Transformation Confirmation – Archangel Uriel

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spiritual transformation - archangel urielBlessings one and all. As the cosmic rays feed your planet, you are entering a time of great growth. During this time you may question if you are on the right path. You may consider making changes, but be unsure if it is the right time. When this happens, if you call upon me for assistance, I will help you recognise if you are in the right period, to make the changes, or choices you are considering. I will happily send you confirmation by way of a butterfly or ladybird. Butterflies and ladybirds are not only my symbol of spiritual transformation, it is my way of trying to communicate to you, that you are indeed, on the right pathway for you, that you are in a growing phase.

Like a butterfly flaps its wings, it is a reminder to listen to your own heartbeat. What is your heart telling you to do. Can you feel the flutter of inner knowing? Butterflies are at one with nature, they offer you a time of renewal and healing. A butterfly is reminding you it is time to heal your life and move into freedom and joy. By listening to your heart, you will find your true calling.

Blessed be

Archangel Uriel

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