Uplifting angel messages, or the truth: What do you want?

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Living in a bubbleDuality in all things. You can’t have upliftment without depression. We are going through a period of great depression; far greater than most people want to acknowledge; because they are in denial.
Are you living in a bubble of denial?
We just received another update from Archangel Metatron about the future of our planet, which we will post after this message, so some of you may wish to unsubscribe before it arrives. We truly hope not. There are those of you who will moan that some of our information is negative and should be uplifting. To you, I would pose a question; if you were sinking in quicksand, up to your neck, which action would you prefer:-  I was stood at the side of the sand, saying soothing uplifting words, like, “Keep calm, you will be alright, the angels will help you,” as you slowly sank into oblivion; or would you rather I tell you the angels have asked me to throw you a life-line, make sure you hold on tight, while I pull you out; but it will need your effort too?
If the angelic realm tell us that microwaved food is slowly killing us with Alzheimer’s disease, would you sooner we not tell you, because you don’t want to do with out your microwave?
If the angelic realm tell us that eating pig is slowly killing us, and feel frustrated that they have told us many times not to eat from the pig, in the Bible, the Qur’an and the Tanakh; would you sooner us not tell you, because you like your bacon, ham and pork too much?
The angelic realm are there to guide us in the right direction for a happy, fulfilled, evolving life. Their covenant of free-will they gave us, prevents them from doing things for us. We must do it ourselves, with their guidance. They will tell us if we are taking the wrong road, but they won’t stop us from taking that road.
They will tell us what is about to happen, which then allows us to change the tide of events, if we so choose too.
But now, I already hear some thoughts of, “But what can I do, I am only one person? I can’t change the world. I can’t change Governments.”
It starts with one person; you! One person stops eating the processed food. One person says no to the existing Government and votes for a different party. One person decides to go for election. One person says no to the medicine they are being given. One person starts to read about how to get their body healthy again, naturally, and starts to talk about it. One person decides to stop feeding their children badly. One person says no to all the crap we are fed on TV, and turns it off. One person says no to eating lots of meat. One person says no to the support of corrupt charities… and the list goes on.
It starts with you, which eventually will grow into thousands, then millions.
Glenn and I are messengers. Our messages from the angelic realm are not changed by us, to give a veil of illusion that everything is OK. Our world and our species is dying slowly, and we have time to do something about it. The angelic realm are giving us guidance to make changes, for the future of our planet and our children. Our species has always fought for the betterment of our children. Never has there been a time so crucial for the betterment of our children’s future health.
One of my favourite films is INDEPENDENCE DAY. Many of you will have seen it. A group of uplifting people gather on the roof at the top of a skyscraper in New York US. They raise their arms in joy and upliftment to greet the aliens in the huge spaceship hovering above.  They are still cheering as the ship opens the doors underneath the craft. They are still cheering as there is a build-up of power from the open doors; and they are still cheering, when the energy blast from the ship destroys them, and the whole of Manhattan, New York. Elsewhere, the people who know the truth, and are not in denial, are making plans to handle the inevitable; and eventually, they make changes to free our world from oppression.
We currently have a world of oppression, causing depression. The angels are giving us choices, which, although some people don’t realise it, are uplifting.
We want to lift you out of the quicksand. We want to lift you out of depression; but you have to grab the rope yourself and pull too.
Glenn and i will continue to bring these ‘uplifting’ messages from the angelic realm, because we are both people who believe it just takes one person…. …. ….
Glenn Harrison
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