What is Pleiadian Healing

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Pleiadian healing is a highly advanced form of spiritual healing that works on a multi-dimensional level . It steps outside of reality, space and time as we know it, working on much higher planes of existence than other healing practices which humans currently utilise. It is really only limited by the thoughts and beliefs of the Pleiadian Healer who is channelling and receiving Pleiadian energies.   

Why should I consider learning Pleiadian Healing? 

This year, we are in the midst of a very important energy shift. Globally, energy changes are taking place and utilising Pleiadian Healing means that you will be able to offer assistance to humanity and help with the strong limitations and fears which many people are feeling tied to.

All of us will face over the coming months, transcendence and transformation as the world enters a chaotic phase of re-creation. At a time when many humans have feelings of immense confusion and fear of what the future holds, Pleiadian healing will help you to utilise esoteric Lemurian/Atlantian and Egyptian healing skills which have helped humankind evolve and grow. Pleiadian Healing will show you how to move beyond the limitations of our 3D world and effect healing that affects the whole of the physical, emotional and spiritual body helping it to return to a state of homeostasis. 

Pleiadian Healing is limitless when it comes to the scope of healing skills, but it incorporates, energy transference healing, psychic surgery, energy/alien implant removals, DNA restoration, spinal karmic record removal to name but a few of the classifications involved with this type of healing.

Would you like to:- 

·         Be open to new ways of achieving enlightenment, guidance and self-realisation?

·         Change your life for the better?

·         Discover new ways of spiritual exploration?

·         Quickly remove old programming and beliefs?

·         Connect with your higher self more easily?

·         Awaken to a new way of living?

If you wish to cast off the shackles of fear, anxiety and understand your higher purpose, then our Pleiadian Healing master class will help you to remove those conscious implants society has placed upon you, which restricts you operating on the love and light frequency, and achieving realisation.

This Pleiadian Healing Master classes offer you the opportunity to rediscover who you are, so you can accelerate your own evolution.

Pleiadian Healing will bring you many paradigm shifts (a radical change in somebody’s basic assumptions about or, approach to something). If you’re ready to take the next step in your evolution and leave behind old programming, then book yourself a place now.

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