The Power of Tarot

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The tarot since its creation has been something mysterious, frightening and fascinating. Around the world many people use this fabulous tool as a way of seeing future events and gaining insight into what is happening at this moment in time.

How to read tarot cards.

One of the misconceptions of the tarot, is that when something in the future is shown, it is often predicted as something that will definitely occur in the life of the person you are reading for. The angelic realm’s take on this is, this is WRONG. The tarot is merely a guideline of what is currently about to occur. Used as a tool to help you make better informed decisions and have the ability to change your thoughts, actions and situations knowing how to read tarot cards can change your future. 🙂

Let us say, Mr B comes for a reading and six months down the line, the tarot reveals loss of fortune, some readers will tell Mr B, he will lose his money. Some won’t tell him the truth and just say everything is going to be OK. If we tell Mr B, he is going to lose his money, he will focus on this and his thoughts will create his reality. However, if we look at the cards and advise Mr B that he ‘runs the risk’ of losing his money, we give him the opportunity to rectify his current situation thereby ‘minimising’ or ‘removing’ this situation altogether.  Mr B has the option then to take control of his life, seek professional financial assistance and overcome what ‘could’ potentially be a very unhappy time in his future.

Learning to read the tarot can be a very exciting and useful skill to have, particularly when your emotions are over-riding common-sense. They can also make your own advice more credible, because people can see the pictures of their life unfolding before their very eyes.

Many people learn to read the tarot by memorising what the card means from a book that either came with their cards, or further book purchases. Unfortunately, this can make your readings very one-dimensional. Why? If you read for three people who are friends, and every one of them draws the same cards, but just in a different layout, they are still going to end up with a very similar reading, which doesn’t do your credibility any good, nor does it instil confidence in them to believe what you’ve just said, or return to you.

Learning to read the cards intuitively is a must, because there are so many different ways in which the tarot can help you and spirit to convey the right message and guidance. Tarot cards can help open up your medium-ship abilities. Tarot cards can help to build your own confidence in your clairsentience, clairvoyance or clairaudient skills. They can offer healing guidance, not just physical or spiritual matters if one knows what the spiritual symbols are and how they offer a prescription to treat the issue or symptoms.

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