The Power of Choice – Archangel Metatron

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In any given moment you are gifted with the power of choice. You have a unique opportunity to exercise your will, so how, and what will you choose today beloved ones? To avoid choice is to disempower yourself from what today, and the future holds for you. If you consciously choose and consider what the reaction, to your action is, this will enable you to see life clearly.

Throughout your lives challenging situations will present themselves to you.  These challenges help you to learn, grow and understand more about yourself. You may find a new situation whereby you have to mix with others you do, or don’t like. You may be challenged to stand up for yourself and speak out. Only through your choices can your soul grow. Wisdom is acquired in many ways.

If you feel that for most of your life you have been told who, how and what to be, then recognise you have the most up-to-date tools within you, to create lasting change by the power of choice.  Whatever is happening in your life right now, is because you have allowed it to be there. Look at your life right now, where have you chosen wisely and where have you unconsciously chosen, and not chosen as wisely?

Every decision you make is a choice. Whilst ever you state you can’t, remember choosing not to chose, is also a choice.  There can be no room in a master’s life for can’ts, should’s or could haves. You have to learn to use your inner power.  I call upon all of you to focus on being aware of how powerful you are. Use this moment to realise where your choices have currently led you to, and if necessary, make a point of recovering your own power.

No other soul has the right to tell another soul what to do, be, say, or how to live. It is your own choice. Focus upon your heart chakra, breathe in deeply and ask yourself if you ‘feel’ the choice you are about to make, is the right one for you. Anything, but a straight ‘Yes’, is a ‘No’.

Using the power of choice will help you feel in more control of your life. When you are in control of your life, you will feel complete. So beloved ones, what are you going to do with the gift of choice today?  I hope you will chose to ponder upon my guidance.

Blessed be

Archangel Metatron

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