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bigstock-Woman-and-man-silhouette-with--25140983Disease and the study of disease in ancient times focused greatly on the source of the disease. Today more people put their faith in scientists who use assimilated knowledge to find a cure by way of an elimination process, but this is not an effective way to stem or stop disease.

Due to the heavy chemicals used in your farming methods and the toxic waste being pumped into the seas, a time will arise when no amount of medicine that has been man made will eliminate disease. You cannot cure one disease by giving it another disease; therefore you cannot use chemicals to kill off your immune system to cure a disease.

Over the next coming months I will bring to light many of the old healing techniques and cosmic rules that will help healers to understand how to use energy and their own soul and physical body as a conduit, a channel for healing.


There are many humans who desire to help others through healing and yet, they cannot heal others because they do not understand the physical body and all of its organisms, they do not understand the effect the etheric, astral body and the mental body play in disease and illness, nor do they understand that it is not just a case of filling a body with light.


Just as the universes have laws, so too does the art of healing. A true healer finds the origin, and treats the origin, never the ripple effects, the symptoms of what is happening within the physical body.  I would also stress that you have to have balance in the approach to healing, if there is disease in the physical, there is also disease emotionally. So, if disease is to be treated, there must also be an aspect of psychological healing which takes place.


Only the patient can do his or her own psychological healing. It is the role of the healer to help the soul connect with those trapped emotions, but it is down to the patient to surrender and release those issues. A true healer helps and guides the patient by supplying energy to the patient, then amplifying that energy, so they have the ability to unlock and release what needs to be released. Once this is done, the healer can then begin to repair the damage done by these blocked energy fields. Disease is an alert for the soul to review what emotions have not been released, and how these trapped emotions have led to blocked energy fields, which in turn have created the right environment for disease.

As you venture towards 01 January 2014 this will be the beginning of a new phase of cosmic healers being awakened. These are committed healers who on a soul level agreed to pave the way for future generations of healers to find accepted recognition in the field of medicine and the treatment of disease.

These cosmic healers will feel a very strong desire to understand how to be a conduit and a channel, for the cosmic energies. There are different energy sources, which these healers will learn to master, these new healers will be able to know and demonstrate which energies are need to be applied and the ability to diagnose and understand the vibration and flow of energy within a patient will be essential. These new skills will become an integral part of healing in the world, and as the results will speak for themselves, they will finally begin to be integrated into hospitals that can see the benefits of quicker recovery rates by combining clinical medicine with esoteric healers.

2014 is a year for cosmic healing; a shift in the understanding of healing will become very apparent, as old methods of light healing become not as effective as they used to be. The healing methods used over the last fifty years were applicable to the vibrations of Mother Earth and the level of consciousness humans had, now they must experience a transitional shift in energies.

There are many humans who call themselves healers, but whilst their intentions are good, they lack the depth and understanding of cosmic laws and the rules of physics, which need to be applied when attempting to heal themselves or others. Those with a true heart, a true desire to be a master of healing, must make it their life’s mission to continually seek out how they can expand and grow their depth of healing. Just as one medicine does not cure all disease, neither will one holistic approach cure everything, this is why we feel it is essential to bring to the earth plane the understanding of molecular vibrational healing.

Why now?  It has taken humankind sometime to become open to holistic healing, particularly in the western world. As the spiritual awakening is now accelerating and growing, we feel it is time to once more to begin helping healers advance their skills further.

As 2014 begins, those who desire and feel a calling to become a master healer will find synchronicity at play, as we begin to guide these healers in developing their skills.  I will continue my teachings over the next coming months, so until then, I hope I have stirred within some of you the desire to progress further and learn more.

Blessed be

Archangel Raphael


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