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manifesting abundanceIn distant universes there are beings that understand the power of consciousness. They have learnt to master their inner force, to influence their personal and spiritual growth. Within the earth plane, humanity has yet to truly understand the power of consciousness and its ability to influence the journey called life.

In some higher-dimensional planes, thoughts/consciousness can be physically seen. Try to think of your thoughts like an atom. The thought itself is the nucleus, your emotions are the electrons that surround the nucleus and just as electrons can contain positive protons and neutral neutrons, together the nucleus and the electrons attract other groups of atoms.

This is why you draw to you that which you dwell upon. A dream or goal with positive protons attracts other similar atoms, which help bring about experiences and people, that hold that same vibration. Your emotions strongly influence your nucleus’s magnetic properties.  Now far be it for me to begin teaching you all quantum mechanicsJ, but success is attained through your own magnetic properties and your magnetic properties begin with your thoughts.

If you can understand and grasp that although you cannot see your own thoughts in the physical plane,  they do exist and can be seen from a distant dimension, it may help you to hone your manifesting abilities.

When I speak of manifesting abilities, it is important not to instantly direct your thoughts to riches or egotistical platforms of power. Learning to manifest so that your body is healthy, that your life is joyous, learning to manifest inner peace, can be far more rewarding than fame, fortune or things. Manifesting also requires a large amount of self-worth, something sadly the human race often lacks.

I believe self worth is not based on what you have on the outside but what you have on the inside, therefore self-worth cannot exist in the material, it can only exist on the spiritual and it is from this point that your consciousness comes into being.

Learning to focus on your conscious thoughts will help you to align you to those experiences that create balance, flow and abundance. Everything is based on balance, and your thoughts, your atoms either positively or negatively influence the energy patterns it attracts.

When you think of something, you create energy matrices, which resonate, beyond your environment. They are intrinsically linked to the universe. The energy of your thoughts are carried on the wind, through heat, like radio waves, they radiate like the sun out into the universe and they draw back to you energy fields in answer to what you have sent out. As an example, often people will make a comment such as; they haven’t heard from a particular person for a while, and then within a short space of time, that person gets in touch with them. This is put often down to a strange coincidence, but this is merely the universe being in synchronicity with their thoughts.

Your lives are not about going through the motions of accepting what comes to you. It is about consciously ensuring that you purify your energies, your thoughts on a daily basis, so that you experience what you want to experience. Once you have thought of something, and considered the emotion that you have attached to that thought, you may well think or believe it then disappears into the universe and has left you, but the truth is, it acts like a transmitter. The thought you had, along with the emotion you attached to it, becomes filed, registered shall we say, within your sub-conscious mind and from there it continues to send out its electric resonance.

Now if you consider all the thoughts you have had up until this moment, you can appreciate that your mind may well be holding onto old programming, old patterns of behaviour, which are still sending out the wrong signals or interfering with the new signals.

This is where meditation and utilising your time to remove the old programming is important. One must with love, reconstruct and regenerate the energies that are present in the consciousness, to create the right energy fields which stop old energy thought forms, hindering your ability to manifest. You have to remove the old programming before you can begin adding new programming. As an example, you wouldn’t install a new state of the art computer programme over an old one. You would remove the old computer programme, reformat the hard drive and then install your new programme and so it is with your brain and your thoughts. Eradicate the old ones first, examine where they have come from and release them.

It is sad that only a few of you reading my guidance will truly grasp this higher spiritual knowledge and use it to manifest, create and build better experiences for yourselves.  However, I have said before, the unintelligent work purely on the physical level, and when one looks at the physical level, its energy field consists purely of selfish need, greed and ignorance. This is not a judgment it is an observation, and to force others to change their ways, will interfere with the karma for that soul. However those who choose or seek to rise above suffering, chaos and lack must be helped, so they can emerge from the darkness into the light.

It is only a lack of true spiritual values that hinders human potential, but when I speak of spiritual values I do not speak of religion.

Your thoughts, beliefs and values determine the blueprint for your current experiences. Change your beliefs, values and thoughts; then you create a new set of blueprints from which to create a new life.

Understanding the power of consciousness and learning to control your thoughts and emotions, enables you to influence the energies that are drawn to you. At certain times, the energies from the other planets in your solar system can amplify or hinder, the influences of your consciousness and its ability to attract or detract from manifesting.

To prove a point, let us consider that the vibrations from planet Mars are affecting planet Earth. The vibrations of Mars connect with someone who is normally not very strong or confrontational, but at a specific time when the vibrations are strong, this person’s thoughts become angry in response to an experience, they draw in the vibrations from the planet Mars and suddenly they become a force to be reckoned with. This happens because when they lend their emotions to the very thought which is making them angry. The emotion creates the acceleration and growth of the conscious thought, and together they create a tremendous accelerated force, which enables the physical muscles in the body to perform acts of supreme strength previously unseen.

Learning to channel your thoughts consciously will determine the level of influence you have on how your life evolves.

Rather than seeking to restructure your life, or the lives of others, the soul is here to orientate itself and understand its own power to create. Thought is the platform from which all things come into creation. All things are possible and within the universe there are no rights or wrong just balance.

One of the most important aspects you will have to overcome as a spiritual seeker of the truth, is that you will have to deal with, and remove, the notion that if you are spiritual, you are meant to live an impoverished life.

It is important consider that everything is energy; therefore there is not a lack of anything, unless you choose to accept it exists. Another question to consider is, “are you creating from the basis of pain or the basis of love?”

Often when you find yourself in chaos you may dream of better times, but because you are seeking from lack, this is why one often can fail, when it comes to manifesting.

You have to switch your viewpoint from where you are currently are. Don’t allow external references to influence the foundations from which you wish to build. You have to learn to use a set of entirely different rules.  You have focus on the idea and the emotion attached to the idea, for this is what creates your energy field. The energy field will either attract or detract, as I have said, on what energies are drawn towards you.

If you are financially in debt, seeking money, telling yourself you need money, will draw limited money to you and it will leave or be lost, as quickly as it came. Why? Because the focus was on the fact that you were already at a disadvantage. Your thoughts or beliefs about yourself, creates a deformed thought form pattern.  Wealth, be it wealthy in health, in spirit or materialistic wealth is created on the same level your thoughts already exist in.

If you believe there is a lack, or have one shred of doubt about yourself, the universe, or any other insecurity, you must seek to eliminate this first before you consciously focus upon creating thoughts of abundance.

Secondly there are many levels of consciousness. Is the desire to acquire for the self or for the greater good? You have to be very aware of the point of why you are having the thoughts you are having and why you are having the emotions you are having. Sounds like double Dutch I know, but you cannot yearn for things without understanding if your dreams or goals are born out of love, compassion and self worth, or if they are born out of need, greed and feelings of lack.

When you purchase a gift for someone you wrap it up and make it look pretty why?  The actions of wrapping up a gift, is you revere it on a sub-conscious level as special. You value it, you take extra care ensuring that when it is opened it is loved, liked and cherished. Your thoughts, your goals, your dreams are presents for the future. You have to visualise them, wrap them up with love, cherish them, tap into the emotion of how it would feel to receive such a gift and then you wait in the knowledge that your Christmas Day will arrive.

If what you ask for helps you continue to grow and live an inspiring life, your ability to manifest will become easier.  Often people will state they are unable to meditate, so I suggest rather than consider meditating, create for yourself a manifesting moment or period. Every morning, take time to draw in the light, purify your mind, your thoughts and your body. Go through and cleanse the chakras and then focus upon what you wish to manifest, ensuring you only focus upon one thing at a time. See it wrapped up like a present out in the universe, visualise the label with your name on it. You may want to visualise something for someone else. Manifesting for others is also possible as long as it is born out of love.

Be consciously aware for the remainder of the day, of any thoughts, which may countermand your manifesting moments. Thoughts such as “I’m stupid”, “Why does nothing work out for me?” will interrupt the flow of your manifesting thoughts.

Once you have allowed your thoughts to come into being, what next I hear you ask? You now focus upon planning; by this I mean, what are ‘you’ doing to help you attain that which you desire? For example if you want the dream job, do you have the right skills for the role? If not, you need to plan how to learn what needs go be learnt.

When you’ve looked at what you’ve planned, you must enter the energy field I call reality. What are you doing with your time to ensure you get what you want? It is no use sitting waiting for your dream job to come knocking at the door while you sit watching TV. The energy you invest will yield you a result, the more urgent you need something, the more urgent your call to action must be.

Finally when you have planned and identified what course of action needs to be taken, your focus, your energies, your thoughts, must be on nothing else. In your physical world you all have far too much distraction. TV, Radio, Personal Stereos, Computers, Tablets, Emails, Telephones, and the list goes on and on. Look at where you are allowing things, or others to drain your energy fields.

When you are distracted, you are also unconscious of your emotions and thoughts, and more importantly, you are not strengthening your power to attract.

Be aware that your thoughts not only manifest abundance, they can give birth or death to your relationships too. Throughout the ages many spiritual teachers have entered the earth plane to talk about purity consciousness and purity of love, these are the tools through which transformation and change can occur.

If your thoughts create your reality, take a long hard look at where you currently are. Where is the emphasis being placed? Is it on chaos and unstructured thoughts? If so you environment will be cluttered and unkempt. Are you financially struggling? Where is the conscious emphasis being placed? Is it on the lack of what you can do, have and be?

Review your life and any feelings or emotions of repression or frustration. Your point of entry as a soul does not have any bearing on your point of exit. Even a soul born into an extreme impoverished life can attain greatness. Remember – “Greatness is not about what you have on the outside; it is what you have on the inside”.

Learn to truly understand the power of consciousness. Learn to focus your will, your thoughts so that you can carve out the future you want and desire.



Ascended Master Djwhal Khul

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