12 Levels of Consciousness of Mankind – Archangel Metatron

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Article By Glenn Harrison

As Jill was dozing in bed, she was prompted by Metatron to write down the following 12 levels of consciousness. He was explaining that we have become so detached from the Creator that we are spending many thousands of reincarnated lives, learning lessons, over and over, which should be done at a much quicker rate, if it wasn’t for our free-will and ego. The vast majority of people on our planet are at level 1 and 2, in all nations.

Level 1: Just an awareness of life. Very little is accomplished. A person just learns to exist. Unaware of their behavioural traits.

Level 2: Experiences a passive or aggressive existence (Is aware of this behaviour). A person learns to understand the basic functions of life; and to respect life.

Level 3: The beginning of self-awareness.  A thirst for knowledge grows. Explores spiritual concepts of mind, body and spirit. Lessons are learned of ‘duality in all things’ and the way this influences.

Level 4: Enlightenment begins, and a person learns about unconditional love. Lessons in life begin in earnest.

Level 5: Conscious energy moves into a higher frequency. Lessons are learnt about energy, and power of the energy, and how to use it to make vibrational change.

Level 6: A person learns individualisation, and intuition takes control. They are able to see past, present and future for the self. They establish a need to assist large soul-masses towards evolution. They choose to sway populations and enter into teaching roles to create change.

Level 7: Moves into manifestation. Very few make this level. They choose to use energy to co-create unconditional love.

Levels 8-12: only  small percentage make these levels.

Level 8: Understands the masculine energies.

Level 9: Understands the feminine energies.

Level 10: Begins self-realisation on a dimensional scale.

Level 11: Begins connecting to the Sun’s governance. Can now affect creation on a universal scale. Uses fusion to manifest. (Our Sun is a ‘mini-me’, one of trillions of Suns (stars) which are extensions of the Creator; which God, light, the one conscious energy, uses to connect within the universes.)

Level 12: The flow of resources is unlimited. Understands the limitless state of unconditional love.