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Blessings beloved ones.

Every experience you have is an energy interaction, it propels the soul along the pathway of evolution. At times those experiences will be joyous and at other times they may bring sadness, heartache and tears. It is very easy when things are not going as you would wish, to blame God, the angels, and feel that you are being punished, but if you ‘choose’ to, you can use your every day experiences to create pivotal changes that bring you inner peace, fulfilment and abundance.

The universe is constantly in flow, atoms, molecules, all are synchronised perfectly to create balance. Within the spiritual realm we do not judge something as positive or negative, it is simply the truth, it is what it is.  If you begin to accept that your own lives are in perfect balance, you will be able to find the deeper meaning of the experience you are having and understand how you have chosen to react to the energy of the experience.

You see it is not what you experience that matters but how you choose to experience it. Operating from a higher perspective and being very honest about the part you have played in this experience will enable you to become responsible for your reality. Try to think of yourselves like a pair of scales, too much positivity or too much negativity affects your view of the world and those around you. Using truth as a ballast, a centre from which to operate from, you tune into your higher selves, a higher intelligence.

If you hold to your truth and choose not to be responsible for how others react to situations,  you will find inner peace, your ability to manifest will greatly improve as  you very quickly learn that from every action comes a reaction. You are all constantly creating your own realities, therefore how you perceive life, yourselves, and your experiences will determine whether you experience chaos or calm.

If you ever find  yourself unable to find the right balance, then be willing to surrender to a higher power, call upon me to help you see the truth and way of the light, or offer it up to God and allow yourself to be steered towards calmer oceans.  Remember use your energy wisely and be the empowered souls I know you to be.

Archangel Michael


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