Channelling Your Guardian Angel

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bigstock-Angelic-being-obscured-45663433Looking for an online angel class?

Join our ON-LINE ARCHANGEL THERAPY MASTER CLASS  and we’ll  show you how to…

Connect With And Channel

Your Guardian Angels!

So that you can receive constant access to angelic healing, support and guidance whenever you need it.

When you know how to channel your guardian angel, you will be inspired, uplifted and focused. If you’ve tried to connect to your angels and struggled to get clear specific guidance, it may be because you don’t yet understand your own spiritual gifts.

In this on-line archangel therapy master class, we take time to help you recognise your own spiritual skills, along with all the ways in which our guardian angels communicate to us. Once you understand the requirements for angelic communication, you will discover how easy it is to have a two-way conversation with your own guardian angels whenever and where ever you want.

Not everyone has the ability to attend a weekend class, so to help spread the angelic realms teachings further I have made our Archangel Therapy Classes available on-line. This means you get the opportunity to join in with exercises, meditations and interact with your tutor in the comfort of your own home.

Once you’ve attended this on-line master class you’ll find your ability to talk with angels and receive clear angelic guidance will greatly enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The great thing about this online master class is it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can still benefit from this from event.  If you’re drawn to this master class, then it may be you are being guided by your angels so that you can help to share your spiritual gifts with others.

What will you learn on this Archangel Therapy Master Class?

Module 1

  1. The difference between Ascended Masters/Archangels/Guardian Angels
  2. What angels really are, and what they can and can’t do for us
  3. Understanding your own spiritual energies and how to use them for angelic communication
  4. A Guardian Angel Attunement & Healing session

Module 2

  1. Preparing to channel your guardian angel and evidence of angelic communication
  2. Angelic Signs
  3. Meeting your guardian angel
  4. How to have a two-way conversation with your Guardian Angel
  5. Review


Comments from previous delegates about this archangel therapy master class:

Reviewer: June from Sheffield   4 Stars
It was a very moving and inspirational experience. Connecting with guardian angel excellent, thank you

Reviewer: Tetyana from Leicester   5 Stars
I learnt a lot about angels and how to communicate with them which is very important for me. The meditations and technique of how to communicate with your guardian angel was most useful, thank you so much for a brilliant course Jill.

Reviewer: Denise from Sheffield   4 Stars
Jill has a friendly and fun way of delivering the class and information. Learning about different energy levels and the different angels working at these levels was excellent. I can’t wait to learn more.

Reviewer: Lynne from Doncaster, UK   4 Stars
Jill’s people skills and her ability to make people really comfortable, learning about our spiritual skills, and the way our guardian angel communicates with us, was excellent. I would love to do the second part and learn more with Jill I feel completely comfortable with her and trust her!

Reviewer: Louise from Nottingham, UK   4 Stars
It covered a lot of material and information. Jill is a very knowledgeable and gifted teacher Guided mediations, tips on connecting with guardian angels excellent.

Reviewer: VMK from Nottingham   4 Stars
Loved all of it. Jill makes everything very understandable even for beginners. She is also very funny, so plenty of laughter.

Reviewer: Christine L from Nottingham   5 Stars
Absolutely brilliant. I have learnt so much and it was done with humour which I liked. I didn”t think I was good at meditations, but I found these enlightening.

Reviewer: Lynne W from Peterborough   5 Stars
Outstanding. Loved learning about my spiritual gifts, angel cards, energy fields and aura’s. Also, the manual was very clear and well written.

Reviewer: C Loader from Bishop’s Stortford   4 Stars
This was a very enjoyable day, and I am sorry to be missing Masterclass 2. I most enjoyed the communication with angels and understanding vibrational energy levels. Jill is very knowledgeable and had brilliant delivery, also we were given a very comprehensive manual. Thank you.

Reviewer: Yvonne K from Leeds   5 Stars
This angel course is so interesting, and I feel I have gained knowledge. Jill is an exceptional spiritual soul, I feel so calm and relaxed in her presence. I know I will make progress with my life purpose and happiness. Finding out my Ascended Master and Archangel to help me with my life purpose was very interesting and useful.

Reviewer: Judit D from Newport   5 Stars
Outstanding. I really enjoyed my day, thank you.

Reviewer: I Webster from Worksop   4 Stars

Reviewer: Sue H. from Lancashire, UK   5 Stars
Outstanding. I thought I knew a lot but this class proves there is always more to learn! Enjoyed learning about vibrational numbers with the bobbers.

Reviewer: Emma M. from Oldham, UK   4 Stars
Excellent! Learning about vibrational levels was the most interesting and useful thing for me.

Reviewer: Martin A. from Derby, UK   5 Stars
This class was outstanding. We were made to feel welcome, comfortable and valued individually. Really enjoyed learning about vibrational energies.

Reviewer: Susan from Glasgow   4 Stars
The parts i found most interesting were the meditations and learning about my spiritual gifts and vibrational reading. Excellent.

Reviewer: Jackie B. from Nottingham   4 Stars
This was a clear and easy class to follow with guidance and an introduction to working with angels. I enjoyed the Meeting Your Guardian Angel meditation and learning about my spiritual gifts and vibrational energy levels. In all, it was very helpful, informative and fun. Lots of food for thought.

Reviewer: Elaine B. from Mansfield   5 Stars
Outstanding! Thank you, I loved all of it and really enjoyed the day.

Reviewer: Sheila C from Kings Lynn   4 Stars
I had laughter and joy which was very beneficial. I learnt a great deal although I was familiar with some of the information. Having a two way conversation with my guardian angel was particularly interesting.

Reviewer: Maureen from Manchester, UK   5 Stars
Learning about my spiritual gifts was most interesting and being able to ask my guardian angel yes or no questions.


Module 1 – Tuesday – 08 October 2013 – 2 hours – 10am or 8pm London GMT Time
Module 2 – Tuesday – 15 October 2013 – 2 hours – 10am or 8pm London GMT Time

In the USA? Normally you’re between 5 to 8 hours behind the UK

In Aus? Normally you’re between 9 to 10 hours in front of the UK

In Japan? Normally you’re 8 hours in front of the UK

To check out the correct time difference you can view your country with the UK here:-



How Do These On-line master classes work?

Once you have booked your place, we send you an email so that you can watch us LIVE over the internet via your iPad/ipod/PC/Mac/Smartphone/Tablet. You don’t need to download any fancy programmes, just log on using your web browser, put in your email address and password which we send to you and hey presto, you are on the class. During the class you can interact using the chat facility. You can ask questions by typing them into our ask us box and when I read your questions, I will respond in LIVE time. You can also communicate with others too, who are joining in.

We currently have a wide audience, so you could make friends with people all over the world. The sessions are fun and interactive.  You choose the times which are most suitable for you.
What’s Your Investment?
As well as our master class which is full of information to help you channel your guardian angel, work with the archangels and receive guidance, support and healing, you will also have acces to the following:-

One week prior to the master class you will be emailed the full 50-page manual for this master class so you can continue to work on your develeopment before and after you have attended this master class.

BONUS 2 – 2 ANGEL MEDITATION MP3’s. (Value: £11.98)
You will also receive access to the guardian angel attunement and connecting with your guardian angel guided meditations which were specifically trance-channelled through Jill Harrison from Archangel Metatron. These meditation mp3’s are yours to keep and enjoy, so you can continue to practice and use them for further angelic healing and guidance. These will be emailed to you along with your manual.

BONUS 3 – Your Vibrational Energy Levels will be channelled by Jill Harrison (Value £24.99)
As a free gift from your angels, Jill will channel your own vibrational energy level so that you can understand which Archangel and Ascended Master is currently working with you and why. This will help you to understand your current spiritual lessons and what challenges you face at this time.

The price for this ONLINE ARCHANGEL THERAPY webinar broadcast master class, including the digital manual, meditations and personal channelling, including your opportunity to ask Jill Harrison questions, get feedback and receive personal tuition during this event, is £97.00 (If you were to attend the master class in the UK, you would pay £138.00)

If you don’t have a printer, you can purchase a hard copy manual and guided meditation CD’s for a nominal fee.

It is our aim to spread the lessons from the angelic realm to as many people as we can, so that they can live life from a fulfilled, joyous and abundant perspective.  Attending this master class will enable you to further your spiritual growth and develop your abilities in the art of angelic communication. We hope you’ll join us.

To book your place now – Simply Go To: –



Connect and talk with angels

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How often do you find yourself saying “I wish I knew how to connect and talk with the angelic realm?”

Well now in just one day you can learn all about how to connect with the angelic realm and talk with them and more importantly have them communicate back to you.

This may seem strange but it is true, we have taught hundreds of people how to talk to the their angels and we can teach you too.

Why not consider giving yourself the gift of spiritual knowledge that will help you for a lifetime.

In our Archangel Therapy Master Classes we focus on showing you all the different ways in which your angels communicate with you. You will come away knowing your psychic strengths and weaknesses so you know which type of spiritual development will help you fast-track your development. Working with the angelic realm you will also discover what your challenges are at this present time and the life lessons that are being brought to you to help you advance your soul evolvement. You’ll come away with a personal meditation, guidance and self-help notes to assist you with your spiritual quest.

If you decide to attend level two the following day, you will discover and learn how to recognise Archangel Michael’s energies and the different areas you can call upon Archangel Michael for. Develop a relationship with Archangel Michael so you can feel Archangel Michael with you. We will also focus upon Archangel Michael healing tools so you can work on your personal development as well as helping protect and heal others with Archangel Michael.

In the afternoon you will connect and work with Archangel Gabriel to rediscover your life’s purpose. You will look at how Archangel Gabriel can help you advance your psychic ability and the tools you can utilise to help you see, feel or hear spiritual guidance.

Benjamin Franklin once said “You may delay, but time will not”  Don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity, the sooner you attend, the sooner you can receive angelic guidance you can understand and act upon.


Someday is not a day of the week

For further details click here