection, seek to find the balance between the two.

Try to focus upon aspects of your life where you are far too strict in one area, and far too lenient in others. Focus on whether you are wasting your energies in futile projects that deep down in your heart you know will not bear fruit. Try to discern where your energies are being directed and whether where they are directed provides sustenance and support for your mind, body, and spirit needs.

The experiences of today are gifted to you, to help you see what steps need to be taken to help humanity grow, by this I do not mean personal growth, but humanitarian growth. How can you be of service to this world. Sometimes it lies in being a soul who operates from truth, love and light. Thereby being an inspiration to others of how they can be the ballast in the midst of chaos.  The force of mother nature rules your planet, it is divine feminine energy that supports and nurtures you all. Only by nurturing the self in order to nurture others can you all reach your fullest potential. Instead of resenting the fact you have to work, fulfil your obligation, your covenant with your employer or customer with pride and ensure you excel their expectations. Extend the hand of friendship to your neighbours and community.

To be a mother requires love, sacrifice, understanding and compassion. These are the elements that are required for mankind’s survival. Sacrificing greed for the greater good of all. Understanding all needs not just that of the self. Compassion for differences and the angst it can cause.

Focus upon your self-esteem, how you express yourself in the world. LISTEN, again, I stress the word listen intently to what is said, for the words that come out of the mouth reveal the true personality, intent and nature.

Remove your ideologies. Open your eyes and truly see the potential for peace and harmony. Again, I encourage all of you to work with the golden healing light to maintain balance.  If you come up against resistance today, or set backs, rather than seek to blame or logically process the situation, step back, think how your behaviour if changed, could have brought about a different result. If you had the chance, like an actor in a play, to do a retake, what could you do to bring about resolution? Use today, to really gain insight into yourself and how what you say, may cause others to think you do not nurture them, or consider their feelings. Communication and emotional intelligence are the most important skills any living soul should learn. Without these, the ability to create covenants, alliances, peace and harmony are greatly diminished. Remove your pride and practice the art of saying comfortably and meaningfully the words ” Forgive me, I am sorry”.

For those of you sensitive to universal energies I wish to remind you again, how important water is, to de-stress and purify the body. Spices will help bring vibrational energies to enliven and invigorate. Do your best to stay away from stodgy, comfort food as these energies may result in an unhealthy amount of weight being gained. The energies are dense, to allow deep thought and consideration to what is unfolding in you and out of you.

Until tomorrow beloved ones, be of the light.

Archangel Metatron

Confidence & Self-Esteem Through Soul Empowerment

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We’ve just released our latest video…

This one-hour informative talk introduces Jill as she talks about family pathology. Pathology is the study of disease and in this education talk, Jill looks at helping your recognise programming which hinders your growth and potential in life

watch it here:-  


If you’d like to learn more, book on the class. Long-distance classes are available also.