Who AM I? – Archangel Michael

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Greetings beloved ones, my role as protector of humanity, is a role that requires me to guard all things created upon the earth plane. Within my role, I lend my energies to protect and strengthen those who align themselves to truth. For those who lean towards untruths, I work to reveal the need for truth in all things. I hold the authority to dissolve fear, falsehoods and injustice.

I speak to you today, to help you understand the power of the angelic realm. Whilst we are promoted as soft entities, we are first and foremost, responsible ensuring God’s divine will is done. The angelic realm are guardians of the creative life force energy. We are here to help purify and cleanse the earth plane of negativity, fear and oppression.

I hold great affection for humanity, this is why my energies are lent to you, when you are in need of understanding your own inner authority and power.  It is also my charge to help you harness your inner power for the greater good, rather than for destructive forces. I ensure that divine law is put into action in the physical world.

My legions of angels who work with me, work not only on soul evolution, but we work within the corporate world too. We lend energies to support and protect where something is created for the greater good.

For those who believe in me, acknowledge my presence and the presence of God, they are open to channels which transmute negativity and promote manifestation. As well as protection, personal development on the inner plains is part of my remit. Often humans are programmed to focus on the outer world, the outer self. More gravitas is given to the image, then the substance. For those who seek to perfect themselves, to become an embodiment of love and service to others, I work closely with these souls to help them transmute the physical worldly challenges which stand in their way.

So many of you are ignorant of your power. If you were aware of your own power, you would discover your ability to tap into the universal supply of creative energy which would create for you every opportunity you could possible want.  Much of my time is spent on helping others to see that money, things and image is an illusion. Just like other angels, I work to establish balance.

The symbology of my sword was used to explain the power of energy. The blue flames which came from my sword are the flames of creation, the flames of love. Where love is, all things are possible. In truth, I have no need of a sword to fight or ward off anything, for I understand the power of light and love. To utilise the power of creation, you must harness the energy of Truth. Speaking truthfully brings great authority, presence, power and opens the channels to manifestation.

Those who do not align themselves with truth, will find their human desires greatly limited. Short gains may be had, but believe me beloved ones, that is nothing compared to what you could have, if you took time to focus on your eternal blessings, expanding your wisdom and seeking to share happiness and blessings to all.

Currently I am focusing much of my energies on the laws of demand. At this time, the human race’s demands far outweigh the supply. Your water sources are drying up. Your food sources are becoming extinct. We are continually balancing the energies to ensure the destruction of the human race does not become a reality.  The white light angels who come under my direction work continuously to orbit the earth plane, addressing the suffering of mankind, century after century, and still truth does not prevail. Very little value or respect is given to the need for truth.

God, light, the one conscious energy, the greater central sun is the giver of all life. If this light is powerful enough to give life to many life forms, and sustain life on many planets in many dimensions, why do you feel the need to seek to control life and each other? Why make life so hard for yourselves? Why deceive each other, when all this does is create destruction? Untruths disintegrate the foundations of society, the foundations of relationships and the foundations of life.

Every day those angels in my charge and I, battle to ensure the light remains, the truth is revealed. The most important focus of your life should be a daily practice of being in harmony, in balance with your fellow brothers and sisters and the planet which provides you with sustenance. There is no reward in heaven for killing, raping, molesting or harming another human. Because so many of you fail to give precedence to honouring life, this is why many of you still remain un-ascended.

I guard, I protect and I support those who seek to be of the light and live in truth. For those who choose to deceive, lie, cheat and steal I work to restore balance, justice. I do not punish, but the cosmic divine laws dictate that you must learn the reaction that comes from every action.  I seek to teach you all to understand, that  if you are not honouring life by living in the light and truth, you create lack. Where there is love, light and truth, abundance can manifest easily. If you are experiencing lack, you must take time to reflect on where in your life you are not living in love, light and most importantly of all truth.

My great legions will work with you, if you call upon us to help you enable your light, love and truth to shine, we will draw close and support you. Remember that disturbance is caused by energies being mis-directed. If you experience disturbances in your life, you can call on me to help you re-align them, but I can only do this if you are willing to come from a place of truth.

Truth heals all things. I am ever waiting for the opportunity to help you evolve and grow. I am charged with helping you understand and enter into your own empowered self, known as the I AM presence. That power carries great responsibility, but for those who are ready to understand and use it for the greater good, they will inherit and experience the fullness of life.

Be of the truth, love and light beloved ones.

Archangel Michael

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