Understanding Angelic Frequencies

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Here’s an update on my understanding of the new angelic frequencies –

Yesterday early evening I was asked out of the blue, to do a healing session on a Japanese lady, synchronicity and divine intervention I wondered!

This lady came to me and asked for healing. Normally I spend quite a lot of time asking about the condition that wishes to be treated, but was guided to just be open to the process I had been taught earlier in the day.

The only question I was asked to ask this lady was, if the healing was for physical or emotional conditions. She replied emotional. I was guided then to just surrender to the process and follow Archangel Raphael’s instructions.

At the beginning it was very important to create a reciprocal breath energy pattern which connected to the heart first. I was prompted to ensure the client was breathing in a manner which opened up their channels, once a pattern had been established; the breath was used to establish an energy link to the earth’s mantle. As the energy link began to flow from myself, to the client, then into the earth, the energy created a specific resonance that could physically be felt by the client.

Archangel Raphael then introduced a breathing pattern for this client which established a firm link to the higher dimensional angels. I was told that only key phrases or references would be given and I was not to consciously connect to them, but give them to the client as they were unlock codes which would enable the blocked energies to be released.

For approximately five minutes the energy links between the heart chakra, the earth and then the angelic vibrations were built. I was guided to place my hands within the client’s soul star chakra with the use of my clear quartz crystal. The energies were magnified down through the client. At this stage the number 14 appeared in my third eye. I simply said to the client “Age 14”.  The client’s body appeared to drop, as though any tension had just suddenly gone.

I was further then guided to place my hands on the lower back. At this stage, the heat coming through the hand chakra’s was extremely hot. The client was asked not to resist this energy, but pull the energy in and release it out using the outward breath through the mouth.

Once the heat had dissipated, the final guidance was to place my hands either side of her heart chakra. Various colours streamed down into and through me. A sense of angelic presences filled the room. I could see these divine presences encircling us, it was a very spiritual and poignant moment.

After the healing session, Archangel Raphael took us through the steps of closing down the channels and energy vibrational fields we had created.  Whilst I had experienced much, the client was looking rather shocked.

I asked her to describe her experiences and if she could relate to any of the experiences. She told me she was amazed at what she had just experienced. It seemed that at the age of 14 this woman had experienced something which had caused her to feel great shame about herself. She had never spoken of.. But she said that during the healing session, she was shown how this energy had kept her trapped, unable to express her heart, and unable to feel strength. She said she felt the angels take this from her, she said she felt free.

She said she was also couldn’t believe that this healing had also sorted another problem she had been having, even though she had not mentioned it. For a while she had been experiencing a lot of pain on one side of her hip and leg. She said she physically felt the angels healing this area of her body. The pain is gone, and her leg feels very normal now.  Through this session this lady became aware of situations and people who did not have her best interests at heart and she now realises how loved and accepted she is by the angelic realm. This was the greatest confirmation she had.

I had watched this lady transform in just a short time. I had not discussed what I had experienced, nor had I told her of what may or may not happen. We just placed our faith in Archangel Raphael and trusted the instructions we were given. It was wonderful valid confirmation that this process is indeed powerful and works on many levels.

I am told by Archangel Raphael that further instruction in this will be given to me, as I adjust to these new frequencies. The energies are truly something to be experienced. I have so much happening at this moment in time, my brain is buzzing with alertness, new information, awareness and definitely a change in how I am see myself,  life and people is life-changing. 

I hope that in time I can share as much of these teachings as possible, with those who are ready to change their lives and understanding of the soul for the better.  In hindsight, I used to resist change, fearful of taking the wrong direction, or worse making myself look stupid or wrong.  These new energies remove that fear, it is as though, with each step you take, an invisible force field is supporting and cradling your foot.

I am told the infinity symbol is extremely important for us this year. If you’ve been seeing the infinity symbol either through meditation or in books, pictures, etc, it could be the universe is calling you to awaken the spiritual capabilities you possess.

Do share your experiences if this resonates with you.




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