Why Are We Getting Sicker?

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canstockphoto6832833She is 66. She is in tears on the phone. She tells me she has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and they want to cut ‘it’ off in two weeks. What do  you say to a woman in distress like
this, when she calls you for help?
She knows I am beating cancer without drugs and surgery and she wants my advice.
She tells me she has had many mammograms in the past, and nothing has shown in the past. I feel like crying as I gently put it to her that the radiation from the mamograms is part of the problem. But why would she know? She trusts the Doctors right?
There are far too many women being diagnosed incorrectly for breast cancer, having sur
gery, only to find that the lump is not cancerous. There are far too many women getting breast cancer… period! There are now women in their 20’s getting breadt cancer. WHY? WHAT HAS CHANGED?
The food we eat!
Our recent onslaught of processed food, in the the last century, is having a dramatic affect on chronic disease with people.
100 years ago, 85% of all disease, was from infection. Today, 85% of all disease is chronic, that is, disease which won’t go away and get’s worse, often fatal. We are talking heart disease, stroke, cancer, osteoperosis, diabetes, gall stones, to name the main ones.
The food most of us are eating, is dead. There is no life in it. Think about what animals eat. Unless they are designed to ‘clean up’; like a pig or a crow, animals and birds eat things that are alive… vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains, berries, beans, and live creatures. When things are alive, they contain enzymes and phytochemicals, which are essential for our nutrition; but our diet has become devoid of them; putting our body at dis-ease.
As we eat more processed and refined food and acidic drinks, our chronic diseases occur earlier in life.
Adult onset diabetes can no longer be called as such, since children now get diabetes in the same way; and it’s not just sugar overload.
Is this what we want for our children and grandchildren?
Over 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. I was ushered into surgery. I refused. I spent thousands of hours researching the CAUSE. Doctors and surgeons just want to get rid of the symptoms; but this doesn’t address the cause; so it will come back. The cause is the food we eat.
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