Archangel Haniel – Embracing Peace & Tranquillity

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Beloved ones, stop a moment and join me in taking a deep breath in. So many of you take time to put fuel in your chosen modes of transport, and yet many of you fail to top up your own energy sources by breathing correctly.

Please for a moment, close your eyes and take a deep breath in and then slowly release the breath. Have you forgotten how good that feels?  When chaos reigns and thoughts are foggy, embracing a moment of deep breathing will help to transform your emotions and views, on what is happening around you.

Often when things are stressful, you feel that you have to push forward, to keep striving but beloved ones, this only adds to the stressful energy. If you were to sit for a moment, and focus on your in-breath, breathe in the universal life-force energy love, and then when you release the breath, you breathe out calm, peaceful energy, you will find you hold the ability to transcend the chaos and transform the situation.

Try it. Make now a brief moment ,where you embrace peace and tranquillity into your life. Breathe in and say inside your head “love”, and breathe out, say inside your head “peace”. Now don’t you feel a little bit better?  Spread peace and calmness today where ever you go, by remembering to simply breathe beloved ones.  As soon as chaos hits, breathe in the love and breathe out the peace.


Archangel Haniel

De-Stress your day with Mary Magdalene.

You can even do this meditation during your lunch break, go sit in your car and lose yourself upon the beach of angels. Isn’t it about time, you made some time for you?

29 Mary Magdalene - Beach of Angels Healing Meditation MP3

29 Mary Magdalene – Beach of Angels Healing Meditation MP3


29 Mary Magdalene - Beach of Angels Healing Meditation

29 Mary Magdalene – Beach of Angels Healing Meditation

Meet your spirit guides. Dissolve negativity. Achieve deep relaxation. Learn how to forgive.

Reviewer: Mary from Zimbabwe   5 Stars

I tell you, this meditation has helped me so much. Every time I feel stressed, I put on this meditation and it takes it all away. I feel rejuvenated and so much at peace. It is beautiful, for me my daily meditation is a way of honouring myself and my health. Since I have meditated every day, my health has improved and I am so much more fulfilled. Jill and Glenn’s meditation are an integral part of my daily life. Thank you both xxxx

Reviewer: Sue Harrison from Blackburn   5 Stars
Mary’s voice is so soothing on this CD and you can feel the love that comes through. I used this when I was having problems with my partner so that we could split amicably as he was quite angry and didn’t want to move on. It took only a day for him to accept the change to be apart and we are now really good friends. The beach is such a relaxing place to be and I have used this CD many times when I am stressed and frazzled.

Reviewer: Frida from Sweden   4 Stars
This was my first angel guided meditation and I wanted something that would open my heart and help me release fear. Jill recommended this one to me. I really like the slow tempo, it gives me plenty of time to actually meditate and not just visualize.  The surrounding noise from the live recording doesn’t bother me, it’s very minor. In this meditation you are asked to resolve issues with someone you have trouble communicating with. This caught me a bit by surprise and the first time I put myself in that spot, which worked well, and later on I have worked on other people. You also get to meet with your guardian angel and the part that I like the most is the passage where your spiritual guides merge with your heart energy, and they also enter through the crown of your head. I think this is very beneficial for opening the heart. I cried a lot the first time I did this one, then towards the end, but only once and then no more crying. A couple of remarkable things have happened to me, for instance I’ve managed to stop binge eating chocolate, a compulsive habit that has plagued me for almost 18 months. I’m not saying it’s due to this meditation, as everything is a process, but it did happen right after I did this meditation (and I’ve tried to stop before, believe me), so I think this meditation came at just the right moment, when everything was favourable for me to stop my destructive habit, and it sort of gave me the final push. I’ve also felt a bit “light headed” or dazed and have had a bit of a light headache for a couple of days (and I usually don’t get headaches, maybe once a year, tops), so I definitely think something is happening to me. I don’t think I would have benefited as much earlier on in my spiritual development, though, as I’ve never been very interested in angels, but a lot is happening to me right now and stumbling upon these angel guided meditations is accelerating what was already in motion