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Spiritual Egypt StarseedBlessings one and all.

A period of energy alignment codes from today through to August will begin a period of spiritual cleansing and awakening geared toward helping humanity understand and connect to a greater awareness of life beyond their universe. The energies of unconditional love from the higher realms will pour forth upon the earth plane to promote healing, growth and enlightenment.

Currently the phase of cleansing, through wind, rain and snow is helping to clear old negative energies that were clinging to the earth. A time is coming where many light workers will find their abilities requiring greater depth, they will need to go beyond what they already know.

These new alignment codes will help you all develop a deeper connection to the universe and all other life forms. Many new healing light frequency codes will be available as the higher light bodies will no longer feel a connection to the lower energy healing forms of the past.

These energy alignment codes will call for light workers to show commitment and a willingness to take action. Unless you have a vision for yourselves during this time, these energies may create experiences to help you consider where you are currently aligned and how what you’re focusing on is creating your reality. A change in spiritual perspective is needed.

Those light workers with Starseed genetic codings will understand and feel a shift in their own energy fields. Starseeds will experience and see life in two dimensions, part of you will become the voyeur, watching humanoids collectively go through life in an unawakened state, it will become more obvious as these energies increase. At times you will meet other Starseeds who are awake on your conscious level and an instant soul connection will be felt and known. When this happens it offers you an opportunity to connect to old soul family members for further expansion and growth.

The separation of consciousness will herald and confirm the ascension process is gathering momentum. To help Starseeds understand and connect to their correct hereditary energies so latent ancient healing abilities can be brought into the earth plane, I will explain some of the challenges ahead to help you focus your energies.

Pleiadian Starseeds will experience challenges of equality. As above, so below will be very apparent over the next few months. You will be called upon to seek balance and to see all challenges as a reflection of their opposite. Learning the balance between spiritual and physical dimensions will be essential. Part of this lesson requires a complete surrender of ego, meditation is key to help you discriminate between truth and ego.  The earth is a mirror for above, seek to find this, to gain greater connection with God, light, the one conscious energy. You will find situations arising where you are to help restore balance, consider this a time for your diplomatic skills to come to the fore. Emotional intelligence, communication and behavioural understandings will be required for many humans, so be prepared to educate others on this, as a demand for greater communication skills to aid personal and professional growth will be called for to deal with the environmental and economic challenges ahead.

Andromedans & Orions will be called upon to send light from one dimension to another, to help humans become illuminated. Education, expanding ones understanding of light and the power of light will greatly help as your experiences may well cause you to feel concerned about humanity and the effect on all of creation. Sending light into environmental areas of concern, protection of wildlife and the oceans will be at the forefront of your challenges. This period will require from you a willingness to choose a course of action that will have long term benefits for mankind. You must ensure your actions and consciousness are aligned with the light.

Sirians will feel a strong connection to certain tribes on the earth plane, a yearning to connect back to where the genetic pool was first created may be a strong call upon your soul. Egypt will herald an important spiritual transcendence at this time. The Sphinx which acts as a direct communication portal between the universes will begin to release new sound and light vibrational energies which will affect all creation. This will resonate thereby creating an energy continuum between the Great Pyramid of Egypt, which in turn will open new higher energy portals between Sirius and planet earth.  This has been put into place to create an energy brace to bring healing and peace back to this area. All  Sirians are asked to sit in meditation and send light to this area in particular the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, in doing so, it will be possible for you to reconnect with your Sirian guides and Starseed family members so you finally feel a sense of belonging once more.

Arcturians will be most affected by these new energy changes. For those Starseeds who are aligned with Arcturus it is a time of rebirth. For some it will herald a release from Earth time, this does not necessarily mean by way of physical death, but the connection to the Earth plane as its vibrational energies change will affect many souls. The earth is now in full labour, the sensitivity to geomagnetic energies will be felt deeply, so it will be important to seek balance in all thoughts and actions. Many of the restrictions felt by the Arcturians will now be released. This will bring a sense of renewal, upliftment and the ability to move forward on a physical level. This period offers you an opportunity to release yourself from limitations, this may well mean releasing yourself from other souls who are not ready for evolution on a global level to take place. Relationships/Careers all will be tested during this period and it is important that you see yourselves as being freed, rather than punished.

Lyrans will now begin to connect to other Starseeds to fulfil the contracts of old. Many Lyrans contracted at a particular time to contact those on planet earth to open, align and charge the energy portals that were put into the earth plane thousands of years ago. Symbols/signs will flow to you. These symbols and signs will enable you to open, align and charge the gateways so new healing energies can be brought into the physical dimension. Draw the symbols, meditate upon them, they offer you the opportunity to transcend beyond the fifth dimension.  Crop circles will be prevalent this year and the energy they bring offers great healing and balance for humans. Utilise these energies as best you can, those who are committed and disciplined in meditation will find further guidance and information being channelled to them. Crystal therapies and the use of crystals will assist Lyrans in understanding the vibrations of planet Earths labour pains and how to help with the birthing process.

For some of you the above will not resonate at all, this is alright because for those who do not carry star seed genetic coding, as humans you will find Spring brings refreshing rewards for you all. Much of the oppression  you have felt will be replaced with a renewed sense of spirit. Those who teach, who enlighten will find themselves called upon to help the increase call for education, enlightenment and growth. Remember if you have a vision you can expect much abundance and fulfilment, expect and believe the best is available.

Blessed be

Archangel Metatron


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