Understanding Magnetic Flux Energies With The Help Of The Angels

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canstockphoto20268671sml2Are you aware of how the universal magnetic flux affects the earth and our behaviour?


The universe is a thick soup of charged particles, which absorb and emit energies. These energies, like radio waves, are picked up by our pineal gland**which is located in the brain.  These particles are charged by gas emissions from the sun, and other energy rays entering our universe from distant universes creating radiation, and other magnetic fields. At times the energies coming into the earth plane are very strong and at other times they are weak. Our pineal gland is sensitive to these magnetic fields.


The universal magnetic energies are picked up by our pineal gland and this in turn affects our emotional and physical bodies. When the universal magnetic energies are weakened, we can be affected by confusion, lack of energy or we may even experience feelings of depression.


When the universal magnetic energies are strong, they can affect our emotional and physical bodies by creating anxiety, stress, headaches, anger and aggression.  Most of the time the universal energies are at the right vibration to keep us in a stable condition but when there are space storms, solar flares and other gamma ray bursts, it can create problems. For those of us who are highly sensitive, how can we protect ourselves or prepare ourselves better from the onslaught of universal energies that we don’t have any control over?


If you’ve ever seen the movie with Mel Gibson called ‘Signs’, you may remember his children and brother making foil cones to protect their brains from being read by aliens in outer space. Whilst we can’t walk about with foil cones on our heads, and in all honesty whilst it would certainly raise a laugh from others, I’m not sure if that would really do much good. We can enlist the help of the angels on how to work with the energies rather than against them.


One way of being able to gain valuable insight in to how you can achieve the best out of today’s or tomorrow’s energies is to utilise your angel cards.  Angel cards are more than just a simple message to try and make you feel better. Angel cards contain many hidden messages which when found can really help you make the most of the energies surrounding you.


Thoughts are energies, when you send out a thought to your angels, they always respond back but if you’re not great at picking up or sensing the answers coming back to you, the next best way is through the use of angel cards.


If you’re using angel cards, the angels can not only give you messages, they can recommend which colours you may be better wearing to help you combat any negative affects of the current magnetic flux. Your angel cards can also give you an indication of how you will perceive the magnetic flux energies coming in and how this may affect your relating, career or financial prospects over the next few days, weeks or months.


Sometimes we can benefit from using or carrying crystals to help us transmute, counteract or eradicate some of the magnetic flux energies, your angel cards can help you recognise what types of crystals to use and where to carry them. For example, if the magnetic flux is weak you may need to ground your energies more but also lighten the energies affecting your emotional body. In this instance, you may discover your angel cards guiding you to use Amethyst and Selenite, but you may need to carry the Selenite in a trouser or jacket pocket to resonate with your root chakra and the Amethyst you may need to wear near to your pineal gland as in earrings or a necklace, or perhaps you can took a small piece of Amethyst in a hat.


Angel cards can open you up to a whole new way of communicating with your angels, so they can effectively help you.


Magnetic flux will affect your: –


  • Sleeping patterns
  • Eating habits
  • Sensitivity to Light
  • Our emotional state
  • Our behavioural state


If you’d like to learn more about how to combat geomagnetic energies and protect yourself from harmful distorting magnetic energies, come along and join me to discover how to tap into the hidden angelic messages that are found in angel cards.


Angel cards when understood and used properly can be a fabulous tool which help you tap into a wealth of angelic sacred knowledge. They can bring you powerful healing energies; teach you how to master the universal energies. They can help you open up to further guidance from your angels, they can protect you from negative energies and experiences.  They can expand your awareness so that you develop a greater connection to the angelic realm for spiritual expansion.


Our ‘How To Read Angel Cards’ master class can help you: –


  • Expand your psychic awareness.
  • Understand energies or circumstances you find yourself in.
  • Show you how to remove blocks in your emotional/physical and mental bodies.
  • Find answers to every day problems.
  • Help you understand your divine purpose.
  • Deal with negative energies.
  • Look at what colours or crystals you can use to enhance your life.
  • Determine the best goal or pathway for you.
  • Achieve well-being
  • Achieve deep emotional healing
  • Access vibrational healing so you can achieve balance and holistic wellness.
  • Shift your daily reality so you can find inner peace, contentment


Improve your relationships, career, health, finances. If you really want to spiritual develop and begin making the right decisions on a regular basis, you need to seriously consider attending this awesome master class.


** The pineal gland produces melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that affects our sleep patterns. The pineal gland is also our third eye and according to the angelic realm it is a radio receiver and transmitter. 

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