Who Is Archangel Uriel?

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Archangel Uriel – Archangel Uriel’s name is often said to mean “Fire of God”, in truth, his name he tells me represents “Light of God”, he works to help shed light on our life, so we can attain balance and harmony, it is through this light that we access and learn about our own inner light.


Archangel Uriel works with nature by balancing the elemental forces of the creator. Working with Archangel Uriel can help us to attain the ability to use our own inner forces as a source of continual power to help our lives attain balance.


When we have a balanced perspective we can choose how to react to the drama and chaos around us. To use our own inner light of God, Uriel asks us to work from a place of truth. Only when we are operating from this place of truth, can we truly soar above the negativities of the earth plane and create our own miracles.  With Archangel Uriel, if you are in need of a miracle, or you need to create a miracle, entering into stillness, to hear our own truth, to become aware, to acknowledge where we currently are, without blame, enables us to liberate ourselves and use our divine heritage of creative power to transform our troubles into joy.


Part of the healing process requires our physical bodies to be in homeostasis, in balance. Although we often think of Archangel Raphael as the angel to work with for healing, let us not forget that Archangel Uriel is also a powerful healer, particularly for those who seek a more organic, holistic approach to healing.


Working with healing plants, colour, aromatherapy and crystals, Archangel Uriel and his team of ministering angels can help you to maximise your own holistic approach to dis-ease not just in humans but also in animals too.

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